Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Our Holiday by the sea

The boys relaxing with Grandpa - thats what you do on holiday isnt it?
A yacht we saw on the sea Dee, just for you - Dee went to the boat show while we hit the beach!
Pear, orange, apple and banana - 4 of Deqlans new words - he took them off the plate in our hotel room and just started saying the words! Other new words from the holiday and this week are - LEKKER ( the afrikaans word for nice) WATER, BOTTLE, SEA HORSE (ho - ho), HORSE (also ho ho), SEA WEED, DUDUDU ( a place close to Scotburgh) , OPEN , CLOSE, ON , OFF, NANNA!!!, SHOE, BALL, TOEWER TUIN (magic garden in afrikaans, from one of his new favorite programmes) LAMA ( the animal) DONKEY, M M (for soldier), BUBBLE! So proud of you Deqlan!!!

Snow! Yes snow, we had all four seasons on holiday! It was so cold here in South Africa on the Thursday evening before we returned, it actually snowed, this was in the Harrismith area. Its the first time i have ever seen snow and i was like a little kid in a toy shop! Deqlan was sleeping so he didnt see it , but hopefully we can see it next year again please Mother Nature then we can get out and actually get our fingers in it!
How beautiful?

Gorgeous Deqlan on our last night of holiday, what a beautiful smile!
Nanna, me and Meggie packing and getting ready to come home

All of us - Conrad was actually flying back from Atlanta as we took this pic, but we knew he was with us in spirit

My Dad, Me Hero
Our Green eyed boy
Keaton Beaton and me - aw, i love this boy to bits, i miss not having him in my home when i wake up in the morning, hearing him saying Mama or Deq! Yes, Keaton is saying Deq now, we think that the time they spent together was so good for each other - Deqlan seems to be saying Mama to me with purpose now and "ta" when he want something like Keaton does!
Peek a boo Keaton!
Deqlan and Mama saying good bye to the sea on our last day of holiday - i just said we were going to get our feet wet...ha ha can see by my jeans, we were soaking wet, nanna's shoes got soaked taking this photo - but it was so worth it...
Running on the beach with my boy - i couldnt be happier!

Yo yo keaton! Living the dream Keaton, Living the dream ( as your Dada would say!)
The view from a room in Marks Dads place - they stay in Amanzimtoti in a flat a few feet from the beach - how stunning is this view? I could wake up to this everyday! Deqlan was asleep when we arrived to visit and contiued to sleep for the next two hours. When he woke up he was not a happy camper at all - the strange place, the new faces - we just couldnt calm him down - he just kept running wanting to find his way out , and only calmed down when we got him in the car - we learnt that this holiday - Deqlan doesnt cope very well with new places , he likes to know where he is - Sophies house he remembered from our trip in Decemeber so he seemed to be completely ok with that.
My Boys! Deqlan loved this shower on Toti beach - he would ask me to put it on, 'more, more' and then put his hand under, then run away and do it all over again, 20 more times! Deqlan was never ever happy to leave the beach - he would cry the most heartsore cry you can imagine and say 'bye' with the saddest little voice - i wish i could take him to the sea every day - such medicine or the soul, and for me to!
Yip, thats us in the water again, only wetting our feet! You can imagine how much washing we had from this trip - we must have changed three times a day! But i didnt mind one bit, to hold Deqlans hand, hearing his laughter, and the sea crashing on the shore, to feel the sea push against us and spray up in our faces - cant get better then that....
I got Deqlan and Keaton to play peek a book with each other and they LOVED it as you can see from their priceless expressions - so glad the boys can finally play together and do things they both enjoy - its so good for Deqlan to have this social interaction!
Peek a boo! I see you !

Surfer boy

Throwing NED rocks into the sea

Yum yum, id rather have sand then chocolate anyway!

God's beautiful creation A view of the 2010 Stadium being built in Durban - its really really something we can be so proud of, the pics dont actually do it justice, i quickly took some photos in the car on the way from Durban to Scottburgh

Our room at the Hilton, Durban - they went out of there way to accomodate our gazillion special requests with Deqlans diet - we had to cook Deqlans food beforehand because it is just to sensitive and complicated for the hotel to take a chance with - so they upgraded us to a suite when we got there to have more space, they put a freezer in our room to keep the food in and a microwave to heat everything up! They even took all the coffee/tea/sugar making facilities out , just in case Deqlan wanted to sample them - they really went out there way to help us! What a great hotel, we go back every year!

Keaton makes friends with everybody! On this day, he sat with the lady on the exec club level while we ate breakfast - what a friendly guy!

The view from our room - I just feel so very close to God at the sea especially, all His creations are magnificent, but there is just something about the sea and the dolphins..

