Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

Wow - what a year 2008 has been one amazing year for our family, one that i can look back on and thank Our Lord for - a year that Deqlan remains NED - on 16 Jan 2009 will be one year since his last bone marrow aspiration which confirmed all clear and declared Deqlan to be officially NED - the past year has been a great one for Deqlan, excellent health, milestones reached, we continue to learn more and more from him each day. Even though we got the news that Deqlan is on the Autism spectrum , we continue to praise God for the extraordinary miracle and gift he has given us - i couldnt imagine a more perfect child, more love i couldnt imagine, it grows each day, Deqlans uniqueness blows me away. I am thankful for every moment of every day - each breath, each sound, each word, each touch, each cuddle , each laugh, each giggle, each pull of my hand, each look into my eyes, each story time, each time Deqlan wraps his arms around my neck, each dance that he does, each time i catch him in the cupboard enjoying some oreo's!
My prayer is that 2009 brings another fantastic year of health for you our beautiful boy and that you continue to grow and get stronger each and every day . That we are lead to the right therapies and treatments and diets to get you through the window . That i can be a better mom and ask for more patience, tolerance and understanding and for you to know that i love you more then anything in this world, you are my absolute everything.
Wishing you all the best new year ahead in 2009 - with enough of everything you may need, love, joy, happiness, understanding, peace, guidance, laughter and health and answered prayers. Thank you for being on this journey with us, please continue to stay and pray for our Deqlan to remain ned - please pray for all his friends around the world fighting neuroblastoma and other cancers - please pray for our friends that our angels in heaven and for their families and friends who will start the new year without them. Please pray for us to find the cure and cause to save more of our children. Thank you for being such loved family and friends, know how loved and appreciated you are- thank you for your prayers, we love and appreciate you all more then you will know!
So its goodbye to 2008 and goodbye for now, from a beautiful view of the sea , from Sophie's beautiful home in Scottburgh - we are thrilled to be by the sea and cant wait to enjoy all of Gods beautiful creations this week ahead at our favorite place , the sea, will send you photos soon of the spectacular view, more spectacular is hearing the voices of our kids, Logs and Deqlan, Keaton and even Malakai is celebrating his first new years with us - what absolute precious gifts, thank You Lord!
God Bless you all, have a safe and very happy New Year, All our love and best wishes for the best new year ever ahead
Mark, Samm, Deqlan and Logan

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Congrats Jeran and Candy Lou!

A huge congratulations to our very clever matriculants , Jeran and Candy Lou !

I was ecstatic to speak to Jeran, my cousin and god son this morning to get the fantastic news and spoke to his very proud Mom who said Jeran got in the 70's for Maths! That is fantastic Jeran, we are so VERY VERY proud of you and hope you have a fantastic time celebrating your hard work - you deserve it!

We also heard from Aunty Shea that Candy Lou also passed with flying colours and now is well on her way to studying at Stellenbosch next year!

Congrats to you both and all the matriculants that worked so hard!

Lots of love God Bless
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

Monday, December 29, 2008

A potjie with the Du Plessis

Sophie playing with the boys
Deqlans new way of eating cereal, out of a pot lid!

The sunset from Meggies house 27 Dec

The gorgeous mice Aunty Shea made for Deqlan

The Christmas wreath out of Chocolate from Aunty Shea!

having a great time with grandpa

Loggy bear
Aunty Shea
Mom and Grandpa

Deqlans favorite place, in the water!

Ivan and Mark doing daddy day care!

Our gorgeous kids

Bev and Logan

Our surfer boy Aloha!

On Saturday we all got together again with Conrad , Megs & Keaton, Mom and Dee, Aunty Shea from Cape Town, Grandpa, Sophie and Ivan to have a potjie - it was divine to say the least and the kids had a ball , especially in the jacuzzi - what a lovely time of year this is to be able to get together so often !

only 2 more sleeps and we leave on our holiday!

