Friday, May 29, 2009


Cecilia from Amka , taken when i went to collect their wonderful donation arranged by Kim - 100 toothpastes, 100 creams!
Wendy with some of the goodies her and her team got together - they collected nearly 100 of every item!

Hannah came to visit when her mommy Heidi brought a lot of goodies for Scrub a dub dub

Heidi and Michael, whom Deqlan loved to bits!

Gran and Marks mom Rene, thank you both for your fantastic contributions
Claire - who never stops, she was and still continues to be a huge part of all our projects, thanks so much my friend!
Ruans whole family came through for the day to help bringing along lots of nice things to eat and great contributions which helped enormously to fill all the bags, thank you you are such special friends
Kim and Aeden - Kim arranged so much for Scrub a dub dub- 100 soap boxes, 43 towels, the donations from Amka and of course the huge donation from Dischem to fill over 800 bags - i dont think i can thank you enough Kim for EVERYTHING!
Thanks my Darling Mom and Dee for all your help prior to the event and on the day- for all your contributions and ideas and for always supporitng me in everything i set out to do, love you both so much

Megs collecting all the goodies from Karen and Ant - thank you both so much, you two continue to always be there for us with every single project, you are such a great part of Deqlans prayer army, thank you!

Thanks to Lisa and her entire team at SAMA for the fantastic contributions yet again this year- we were able to fill many many bags because of your generous spirits, we appreciate it so much, thank you all!
Stef and Sharon, you also continue to help us without fail, we are so grateful for your support and contributions which make the world of difference - thank you for everything!
Thank to you Tanya and her family and the amazing team of friends and girls from Rennies for the AMAZING contributions - one of Tanias friends was able to arrange the 100 toiletry bags from Coca Cola and so many other products where donated my car was packed to the brim!
Wendy with all the goodies her and her team so lovingly put together - wow - is all i can say and of course, thank you!
Thank you to Yvonne and T for the super products - thank you also for giving us the idea of lip ice - we were so forunate to be able to fill every bag with a lip ice or lip gloss from honey - thanks to Granny Wendy for arranging that!
The triplets in Mariska's family - you are to beautiful!!
Mariska and her hubby - thank you to you for also putting a team of friends and family together to help us, your team gave so many baby items we actually decided to make 15 special bags just for the tiny babies - thank you all so very much!

Thanks Kev and Louise for all the many many teddy bears you donated which i know the kids are going to love and treasure, thank you!
My beautiful Deqlan, my wonderful husband - for being the inspiration and motivation for everything i do. I love you both endlessly and i am so proud of you and thank you to for all your help and love and support!

Thank you Hester for all your support - we hope that you are recovering well and that your beautiful kids are doing so well! Prayers continue for your recovery!
Hannah! Making scrub a dub dub key rings, thanks big girl for all your help, you already take after your mommy Claire!
Kayden, Mariska's little one on her 1st Birthday party!
My dear Brother Conrad, Sister Meggie and god son Keaton - words are not enough to say thank you to you for all you did to help - from decorating to arranging the trucks to the eats on the day - thank you ! Thank you also to Joyce and Frans for all their hard work!
Dec and Gillian - its an honor to know you Gillian and i cant thank you enough for all the help you gave us - Dec , you continue to inspire the world every day - thank you beautiful angel boy! Thank you to Darryls Mom Maureen for helping with the embroidering of the face cloths, they are to beautiful!
Candice and her hubby! Thank you Candice and look forward to meeting you at All Hands on Dec Bone Marrow day, thanks for your wonderful contribution!
Hello Cameron! Please tell your Mommy Deidre how grateful we are for her wonderful contribution, it really went a long way in helping us get what was needed to fill all the bags for the kids! You are to cute!

Alicia, thank you for all your help! You are doing such a great job with ALL HANDS ON DEC TO, you really are so passionate about helping, thank you so much!
Liesl and gorgeous Caellum - thanks Liesl and Caellum for helping pack all the bags, it was a big job, but you both did a sterling job, thank you!
Have a great weekend, Go Bulls , im actually not a rugby supporter, but i have a husband who is a bulls fanatic, not even to speak about Loga, who loves them just as much!
Lots of love , God Bless
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

paddling for a cure!