Our happy family outside Ushaka
All of us after our visit to Ushaka Marine world

Looking at the fish with Dada
Deqlan loved this bubble display

Deqlan also loved this fish tank - i wish i could have one in my lounge - so peaceful and calming. We went to the aquariam at night, for the first time - less people and crowds for Deqlan to worry about - but he was upset before we went in, as he wanted to run up a ramp into the ship he had run into the night before - but on this night, it was closed because of a function so he didnt understand why he couldnt do it he didnt enjoy the fish as much as what he normally does...but he did give us a few smiles and enjoyed the run around..Keaton also had a fabulous time and enjoyed the Nemo display the most !
At the moment, the Ushaka display is sharks - wow wow wow is what i can say - the most stunning images - we are so blessed to have these beautiful creatures on our shores - sorry, my dolphins are still the favorites though...
Me and mom
Deqlan and Dada on our first trip to the beach on this trip - Deqlan ran so fast , we didnt really even have time to put our things down - he ran in with all his clothes ! I wish you could have seen his face!
Meggie and Samm

Each wave that hit , each puddle covering Deqlans feet, each wave crashing on the shore, pushing Deqlan over and turning him in the waves , was a delight to watch. Deqlan laughed and shouted and ran with absolute delight and pure joy - this would jsut make me move to the beach in a heartbeat
Keaton and Meggie enjoying the sea , and the sand! keaton ran after a gorgeous little puppy on the beach - watch out for the photos on Meggies blog soon - to cute for words!

Keatona and Nanna strolling on the beach
A true surfer boy !
Keaton and Deqlan loved travelling the lift at the Hilton, up and down and up and down and up and down

Mark taught Keaton how to tickle Deqlans feet and Deqlan actually laughed to!
We actually love each other so much, you my best buddy Keaton!
Deqlan watching his new favorite programme , HOPLA!
Deqlans best friends at the moment are HIP, HOP , FLIP AND FLOP!

Prayers for Landon

Hello Deqlans prayer army

We need to request your prayers for a brave little guy called Landon, who just turned 3.

Landons mommy is best friends with our little friend Charli's mommy Brenda

They found out a few weeks ago, at Landons routine check up that he has a Wilms tumor. The tumor along with his kidney was succesfully removed and now the road to recovery starts with chemo for the next few months - please pray for every single cancer cell to be destroyed and for Landon to get to NED soon soon and stay there always

Praying for you Landon and your family, God Bless, believe, trust, put all your faith in Our Lord for your total and permanent healing

God Bless
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

Happy Birthday Mariska!

Dear Mariska
Wishing you a very very Happy Birthday for today and many many many more happy birthdays ahead!
Hope you have something extra special planned with your family and friends and hope you are showered in love and laughter, today and always!
Its wonderful to have met you through Scrub a dub dub, and hope we continue to stay in contact!
Enjoy your special day!
God Bless, love
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

Happy Birthday Zita!!

Dear Z,
Wishing you a very very Happy 30th Birthday today and many many more!
Wow, can you believe 30 has arrived, welcome to the club my friend! Its a good club to be in, not spring chickens anymore, but we have so much more life experience now and now whats important and what isnt ! And the best gift of all? Olivia! And your Dad recovering!
Hope you have a stunning day Z and the most wonderful year ahead!
Stay the great friend you are, thank you for all your love and support and friendship, which i treasure!
God Bless, Lots of love
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan


Dear Charli!

A very very Happy 3rd Birthday to you sweet girl! Hope you had a wonderful day yesterday ! Looked like you had a great celebration over the weekend! I love you Dora cake and your mommy did an excellent job with the clown family - wow!!

Hope the year ahead is extra special in every way , stay the gorgeous little princess you are!

Thank you for being such an inspiration to us, you have such a wonderful family! Our prayers continue for you to remain NED always and forever!

God Bless, lots of birthday hugs and love
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


The gorgeous Thomas Kitbag - i have been eyeing this for months for Deqlan and Meggie and Conrad kindly gave it to Deqlan as an early Birthday present!
Deqlan in his gorgeous baby Gap Choo Choo train Pjs - arent they gorgeous?

I think you are already my darling boy!

How awesome it this t shirt Conrad had made for me?
Hi Everyone
I wanted to share some pics of the most gorgeous gifts from Conrad and Megs ...they are priceless and anyone who knows me, knows what this means to me...i cant thank you enough Conrad for being so thoughtful, this is something i am going to treasure forever and always - cant wait to wear it!
Thank you both for spoiling all of us, as you always you, spoiling isnt about how many things you get or what they cost, its about the thought and love put into them and this is so evident in these gifts
Thank you so much, we are blessed to have you as our sister and brother and nephew, we love you
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan