Monday, March 31, 2008


I was overjoyed to arrive in Durban, to smell the sea air and to see the sea! Our hotel was fantastic to say the least and had beautiful views of the sea and Durban - we could also see Kingsmead stadium next to us, the rugby stadium not to far away as well as the stadium that is being built for 2010.

Just before we where about to leave for Ushaka - i thought Deqlan felt a little warm - we took his temp and it was over 38 degress- i immediately started panicking and thought a thousand things - we gave something for the temp and hoped it would help - we decided to go to Ushaka as we had such limited time in Durban and Deqlan was still running around and not showing any signs of not feeling well - so off we went.

I continued to check his temp through out and it stayed above and 38.4 at times - we decided we would have a quick run through the aquariam and watch the dolphin show and return.

Poor little Keaton was not a happy chap - we think the son , humidity and reflux/colic really got to him while we where ast ushaka - Megs and Conrad got him settled in the cool aquariam , but then decided to go back to the hotel instead of over stimulating him with all the loud noise of the dolphin show.

So Nanna, Dada and Mama went with Deqlan to view our beautiful dolphins - my favorite of all Gambit, was the star of the show. He is the biggest and oldest dolphin at a sea world - i met him for my 21st Birthday and i am still in love with this beautiful boy!

I spent most of the show in front of Deqlan to see his reaction to the dolphins - well, i was blown away - he ABSOLUTELY LOVED them- not the cows, or chickens or goats or any other animal has ever captured his attention and enjoyment as the dolphins did - hooray! I know Deqlan has something of me in him!

His face showed absolute delight , he bounced up and down each time they jumped out the water , he grinned from ear to ear- enjoy the pics! - i was in my element watching him, and i shall never, ever, ever forget this experience with him. Along with watching my beautiful son, my favorite animals who i have always dreamed of working with and being with my mom and mark - Josh Groban music was playig for the shwo - well, that was me - in tears - tears of absolute happiness - but also worry about Deqlans tempreature.

We where so fortunate to get a photo with the dolphins - hoping to scan and post as soon as i can!

We headed back to the hotel in hope of getting Deqlans temp down and getting him cooler in the air con room

We gave a different suppository and that seemed to help Deqlans temp come down - he had no other symptoms except the temp!

After worrying myself sick the entire day - we started thinking what could be causing the temp - and it dawned on us that Deqlan could be teething - the last of his back teeth - if he think back during the week, he has had his fingers and tried to get mine in his mouth, drewling a bit, appetite not great we put it down to teething.

By Saturday morning the temp was much better and i felt a lot better and continued to put it down to teething.

Megs and Conrad decided to leave a day earlier as our little Keaton was not a happy baby - megs and con chatted to some doctors on their return and took Keaton to see one yesterday who have diagnosed reflux - we all thought colic, but keaton seemed to have it most of the day - so they have not put it down to reflux as it starts after every feed- shame, he is on meds now and praying this helps the little fellow!

Because this is such a looonnnngggg post will do another post on Saturday and Sundays events with more pics - will give you all some time to enjoy this one first!

Hope you had a great baby shower Elriza, sorry we missed it , but you where in our thoughts the entire day! So happy to read Caden doing so well!

God Bless and lots of love
Mark, Samm & Deqlan and the dolphins


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thats Amore!

We had a stunning day and wonderful lunch at my favorite place la lampara - the minute we walked in my favorite music was playing sting, and it just kept getting better! Its such a beautiful place , with so much charm, so authentic and the food fantastic! Of course Deqlan did not want to sit still for 1 minute and was on walk about exploring and discovering the cars and areas of grass for him to play on ! You can see by the photos we had a great time and i am thinking of every reason i can to come back here asap - perhaps for my 30th celebrations later this year.....

We then did a little more book shopping for the boys - the most beautiful books here we couldnt resist, and then finally made our way home

We spent another 2 hours or so outside with Deqlan walking up and down the hills and playing with his balls on the golf tee which he loves

Poor little Keaton cried the whole afternoon and we decided to get both boys into the bath

Keaton eventually settled after Aunty Samm tried to sing and rock him - we have contacted docs in the area just in case he doesnt settle later tonight , just to check on his allergies and ears etc, but all is well at the moment

Dada lay on the bed with Deqlan and he was so tired fell asleep within minutes !

Deqlan has improved leaps and bounds again this week speech wise - saying um - for come and uh o for hello and a whole lot of other sounds we havent heard before - this is how Deqlan wakes us up in the morning - mamamamma dada tata oohh nga ngaaanngg and so it carries on - mark and i lie in bed laughing and smiling at our gorgeous boy! We discovered that when we sing our song from his Magiq DVD - the end of the song says, we will return to see you soon bye bye and Deqlan has started saying bye bye after we sing it - to adorable!

Well let me be off and start paking for Durban, we plan to leave round 10 and then drop our luggage off and off to ushaka we go , praying its not busy and then to the sea afterwards!

God Bless, please continue the prayers for our soldier to stay NED and for all our friends still fighting nb and other cancers
Lots of love
Mark,Samm & Deqlan


The hills are alive !

We have had a great past few days here in the Midlands - the weather has been very mixed! you can definitely have 4 seasons in one day, and thats why we had to pack so many different items of clothing especially for the boys ! Deqlan continues to be in his element here, with lots and lots of space to explore and lots of new things to discover.

On Tuesday we went to Swiss land cheese, abotu 2kms up a mountain. At the top, you can select cheese and a bottle of wine and have a picnic while watching the goats around you - was really beautiful! Deqlam tried to make friends with a cat - he had a huge smile on his face when he discovered the cat, but the cat was not to happy when Deqlan tried to pull its tail, and needless to say disapeared vry quickly!

Poor Grandpa hasnt been feeling to great so has been a bit quiter then normal and we are all trying to get more rest and just chill and read the books he loves so much.

Meggie hs also been extremely uncomfortable with a very sore and tender mouth ulcer and to top it all off toothache!

Keaton also had terrible colic a few nights back, but it seems to have eased off a bit! He had a blocked nose and little cough yesterday, but luckily seems to have gotten much better.

Nanna has had a migraine or two and sore muscles and shoudlers!

Mark has been sneezing constantly - must be the fresh air or an allergy to something in the air!

Conrad has hayfever!!

Please pray for our 'troops' to feel better and so we can enjoy Durban to the max!

Our Soldier, luckily got over his tummy bug and is right as rain again!

Yesterday we ventured out to have lunch at the Bierfassl an authentic German/austrian restaurant and Grandpa especially enjoyed his rosti that he loves so much -Dada and Conrad enjoyed the beer of course! Deqlan had more space to run around in and a play area all to himself - but he was more interested in going to the areas wher he was not allowed to go to! Nanna also stopped us crossing a bridge as a lovely bright green snake slivered in front of her!!!!!!!!! aaahhhhh! i am so glad i did not see it, as you all know i dont do snakes! After , we did a bit of shopping at the junction and found some lovely clothes and books and toys for the boys! I was most excited at my discovery of Balamory books for Deqlan - he was very pleased with them to!

Today we are going to my favorite place in the Midlands, an italian restuarannt called la lampara - its beautiful, and so authentic, and warm - hope to post lots of photos and stories fron our travels today!

We are off to durban tommorow- and to say i cant wait is an understatement! I am so excited for Deqlan to see the sea again and walk on the sand - bu most of all to meet the dolphins, i absolutely adore and love! Cant wait!