God Bless have a stunning day, all our love

Mark Samm Deqlan Logan


Congrats Darryl and Nix

I am so happy to be typing this post this morning to two amazing and very special friends - a huge congratulations to you both on the wonderful news that you are expecting a beautiful baby!
We are OVER THE MOON for you both and cant wait to go on this journey with you! We want to tell you that prayer is the most powerful thing...
Take it easy Nix , put your feet up and let all the wonders and splendour of this new chapter in your life soak in. Enjoy your holiday coming up this Friday, have a great time and snuggle up in your log cabin as you watch the Austrian snow fall outside your window.
Congrats Uncle Clyde and Aunty Monica on this amazing news that you will getting 2 grandchildren in the same year - 2009 is truly going to be the best year ever for you all!
Congrats Uncle Philip and Aunty Nats - the same year you become parents you become an Aunty and Uncle - what an absolute gift and blessing!
God Bless and keep you all safe and protected and guided in His ways, so very very happy for you , all our love
Mark, Samm, Deqlan and Logan

Happy Birthday Dee

Darling Dee
A very very Happpy Birthday to you for today and may there be many many more!
We wish you the most wonderful year ahead, full of love, hope, laughter, stress free days, health and most importantly happiness!
You continue to shower us with blessings of help, support, love and encourgement and i dont know how we would get through this journey without your help. Nothing is impossible for you - if there is a will , there is a way and your fighting spirit is something i greatly admire.
Than you for giving your all and everything for us and especially for Deqlan - Deqlan has the best of everything you possibly can give him, and most of all, he has your time and love which is priceless - the moments you are in the jacuzzi together are something i know you and him will treasure always - thats your and boo boo boys time together!
Hope you have a wonderful day Dee, know how loved and appreciated you are - treasured and adored by us all - stay the amazing, giving , generous person you are - i pray that one day we will be able to shower you with all you have done for us - thank you from the bottom of our hearts, we love you very very much!
Have a stunning Birthday, all our love and more, God Bless
Mark, Samm, Deqlan and Logan

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Our Christmas celebrations, an Unforgetable, Blessed Day

Getting ready for Scottborough sand!
We got our photo with Father Christmas even though he was pastic!
Logan in Santas chair - he has already gone back to the north pole...
big cook little cook welcome to our cafe...
Family the best Christmas gift!
Conrad and Deqlan having a great time
Deqlans two new best friends Thomas and Percy - they BOTH have to come together wherever we go!

Our big and small boys in their wheels Grandpa and I
Mom and me

putting Thomas train set together
ill put it together!
best friends already
wow! Its Thomas from Nanna and Grandpa!

always in the water
Deqlan, Nanna and Stuffy
Logs on her jet ski from Kevin and Louise Dee and Mom
Logan having a great time
The Du Plessis fam
Grandpa and Nan
The delicous starters Meggie made
Gaynor and Tyler
Cheers everyone!
Meggie opening her gift from Mom
Keaton and his new Barney
Mark and I
Kevin and Louise
Logs in her roller skates from Louise
Nan and Grandpa opening gifts
Gaynor and Tyler
Keaton enjoying all the opening

Hannah Montana yeah!
Deqlan dancing before going to have a very long nap..
I love presents!
Our family Christmas tree, the gifts are each other
Presents for Africa!
The name places we made
The Christmas table
Deqlans place setting
our theme was stars - to symbolise following Our Lord, and because Deqlan LOVES stars!

My Thomas set from Uncle Ken, Aunty Jen Keje and Jeran! I LOVE IT THANK YOU SO MUCH!
Our budding Richard Clayderman!
Deqlan ,Thomas and Percy, best of friends
Thomas, move over Dub ( but just for a little while)
Christmas morning

Deqlan and Mama on Christmas eve
My Christmas gift
Our other Christmas gift
Deqlan has just started clapping and he even pointed - another gift!