Monday, March 17, 2008

Keaton is Christened!

What a stunning Palm Sunday we had - it was so extra special this year for so many reasons, most most of all , because Keaton John Du Plessis was Christened!

It POURED with rain, and the temperature dropped from being 30 degrees last week to just 14 yesterday ( its 12 today)

Keaton was an absolute star during the service and looked to beautiful in his Christening robe - this robe is over 80 years old and a very prized possesion in the Du Plessis family as Conrad and Ivan where Christened in it to! Monsignour prepared a lovely service - i shall always treasure holding Keaton, as his Godmother, while the holy water was gently poured over his little head, standing next to Megs and Conrad, with Mark and Ivan, the Godfathers on either side - the band played Jesus Loves the Little Children and i had the most warm amazing feeling - what an honor it is to be your Godparents Keaton! We promise to always love, guide and direct you as best as we know how, but above all, continue to teach you about our Loving Father, who loves you more and more each day and shall always take care of you! We love you very very much little Keaton!

Deqlan, looked just as beautiful! In his cream and beige outfit, which had to be adjusted slightly to accomodate the freezing weather! He was full and i mean full of beans before the service started and ran up and down the aisles as all the guests arrived! He wanted to escape out the door and run around in the pouring rain - we tried several times to stop him and eventually Nanna, aka Mary Poppins came and entertained our soldier. Deqlan sat with Nanna and Grandpa enjoying his juice and snacks specially prepared to keep our soldier 'still' during the service !

We all went to Megs and Conrads place afterwards for a bite to eat and to catch up with all our friends and family. There where so very happy faces, as this was the first time they where meeting Deqlan and for many the first time seeing Deqlan in months- they where all so happy to see Deqlan doing so well and some could not believe the amount of energy Deqlan has - he did not stop for 1 moment! He did not like all the people at first, he is definitely not used to crowds, but eventually settled in and made lots and lots of friends!

Deqlan played snooker, yes snooker, with Dada , Nix and Darryl ( hope i can find a photo to post) This kept Deqlan very entertained but when the balls started flying, Deqlan had to come off for safetly sake!!!

Deqlan eventually managed to get outside, well under an umbrella, kind courtesy of Rob, who held the umbrella for us while Deqlan splashed in the fountain with his hands - we have a water baby on our hands for sure!

Deqlan made big buddys with Tucker - you all know how much Deqlan loves wheels and he had a ball playing with Tucker and the wheels on his chair ! Tucker will be getting a new basketball chair made especially for him, and i know its going to be something very special- wow - can you imagine Deqlans delight then!

Another big buddy was Justin - him and Justin just connected on a level i have not seen before! They had an absolute ball crawling around each other speaking gobbeldy goo and staring at laughing at each other - it was great to see Deqlan reacting to someone like this , especially with the amount of eye contact he gave Justin and the amount of time this kept him occupied!

Have to run,Deqlan getting tired got to get him home and warm! promise to post more soon with photos and need to ask for lots and lots of prayers

Have a great evening, please continue pray for Deqlan and all his soldiers and their families

God Bless all our love
Mark, Samm & Deqlan



Elriza said...

Hi Samm, Mark and little Deqs,

It was so great seeing you guys on Sunday. Like you said, it's amazing how much energy Deqlan has! Enjoy it!

Elriza, Wes & Caden

Anonymous said...

Hi Samm,Mark and Deqlan,

It was really nice seeing you guys on Sunday at such a special occasion, and meeting Deqlan for the first time...he is such a beautiful little boy and we are so happy to see him enjoying the things he couldn't when he was sick:-)...You guys are in our prayers all of the time and we know that Deqlan will grow stronger and stay healthy.

Have a LOVELY day


Coreen and Grant