This is a photo of someone i am so proud to know and call a friend. Karen, Kates mom and her Aunt Maryellen, paddled The Grand Canyon over a period of 2 weeks in order to raise funds to lead us to the cure for neuroblastoma. Karen raised over 13 000 Us Dollars!! We are still waiting to hear all the amazing stories, but this photo, touched me so deeply. Every day Karen paddled in honor of a warrior, angel and survivor and on this specific day she paddled in honor of Austin, Morgan and our very own Deqlan Ross Higgins

We are so proud of you Karen, and i will treasure this photo always. Thank you for all you are doing to fight this thing called nb - the world needs more people like you

Kate is also a stage 4 neuroblastoma survivor and a true inpsiration to us to.

We cant wait to meet some day, you truly are amazing! God Bless, lots of love and hugs and support always
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Hello Scrub a dub dubbers

Please forgive me for only sending these thanks now, i have been playing catch up the past few days, and even though i have thanked you all indivdually its very important that i thank you on our site as well! So here we go!

Dear Claire, Stephan, Hannah and Ethan - your help to this project was amazing and so so appreciated - from the surprises that everyone will still get (you know which ones i am speaking about hey!) , to the stars , to the face cloths - thank you so much for everything you did an amazing job and i know you are going to be showered with blessings for all you do to help others!

Dear Maureen , Darryls Mom - thank you so very very much for assisting Claire in finishing the beautiful facecloths - i know how much hard work and love you put into each one of them, thanks so much

Dear Granny Wendy - thank you for arranging the lip glosses through Honey for the older girls - i know they are going to feel so pretty and so special using them - thank you to for the amazing job you are doing in PE getting your bags together, they look stunning and thank you for all you are doing to help these precious children

Dear Nina and the rest of the team in Cape Town - wow, you have really taken this on full force and i cant wait to continue reading and hearing all about it - thank you for using your own initiative and starting Scrub a dub dub in cape town to ,we know its going to be a huge success!

Dear Heidi and Cheryl and all the reps that helped contribute the additional goodies - thanks so so much - the additional bags and clothes and lip ices and creams are going to come in so handy, thank you for bringing them all the way to us and for the cat food for kim to Heidi!

Dear Dsiona and team - thank you thank you thank you so much for all the wonderful goodies you sent with Gillian on packing day - wow your support was fantastic! Thank you to for the gorgeous duck which we named Bubbles! He is going to go to the CHOC house in Pretoria for all the kids to play with!

Dear Gill, thanks so much for all the goodies you brought along, and bring the donated items from Dsiona as well -thanks also for taking the hampers for the Joburg kids back as well, i know they are going to enjoy them!!! Thanks Gill for everything, all your support and for being an inspiration to us and so many - we promise to help you with all HANDS ON DEC AND FRIENDS however we possibly can, know its going to be a big success!!!

Dear Lenete, family and friends - thanks so much Lenete for coming to help us on packing day and for all the goodies you brought with you, how lovely! And for the tins you collected for the All Hands on Dec tin project - thank you so very very much!

Thank you's continue for you Kim, thanks so much for arranging a further donation from Glodina of 50 towels!!!! Thank you also for storing all the goodies at your house and helping me arrange to get them across the country, i know how much work it is and really appreciate it!

I hope and pray i havent forgotten anyone , and that i have now thanked you all properly - i dont think i could say thank you enough times to ALL OF YOU in every way you helped, whether it was a donation, a prayer, help with packing or your support, thank you so much!

Will keep you posted on when we are going to hand the hampers out to the kids and when we are going to have another packing day for the Dischem donations!

God Bless lots of love
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

Please join All Hands on Dec and friends in helping other kids!

Hello Deqlans army!

How are all of you today? I need to ask you to join forces with us to help All Hands on Dec and friends with the following amazing projects they have in the pipe line! They have been A HUGE help to our causes and i ask you all to come out in full force to help them to!


Declan Du Toit was born on 14 June 2008. Gillian and Daryl were thrilled with their blonde baby boy. At 10 days old Declan was diagnosed with a tumour which appeared to be growing from the back of his eye. After a hard journey, Declan lost his fight against cancer on 8 February 2009. Gillian and Daryl decided to carry on the fight against the cancer ‘Monster’ in children, in memory of Declan.

