Thursday, July 16, 2009


We celebrate this amazing day saying thank You God for the absolute gift of Deqlan being NED for 18 months today! There are not enough ways and times we can thank You Lord for the miracles You continue to work through , around, in Deqlan. We rejoice in Deqlans Healing and continue to ask You to please keep Deqlan NED forever and always. Let him continue being a testament to Your healing and Your miracles and Your mercy for all to see.

Thank you that Deqlan is thriving, thank you that he is making so much progress - that at the end of the day, we can sit down and say, Deqlan said one or two new words today, he laughed at a programme he saw, because he got the joke, he understood why it was funny - that he looks at us when we call him, that the light has come on in his eyes!

We see Your absolute divine and perfect love for us, in the eyes of our beautiful Deqlan.

Thank You Thank You Thank You Lord - all glory and honor to You!!!

Thank You to Lord for the amazing prayer army that continue to stand firm in faith with us, agreeing on Deqlans total and permanent healing. Thank You for the amazing friends we have found not only in South Africa but all over the world, friends that we will have for life, we hope, friends that have taught us so many lessons! Thank You Lord for the most amazing family we could ever dream of. A Family that has literally dropped everything to ensure Deqlans well being and health and support - thank You for blessing us with the most amazing parents and grandparents in Grandpa and Nanna - we do everything for our little guy , and everything to suppport Mark and I - please let them all realise how much they are loved and appreciated!

Dear Lord, please continue healing Deqlan and keeping him NED always and forever

Please lead us to the cure for neuroblastoma and all other cancers - please let every child and every adult fighting the battle against cancer , win. We pray for all the angels that are with you in heaven, their legacies shall continue always, please look after their families who need You to guide and comfort them.

We love you beautiful Deqlan, it is an honor to be your parents. You are our everything, our pride and joy and you just beam with what life should be about - we love you more then we could ever be able to tell you. We are so proud of you, thank you for choosing and trusting us to take care of you. You are are everything!

God Bless , lots of love and thank You Lord and to you , our loyal prayer army, please continue the prayers always

Mark Samm Deqlan Logan


bron said...

Its such a cute photo of you!
Lots of hugs and kisses!
Kobus, Bron, Matt & Chene xxx

Nanna and Grandpa said...


Today, as we CELEBRATE THE FIRST ONE AND A HALF YEARS of the rest of eternity of your being NED, we humbly remind ourselves of the power of God's modern-day miracles in action, and we are again on our knees in prayer and thanksgiving to Him for all His great mercy, love, compassion, guidance, love, protection He has given you and to us as your family. We thank our Great God for all our prayers answered, in the past, in the present and in the future. All glory and honour is YOURS Almighty Father !

You are to God and to us, a courageous little soul, warrior and a true hero, one who continues to walk the road God has paved for you, with dignity, with innocence and trust, with faith and hope.

Your Mommy and Daddy's tribute to you as usual, is beautiful and its so obviously bursting with love, pride and joy and is a reflection without doubt, of their loving and the extreme dedication, heartfelt and continuous prayers, unconditional love, unshakable faith and trust and hope in God and all His promises. They too know, as we do, that your NED status is forever, for all eternity. With God as "Captain" at helm of your ship, you are all assured that He will FOREVER protect, light, rule, guide and guard all four (Mommy, Daddy, Deqlan and Logan) of you all the days of your lives.

We remain humble and we will forever be on our knees in praise and thanksgiving to God for answering our prayers and that our prayers were, are and will be exactly His will manifested.

Just as Nanna suggested 6 months ago at your first NED anniversary, we celebrate another milestone. That is, precious beautiful Deqlan, your wonderful, magnificent and amazing progress in your journey towards "getting pulled through the window of ASD". In the greatest faith, hope and trust in God, we will continue to work towards "No Evidence of the Disorder" ! This we will achieve with continuous, earnest faith-filled prayer, concerted effort and loving and willing labour. We will surely reap singing songs of great joy.

You continue to be a beautiful, powerful and most loving inspiration to us every day of our lives together. No matter the challenge presented to you, with God's help, your beautifully innocent trust, faith and hope in Him, you embrace it (with Mommy and Daddy's extraordinary courage,faith, hope and trust of their own of course) with bravery, dignity, strength, and a determination which will ensure glorious victory every time.

Like Mommy and Daddy, we pledge our humility, acknowledgement, praise and thanks to God, Jesus our Healing Saviour and the Holy Spirit and will continue to do so for all eternity. To the Blessed Holy Trinity be ALL the glory.

In our own faith also, we have reason to declare NED, as we will “Never Ever Doubt” how much God loves us, wants the best for us, knows the plans He has for us and that HE will ALWAYS walk beside you and our family, all the days of our lives.

Once again we remind you of the meaning of your name. As a “little man full of prayer”, we are certain God has a VERY SPECIAL PLAN AND PURPOSE FOR YOU, DARLING DEQLAN. You are a blessed, beloved and special child of God. We love you so very much. Thank you for the blessing you are in our lives, thank you for all the lessons you have taught us and we thank you for all the joy, love, happiness and every smile you have brought us. We are truly blessed to have you in our lives. Our continued prayer is that God, His Healing Son and Saviour, Jesus and the Holy Spirit continue to bless you in every way and on every level and that your NED status remains all the days of your life.
With all our love,
Nanna & Grandpa

Anonymous said...

Love you guys lots. Please give Deqlan a MASSIVE kiss and cuddle from us.

Don, Sam, Mia and Liam xxxx

rhenda Elsayed said...

what an amazing day it must be for you!! praying sweet deqlan remains NED for the rest of his are such an amazing family and I love reading your blogs..Oh I can't wait for the day they tell me ali's is NED too...right now we are dealing with little bump on the road which hopefully we will get through it as we always do...take care and God bless