Must run, let us know how you all are! God Bless and lots and lots of love
Mark, Samm, Deqlan, Nanna, Grandpa, Meggie, Conrad and Keaton

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Prayers please

Hello Deqlans Prayer army

We need to ask you all for prayers tonight

Firstly, for Austin - he had a positive response to the new chemo plan, but it seems to have done a lot of neurological damage - the family is in desperate need of a miracle, please say a prayer for them tonight

Our Lord called Sophia home today, please pray for her to be finally pain free, sitting with The Lord, please pray for comfort and strength for her family

God Bless will write more soon
Lots of love
Mark, samm & Deqlan

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Anniversary Kevin and Louise

Dear Kev and Louise

Congratulations on your 1st Wedding Anniversary! We hope you enjoyed the celebrations today and reminesced about the beautiful memories you created exactly 1 year ago! May Our Lord continue to protect, guide and shine His Love down upon you both!

God Bless and all our love
Mark, Samm ,Deqlan and Logan


Hello from The Midlands!

More photos as promised! We had a little tough night with Deqlan last night throwing up on a few occasions , but he seems much better this morning - could be anything he ate or put in his mouth so we just got to watch him like 2 hawks instead of 1 as everything goes into his mouth!

God Bless have a lovely day from all of us here in the mountains
Love Mark, Samm & Deqlan

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Christ has Risen!

We wish you all a very Blessed and Happy Easter! Christ has died , and has Risen today for us and will come again to offer all that follow Him, eternal life!

Hello from the Natal Midlands! We arrived safely on Friday afternoon and have had a fantastic time with lots of laughter and precious moments, but most of all being together as a family, is priceless! Deqlan has been having a wonderful time to say the least - he laughed at the HUGE pigs oinking and splashing in deep mud , and had a quick chuckle at the horses - but what Deqlan loves the most is the huge amount of space and freedom; our Deqlan - just runs and runs and runs and loves playing with his Dada and his soccer balls - man , he is so good with a ball - he really is - must be talent from his Dada - he really handles the ball so well - i know he is going to be a great soccer player and i would love Deqlan to do something he loves so much - but more than the soccer, is the amount of time him and Dada have together -priceless. I think its going to be very hard for all of us, especially when Dada goes back to work - but lets not think about that for at least another week!

We had a wonderful Easter Sunday! Deqlan woke up and Mama Bunny quickly ensured the eggs and bunnys were hidden away before our soldier ventured out in the house. Deqlan had great delight in finding his Easter eggs and was spoilt rotten by Grandpa and Nanna bunny, as well the Du Plessis bunnies, Megs and Conrad & Keaton !

We then enjoyed a lovely Easter breakfast and most of us cuddled up for a morning lie in! We woke up to the smells of Nanna's roast lamb, potatoes and other delicious food Nanna so lovingly prepared for her Easter table

We then all took a trip up to the reception area that has lots of beautiful green grass for Deqlan to run and kick his ball on. It was very difficult to get our soldier to come back to the house - he couldve stayed up there the whole day!

We came back to the house and enjoyed some more soccer and running around round the house, before eventually retiring for the night round 830 after being sick - we think Deqlan had to much food and milk and water and to active for his little tummy! But he is fast asleep and seems much better now!

Poor little Keaton had terrible colic today - and not much rest. We all had a turn trying to calm him and ease the pain and find something to distract him with.It was certainly "Test the Team" time, with colic winning most of the rounds, until a warm bath, piano music by Richard Clayderman, and a well-earned feed at feeding time, was the "rescue" our Keaton required. By mid evening, he had settled into a cosy sleep with dreams producing some beautiful smiles.

More adventures await our holiday camp tomorrow so were are really hoping for great weather. We are hoping to take the our boys to "Mother Goose" which is a kiddies "petting animal farm" and possibly a picnic on a mountain serving Swiss cheese, so that we can truly take to the hills "Sound of Music" style and have some "hills are alive" fun with "a lonely goat herd" and other animals at the mountain farm.

Thank you for your lovely Easter messages, hope you all have a lovely day and wonderful long weekend, celebrating the true meaning of Easter, Christ rising!

God Bless and lots of love from the mountains,
Mark , Samm, Deqlan, Nanna & Grandpa, Megs and Conrad and Keaton