Hence All-hands-on-dec-friends was established. The purpose of the organisation is to assist children with cancer and their families, in getting back on their feet after treatment.

Many families have lost all their material possessions in trying to pay for treatment, as well as their means to earn an income.
A.H.O.D.F aims to give back to these families their dignity and hope in the future. We provide much needed assistance in a variety of ways, from grocery vouchers to the payment of school fees, we know that every little bit helps.

Being a non-profit organisation means we are always grateful for any support given.
If you would like more information on A.H.O.D.F, or would like to make a contribution, please feel welcome to contact us.
Tel: (011) 958-0037
Fax: 086-503-9503

So what can we as Deqlans prayer army do?

1) please sms the words "REACH-ALL HANDS ON DEC FRIENDS" to 32510. we can win
R25 000 towards All Hands On Dec Friends. PLEASE PLEASE SMS!!!!!!!! (south africa only)

2) please dont throw out old magazines! Please keep those in good order to hand to me so we can fill waiting rooms, and wards with decent reading material


Even if you are not wanting to donate bone marrow, please come along and donate some blood - you could save someones life, by giving just a little of your time. Those of you who would like to consider donating bone marrow, you will need to call the Sunflower fund on 0800 12 10 82. You will be asked a few questions and then approved to be a donor. You will be given a reference number, which we need you to please email to Gillian on You need not need to pay for being a donor, ALL HANDS ON DEC AND FRIENDS will be covering the cost. If you would like to pay or make a donation to assist this amazing cause , please also contact Gillian for the details. You and your families are welcome to come along and support the day, details as follows:

Sunday, June 28, 2009
10:00am - 2:00pm
Round Table Florida, Johannesburg

Look forward to seeing lots of you there!!

God bless, lots of love and thanks for your support for ALL HANDS ON DEC AND FRIENDS!!

Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

Welcome Catherine Emma Lacey

Welcome Catherine Emma, you are to beautiful for words!

Congratulations Patrick, Dina, Will and Evelyn on the beautiful gift God has sent you.Born yesterday, 26 May 2009.
I know she chose you very carefully and she is going to be loved and cared for beyond belief by your amazing family- Will and Eve, i bet you are you so proud of your baby sister - i cant wait for your dad to tell us stories about the three of you together ! God Bless you all, protect and give you His gifts of health and love!

Hugs and kisses from South Africa, Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

Monday, May 25, 2009

A day of celebration

Today, 2 years ago 25 May 2007, Deqlan , our beautiful 8 month baby boy, was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma. It is a day that i will never forget , it is a day that brought pain we had never ever before experienced, a pain so deep it took our breath away. Sounds engraved in my head.It changed our plans, it changed our lives - as you all know our favorite verse continues to point out, that Our Lord knows the plans He has for us, and they are to prosper us , not to harm us. These words helped us cling to our faith and hope in God healing our beautiful boy and He did!!!
As my dear husband and mom have continued to tell me the past month - i can not live in the past - i cant be haunted by dates and reminders , smells and even clothes- i have to live in the present and look to the future and that is looking at our beautiful boy growing up , he is healthy and he is cancer free today and i thank God each moment of every day for this miracle.
As mom said to me this morning, we are bound together, but not by fear - by hope and by faith.
I wanted the entire month of May to pass so i didnt have to think about this day - but its here and i am not afraid of it - because God has lit the journey for me, and for us, He has told me whatever i ask for in prayer, and believe i shall recieve, i shall recieve - and wow are we recieving ! He is showering us with His gifts of love and joy and healing.
So today, i thank God for giving us the shoes for this journey and for lighting our path, for being the ultimate healer in Deqlan , for the miracles He has given us, for guiding us, for pulling us closer to Him through Deqlan, for the amazing prayer army and support we have from all of you that continue to pray when i ask you to and even when i dont! Dear Lord, please continue to answer our prayes as we pray for them, please continue to let your Holy Spirit flow through every inch of Deqlans body, healing him and protecting him from all harm. Please let Deqlan remain free from cancer and remain NED always and forever
Thank you to you Deqlans prayer army for being with us every step of this journey - our amazing family that would do anything for us , for our friends old and new , that just pick up the phone to say hi and see how we are , and for every single prayer, every single message and every single positive thought you have sent Deqlans way!
So i invite you all to join us in celebrating this day together with Deqlan , in thanking God for answering our prayers and healing Deqlan. Please also always continue to stand firm in your faith with us, agreeing on Deqlans permanent healing. Please never ever stop the prayers for Deqlan and our family - we appreciate them more then you know!
I ask you all to please continue the prayers for all our friends around the world - prayer move mountains- please pray for all the survivors, the warriors , the angels and their families. Please pray for the doctors , the scientists, anyone in the medical field to be lead to the cure for cancer.
Deqlan, our beautiful boy - our love is endless for you, our pride bigger then the galaxy we rotate in, our thanks to Our Lord increases each day. You are our everything and we love and adore you and thank God for trusting us with you ! Thank you for all the love and joy and light you bring to our lives. For taking the pain that we felt 2 years ago, and making it disapear with your smiles and hugs and kisses..
God Bless, lots of love and praise and rejoicing
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Some Friends from around the world we honored on Scrub a dub dub packing day

