Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hi from the sea

Hi Everyone

Just a very quick hello to let you know we are all having a great time at the sea - Deqlan LOVES the beach and sobs when we have to go - he cries and says 'bye' in the saddest little voice you have ever heard...he truly is a surfer boy - he has no fear and runs into the waves , squeling with laughter, the harder the waves hit him, the better, the more water that goes over him the better, he laughs and runs and has the best time we have ever seen him have...and this in turn is the best time we have ever had, to watch our Deqlan is absolute joy...we just feel so close to God here, looking at the beauty of his sea and beach and the beauty of our family smiling and laughing and creating such magical memories

We are all still battling flu - i had a tough bout of tonsilitis that i am still battling with - the boys still have runny noses and little coughs and mark i think is on the mend...Dee sounds like he is coming down with it, but Mom seems to be holding up

Well, got to tun, the sea is calling - you wont believe its like summer here during the day...its so beautiful no jerseys, just fun in the sun

Hope you are all well God Bless and lots of love and lots of details and pics to follow when we get back
Mark Samm Deqlan , the surfer boy


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My kind of boy, a beach boy. I only wished I was close to the beach. His blankie is on its way, Conrad should have it in Atlanta any day now.