Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Some days are diamonds.....some days are stones...

Today was definitely a stone day, make it a boulder day...

Two of our very dear friends fighting cancer have not recieved good news this week

Charlize, the 4 year old little one with neuroblastoma, has relapsed and has run out of options - she will be having MIBG treatment tomorow to hopefully try and give her a bit more time and dull the pain she is experiencing, every day, top of her head to the tips of her toes - please, please pray for a miracle and that her pain disapears.

Ruan, 1 1/2 year old with leukimia - it has returned to his bone marrow and blood - they are now looking for a donor for a transplant - locally , then through his family , then abroad if need be - please pray that the best donor possible is found and that it works.

Please pray for Yolande, our friend from CHOC - she has cancer of the uterus, she had an operation to remove the cancer last week and is now recovering - please pray for her total and permanent recovery.

Please continue to pray for Sophia, also fighting cancer of the uterus, also running out of options - another miracle is needed for this bright star.

Marinda, doctors discovered a tumor in her brain a few weeks ago, she has had the operation to remove what they can and she will now be starting the huge amounts of chemotherapy to destroy anything that is left - she has a very young family who love and miss her - please pray for the chemo to knock every last cell out of her body and that God works his miracles in her.

Adrian, neuroblastoma warrior, nearly 2, latest scan discovered 2 new nodules on the liver which are to be investigated further - please pray that these are treatable and not neuroblastoma.

Please continue to pray for all our friends all around the world - needing extra prayers, miracles, love and hope,especially:

Please pray for all our friends, NED , still fighting the battle, looking for new options , those in pain - every single prayer will be heard by Our Lord - please pray an extra special prayer for all of them today.

Please pray for the families that have lost their children to this monster - for comfort, guidance and The Lords love in their lives.

Please pray for Deqlan to remain NED forever and for him to get stronger each day as God continues to shine his grace and mercy upon him

On a quick note, Deqlans play therapy went very well yesterday and the ladies are very impressed again at his progress! He had a ball playing outside in the rain puddles and gave lots of eye contact and wanting more of certain activities - i am so proud of my big guy! Well done my boy, you continue to amaze me each day as you learn and discover new and wonderful things!

We leave for holiday on Friday - we cant wait - we can not wait - those of you travelling , please travel safely , those not, have a great rest - and to you all, remember the true meaning of Easter - Christ, dyeing for our sins, to save us and The Risen Lord who continues to love and look after and guide us - what a gift we have recieved in Our Lord

God Bless , all our love
Mark, Samm & Deqlan


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