Charli, Nebraksa Survivor
Lee, South Africa, warrior

All the balloons - you can see gorgeous Max right in front - each balloon had additional stars with warriors, angels and survivors from around the world!
Keira, Texas, Survivor
Kate, Minnesota, survivor
This bunch included pics of Sam, warrior and Katie, angel, lead by Connor Cruse, warrior
Madelyn, USA , survivor and Thamzyn, South Africa , survivor
Wyatt, USA, survivor, Will, Boston, survivor

Deqlan , South Africa, Survivor!!
Connor Khoury , USA, survivor

We had over 70 angels warriors and survivors,all the names on our site, of the stories and journies we follow - we had all of you displayed in pics , stars and names, proudly displayed on packing day - we honor you all and continue to pray for you and your families - our heroes!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Just Moms....

Wanted to share this piece with you all from one of the latest 5 minutes for special needs editions...WE ARE JUST MOMS!

The Club

Posted: 23 May 2009 06:04 AM PDT
Note: Originally posted over at the HennHouse.
I had no intention of re-posting this piece here. But chaos in the 12-year-old's life, a non-reported plugged up toilet in the kids bathroom, and tomato plants that are angry that I've kept them in too-small pots for far too long have all beckoned me away from the computer and writing the last few days. So, I'm recycling.
This piece is not intended to exclude anyone. There are some women that I know who are members of this club who don't have children with special needs. And some who don't have children at all. They are members because they love my children.
Or maybe they love yours.
There are some moms I know… maybe you know them, too.
I know a mom who explains to the airline ticket agent at the counter that her son has autism. Or Aspergers. And she watches as the employee observes her son’s obsessive behavior. Or his intense interest in the wings of the airplane.
I know a mom who checks her daughter’s diaper every ten minutes to see if it is wet so she can catheterize her and measure the post-void residual. Measure what her daughter can’t pee out because of her undiagnosed neurological disorder and her rare metabolic disorder.
I know a mom who struggles to explain the “blind” disabilities her children have. And how, because of the Fetal Alcohol Syndrome or the Reactive Attachment Disorder, they really can’t help it. That their behaviors are not born of lack of discipline or bad parenting, even though that is what the outside world sees.
I know a mom who has fought day in and day out with insurance companies and state agencies to provide life-saving equipment for her son who was born with an extra chromosome. And, though tired, I’ve watched her continue to fight because she is on a mission to prove that a life with Down Syndrome is a life worth living.
I know a mom who adopted a baby she knew would be sick. Who she knew would have a hard road ahead. And she still feels every, single struggle her tiny daughter goes through.
I know a mom whose son is addicted to drugs. She raised him by herself… setting aside her own desires to give him the best life possible. And she isn’t giving up on him now. My heart breaks with each update of relapse.
I know a mom who struggles not to be embarrassed when her son can’t seem to sit still or reads every, single label at the grocery store. Out loud. She tries not to wonder what others think and she tries not to be bitter that her son has to deal with ADHD.
I know these women because we are in the same club. Oh, we don’t pay dues and there isn’t a secret handshake; we don’t have a name and there are no rules or bylaws.
Except that we don’t judge each other.
And we don’t apologize for the way we raise our kids.
You can’t elect to join this club just because you want to. It isn’t that kind of club. You are handed your membership papers in the fine print of a diagnosis you never wanted to hear.
I didn’t think about this club when I stood before a judge and promised to love my sons no matter what. No matter the problems. No matter the diagnoses. No matter what.
I didn’t think about this club when I sat in an exam room and a sterile, professional neurosurgeon told me what would be “wrong” with my daughter.
Other moms were never in my thoughts. And certainly, I never thought about how much I would need them when I didn’t think I could take another breath.
