Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What an amazing morning!

Hello everyone!

It started off as any other normal day - Deqlan enjoying his rice milk and Mickey Mouse clubhouse while i was trying to get him dressed and say prayers - when my phone starting ringing and didnt stop!

I was eventually told what was going on by Gillian who told me that Kim,the lady that has arranged so many sponsors for our Scrub a dub dub project had also written to Dischem ( the biggest pharmacy chain in South Africa) asking for help for items for the hampers for the kids - after Kim didnt hear to much back from them last week, we said that maybe we were only meant to be helped by them another time - little did we know this was the perfect time! They called Kim this morning who discussed what Scrub a dub dub was all about, the inspirations behind it, our beautiful Deqlan who is a cancer survivor, and precious Declan Du Toit who continues to inspire SO MANY PEOPLE around South Africa and the world

Jeremy Mansfield from 94.7 was the 'they' that called Kim this morning to ask how many bags we had already done and how many we still needed - Kim said around 500 for the Cape Town PE initiatives that are still on the go - Jeremy said - " how about 800!" I wish i could have seen the look on Kims face! Dischem is sponsoring 800 fully packed toiletry bags, with beanies and hot water bottles included!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are going to be delivered to Kim today and we will then discuss how best to get the bags to the kids - my amazing husband who works in the freight industry has already sorted this out , as he will arrange to get everything to cape town and p.e!!!!

So now we will chat to CHOC and see what other hospitals we can give to and help!!!!

Thank you thank you thank you Kim for EVERYTHING you have done for us - YOU HAVE LEFT NO STONE UNTURNED - thank you for trying so hard to help in every possible way you could, your hard work certainly has paid off now!

Thank you Dischem & 94.7 for making such an enormous difference to these childrens lives - you have made things a little easier for the tough road they are on - you have made their hygiene a necessity now, not a luxury and by doing this you are helping in their recovery and keeping their immune systems as strong as they can be!

We promise to keep you all up to date - but just had to share the news with you!!

Please can I ask you to nominate the All Hands on Dec and Friends charity to - they have so many things in the pipe line they would love to do , but we need help to do it! Here is the link


The more of us that write in the better then chance we get to help even more kids fighting cancer!

Thank you to all of you for helping us make a difference!
God Bless, lots of love and thanks and Praise to Our Lord
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

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