But that is the beauty of this club. This community. They seem to appear in the crowds and reach out through cyberspace. We don’t think of ourselves as “special needs moms.”
We’re just moms.
Parenting our children is our number one priority. But sometimes, we have to do it from the side of a hospital bed. Or we have to do it creatively. Or we do it through a different lens. Or we lose friends because they don’t want their kids around ours. Or we lose family because they don’t understand the diagnosis, the therapy, or why in the world we would want to adopt more kids.
The members of this club understand.
They meet you on your porch with pomegranate martinis and pour over outdated printed web pages with you searching for the same thing—hope. They leave you encouraging or funny notes about something or nothing at all. They send you cards in the mail filled with confetti just so that you have one thing to smile about today.
They celebrate with you when your three-year-old daughter finally stands up on her own for the first time. They grieve with you when your son is suspended from school. They understand why you don’t leave your kids in the nursery and they are angry with you when you are asked not to bring your kids back to junior church.
They celebrate with you and mourn with you when the minute and mundane become more than bearable. They know that even though you mess up bad sometimes, you are doing exactly the best that you can.
These are my people.
These moms get that I want to be a mom first and deal with the special needs after, but that most of the time I don’t have a choice. These women will stand next to me as my child is wheeled into surgery. And cry with me when the results are better than expected. These are the women who understand why I rock my 12-year-old son in a big rocking chair desperate for attachment. And cry with me when he pushes harder against that love.
These are the women who believe with me that what it says in John 9 is about our kids.
“As he went along, he saw a man blind from birth. His disciples asked him, "Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?" "Neither this man nor his parents sinned," said Jesus, "but this happened so that the work of God might be displayed in his life.”
These moms believe with me that through their disabilities, our children will have the work of God displayed in and through their lives.
And these women still hope with me that someday, we will brush our hands along the hem of His robe and our children will be healed completely.
These are the women who love my kids simply because they are my kids. And will grieve and celebrate their disabilities simply because they love me.
These are my people.

Happy Birthday Ruth

Dear Ruth,
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday for today and many many more!
Hope Our Lord showers you with all His blessings in the year to come! We wanted to say thank you so much for being such a loyal follower of Deqlans journey and for all your love and prayers and support from across the miles in the UK
We hope you have a wonderful day celebrating! God Bless lots of love
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan
Derek & Bev
Conrad, Meggie and Keaton

Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Birthdays

Dear Lyal!
Happy Happy 8th Birthday Big Boy for yesterday!!!!! We hope you had a wonderful day and trust you are goign to have a rip roaring Birthday party this weekend! We miss you and Camie and your Mom and Dad very very very much and we cant wait to see you when you come to visit! Sending you lots of love and hugs!
Dear Adie,
Happy Happy Birthday for today Adie! We hope you have a lovely day and many many more!
We must make a plan to get together and catch up! Trust you are very well and your family to!
Sending you lots of love of hugs!
God Bless, all our love
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

Rejoice in The Lord always!!!!

We are home and celebrating great results for Deqlan! All his results are normal normal normal!

Ultrasound - normal
The VMA/HVA - normal
Feretine - normal
= No Evidence of Disease

Thank you Healing Lord for answering our prayers always and for keeping our Deqlan free from cancer - there are not enough times and way I can thank You for all you have done and continue to do for Deqlan and our family. Through You all things are possible!

Thank you loyal Deqlan prayer army for all your love and support and above all prayers, we are blessed to all have you praying for Deqlan and our family, its something we appreciate more then you know.

Dr De Jager is very happy with Deqlan - he cant see any ear or tooth problems, so maybe Deqlan just discovered he can hold his hand on that side of this face?? Maybe its just lekker to do? Deqlan's weight is down to 13.5kg - but we must remember that he is on such a restricted diet - hardly any fat intake, no sugar and he is a very active little guy. We definitely want to keep on eye on this and get him eating more .

We saw Dr Lindenberg yesterday, Deqlan's Defeat Autism Now Doctor - and she was also glad to report no iron deficiency, liver functions normal. We have a strong feeling that honey and peanut butter spur on changes in Deqlans behaviour - some red flags re apear, lining up of things, throwing things, just not able to settle - but when we take it away, things are back to normal . We going to try get a lot more fruit and vege in, we going to try sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds and see if we can get Deqlan to eat a gluten free musli. We going to try a few new supplements and possibly new and different therapies ...will keep you posted on these developments in the next few days and weeks

Monday, 25 May ,2 years since Deqlans diagnosis of stage 4 neuroblastoma - the worst day of our lives. This year and the next 100 to come, is going to be a date of celebration and thanks giving to God for healing Our Deqlan, for the lessons we have learnt and the miracles God continues to reveal to us. Thank you to each one of you for being a part of this journey and for being such important parts of Deqlans healing journey. Please continue to keep our Deqlan in your prayers , please continue to pray for all our friends and angels around the world, and their families and friends and doctors.

Have a wonderful a weekend , God Bless, thank you all for everything, all our love
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

Prayers for Deqlans results

Morning Deqlans prayer army,

We have our green and camo on, our faith stepped up high, our trust and belief in Our Lord always, our tummies do have a few butterflies, but we continue to trust and believe that the results today of Deqlans three monthly check up are going to be normal and normal is great

Please could you all say a prayer for our soldier at 11am as we see Dr De Jager. Please pray that every single test result is perfectly normal and that Deqlan continues to remain NED forever and always.

He seems to be touching his left ear and cheek quite a bit the last 2 days, please pray we can figure out if there is something there worrying him and sort it out quickly

Will be in touch later today, thanks as always for all your love and support and prayers for our beautiful Deqlan Ross, promise to do a full Deqlan update soon, got lots of news !

God Bless, lots of love
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What an amazing morning!

Hello everyone!

It started off as any other normal day - Deqlan enjoying his rice milk and Mickey Mouse clubhouse while i was trying to get him dressed and say prayers - when my phone starting ringing and didnt stop!

I was eventually told what was going on by Gillian who told me that Kim,the lady that has arranged so many sponsors for our Scrub a dub dub project had also written to Dischem ( the biggest pharmacy chain in South Africa) asking for help for items for the hampers for the kids - after Kim didnt hear to much back from them last week, we said that maybe we were only meant to be helped by them another time - little did we know this was the perfect time! They called Kim this morning who discussed what Scrub a dub dub was all about, the inspirations behind it, our beautiful Deqlan who is a cancer survivor, and precious Declan Du Toit who continues to inspire SO MANY PEOPLE around South Africa and the world

Jeremy Mansfield from 94.7 was the 'they' that called Kim this morning to ask how many bags we had already done and how many we still needed - Kim said around 500 for the Cape Town PE initiatives that are still on the go - Jeremy said - " how about 800!" I wish i could have seen the look on Kims face! Dischem is sponsoring 800 fully packed toiletry bags, with beanies and hot water bottles included!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are going to be delivered to Kim today and we will then discuss how best to get the bags to the kids - my amazing husband who works in the freight industry has already sorted this out , as he will arrange to get everything to cape town and p.e!!!!

So now we will chat to CHOC and see what other hospitals we can give to and help!!!!

Thank you thank you thank you Kim for EVERYTHING you have done for us - YOU HAVE LEFT NO STONE UNTURNED - thank you for trying so hard to help in every possible way you could, your hard work certainly has paid off now!

Thank you Dischem & 94.7 for making such an enormous difference to these childrens lives - you have made things a little easier for the tough road they are on - you have made their hygiene a necessity now, not a luxury and by doing this you are helping in their recovery and keeping their immune systems as strong as they can be!

We promise to keep you all up to date - but just had to share the news with you!!

Please can I ask you to nominate the All Hands on Dec and Friends charity to - they have so many things in the pipe line they would love to do , but we need help to do it! Here is the link

The more of us that write in the better then chance we get to help even more kids fighting cancer!

Thank you to all of you for helping us make a difference!
God Bless, lots of love and thanks and Praise to Our Lord
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

Monday, May 18, 2009

Scrub a dub dub - what a fantastic day, thank you everyone!

Claire, Gillian and Me
Goodbye hug and cuddle for Meggie

Deqlan didnt want go home with Dad alone, he wanted us BOTH there, so Nanna had to come and fetch me later

Gillian and I
Some of the kids feeding the deer - we really think it was a stunning venue to pack - thanks Rooihuiskraal terrein for also coming to the party and giving us a great discounted rate. It was ffreeeezzzing cold, but the meaning behind the day really kep our spirits warm!
The beautiful balloons Meggie created to honor warriors , survivors and angels. Unfortunately, when we let them go the wind blew them into the thorn trees!!!! Frans climbed up into the tree and managed to get the balloons free. Strangely enough - Deqlans was freed first - out of all the balloons, his left the tree first - a few minutes later the rest followed up to Our Lord to hear all the prayers for all of our friends around the world - Meggie has got better pics of this moment, so please go check in on her blog in the next few days to check it out
Kim and Aidan - Kim was such a great help - she managed to get so many items donated for us - hundreds of meters of ribbon from Sandys ribbon, 100 soap boxes, 43 towels, 100 toothpastes, 100 creams - thanks again Kim!!!!!
Getting the balloons ready to launch!
Hannah and Keaton
Close up of some of the balloons of honor - Megs will also put much clearer photos on her blog
Me and Megs - taking it all in - it was an amazing day - the tables were packed to the brim with items - we made around 140 hampers and had tons and tons of stock to send to CHOC - it was fantastic - thank you all for every single item, every single hand that packed, every single bit of support and love for scrub a dub dub!
One of our warrior friends in the US
Some more friends from around the world
Lenete and Nanna packing at the baby table- we managed to do an extra 15 baby hampers - i think they were so beautifully done, thanks everyone!
Unpacking the items onto the tables - we had around 40 people helping throughout the day- thank you all so very very much!
The conveyor line at one of the tables - we had so much stuff we needed to get an extra 2 tables !!!
Ouma Marie giving Keaton and Meggie some yummy cupcakes she made for the day!
Nanna and Hannah!
The hampers being put into the boxes at the end of the production line- blue ribbon for boys and pink for girls - each had a note that said - ENJOY YOUR GOODIES, GOD BLESS AND LOTS OF LOVE DEQLAN AND HIS SCRUB A DUB DUB ARMY. It also had the duck mascot on - we had a draw to decide on the ducks name, Ruans Oupa was decided to be the winner with the name "bubbles"
Gillian and I - Thank you Gill for spreading the word to the Dec United Family - you made our project into the huge success it was! Thank you for everything, now we are ready to help you plan for the Dec United Bone Marrow Drive day!
Deqlan LOVED chasing the goats! I was so happy to see this! In the past he didnt pay attention to any animals - now he is laughing and running with them, thank You God for your miracles in Deqlan!
A pic of the t shirt Megs made for Deqlan - the front says DEQLAN ROSS HIGGINS, CANCER SURVIVOR, the back NED FOREVER -thanks so much Megs - this is the most touching gift you have ever given Deqlan and Deqlan will treasure it always
Yolandie and family packing some hampers

The baby table - Tanya and her daughter Anya getting stuck into creating the baby hampers
The end of the production line where the hampers were sealed and tied up ! Thank you to all of you and to Helene as well for bringing the boxes and sealing them up again , ready to go on the truck to CHOC
Deqlan was so happy to be there - he ran up and down and laughed and giggled and stole everyones hearts as some people had never met him before
The one side of the production line
Deqlan helping me count and pack everything here at home, thanks my boy!