Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Maroelaboom Stories

Netcare Unitas Hospital and CHOC are proud to present


Performed by the Hematology - Oncology children as directed by
A.J.Dramatix Studio

Together with Nedine Blom!

Pierneef Theatre
(At Hendrik Verwoerd Hoƫrskool; Villieria - see map below)
Friday 3 October 2008
18h00 for 18h30

R80 adults / R40 children under 18
(Only a few seats available - book early to avoid disappointment)

Bookings at Annemarie Oberholzer
Cell: 082 562 5912

Monday, September 29, 2008

we did it!

Hooray! We finally started Deqlans Vaccinations! I was a lot more nervous then our soldier as i didnt know what to expect - actually i expected a very very upset, hurt little soldier, and my heart just broke at the thought of it

After A LOT of discussions, back on forth , calls to numerous doctors, vaccine lines, reading articles on the net , reading books, speaking to my very knowledgable Mom, we came up with a plan we were happy with. The Vaccine line knows me by name now, 'Hi Sam' when they hear my voice for the 20th time, but i had the most amazing lady help me with everything we needed to know.

So off we went, we decided on Hibarix, Infanrix and the measels as the cocktails for the day! Deqlan was not happy to be contained in the little room , i think he knows, i am sure he knows when something is about to happen to him. The sister told me to put him sitting on the bed and hug him as she injected the first arm, which he didnt even make a sound for, then the second arm, which he made one sound for - then nothing, not a cry, not a moan, nothing - how amazing is our soldier? He is the bravest person i will ever know. I was the scardy cat, and Deqlan proved how strong and resilant he is. I think having Nanna with us, playing Deqlans voice recordings to him was HUGE help, thank you Darling Mom, you continue to walk the walk with us, we love you so mucch, thank you.

The sister wanted us to hang around the hospital for half an hour just in case Deqlan had a reaction. So we waited outside to let our soldier run around, and because the thought of him sitting in a hospital with a million germs dosent intise me!

Deqlans neck started going to red and he started itching - oh oh - but after a few minutes we discovered it was a mosquito bite! Oh boy - what a coincidence! Deqlan thoroughly enjoyed playing on a rock bed, they look like Maka Paka rocks ( those of you familiar with In The NIght Garden!) Then Deqlan decided it was time to paly the lineup game- wiht COMPLETE STRANGERS! A bike messenger walked past and before you could say measle, he was holding this guys hands! You can imagine the expression on the drivers face, and the horror on mine!

So our next mission is to teach our soldier, its not ok to hold anyones hand - germ and safety wise!

Half an hour quickly passed and thank Our Lord, no reaction so we were very glad to get in the car and come home!

Up until now, and i trust it will remain , Deqlan has not had a fever, no rash (yet, i believe they get one a few days after the measles injection) NOTHING, Our God is so great

Our next appointment ia 30 October for Prevenar and Chicken pox. We will then ask for a specific test at Deqlans next 3 month appointment which will test for antibodies - to see what he has what he needs more of and then we will take it from there..so as Nanna says, we are now back on the highway and on a new journey, and we are enjoying and appreciating the ride !

Congrats to Heidi and James on the news they are expecting a boy, congrats guys how wonderful, may Our Lord keep you all safe and healthy and in His loving care!

Have a great day, God Bless, thanks for all your prayers and checking in on us!
Lots of love
Mark, Samm, Deqlan


Sunday, September 28, 2008

Catch up!

Dont worry its just mud....

Its raining pure happiness!

Deqlan couldnt wait for the cake to be cut!

I know, its been ages, i am so sorry! Things have been so busy around here, i have had one of the busiest weeks at work i can ever remember having , which is great, especially being a travel agent - things are just to expensive for people to take holidays and travel, but my business travellers are keeping me very very busy!

so lets go back to last week - Grandpa and Nanna had a great time in Cape Town, they got to see Aunty Shea who was also down with flu - but as always she sent something very special for the boys- Deqlan got the cutest puzzle book on kitties and doggies - to beautiful , thank you so much Aunty Shea for being so thoughtful, Deqlan loves his book and i know going to get many many enjoyable hours with it! Some photos from the anniversary celebrations in Cape Town and a pic of Camps Bay my favorite place!

We had a lovely celebration of Nanna's birthday, enojing breakfast at Meggies and then we went to great Nan in the afternoon. Deqlan was beyond thrilled to see that a huge sprinkler was wetting the thristy lawn and he didnt even hesistate for 1 moment before running straight into the water. He ran round and around, stood still for a while and then around and around again. He was sopping wet, but thoroughly enjoyed cooling down as it was quite a warm day. Deqlan absolutely loves water and the feeling of the water 'raining' on his face and head. We all had a good chuckle and Great Nanna enjoyed her cake and visit from her great grand sons who she is so very proud of.

We celebrated further with a braai/bbq at Nanna's house on Tuesday night as Wednesday was a public holiday here. Deqlan and Keaton had an absolute ball running around (well Deqlan ran,Keaton watched) and playing in the sand pit .He also enjoyed getting wet , again, and playing in the mud!

Deqlan has discovered a new game - he likes lining things up - especially people - we only discovered this on Monday afternoon when Dada came to surprise Nanna to wish her Happy Birthday. Deqlan took each of us by the arm, and pulled us into a straight line - we only realised this after looking at him run to the end of the room, then looking at us and being very please with himself.Dada moved out of the line and Deqlan put him right back into place. I moved backwards and i to was pulled back into line, and so it carried on with us all taking turns and all laughing and enjoying the new game Deqlan had created.

Wednesday we did a bit of shopping and relaxed at home - we went past Irene Country Lodge to wish Nats a Happy Birthday, but Deqlan hadnt slept so was very unhappy - especially when we wouldnt let him play the line up game with some strangers at the lodge! So we went home and enjoyed some delicous pizza and an afternoon nap

Thursday and Friday are a blur - a real blur- i was so busy, it didnt feel like i gave my time to anyone person - it was all mixed up and i really felt disorientated - i have been praying for God to help me juggle all the balls i need to juggle and to put more time and concentration into one thing at a time - thats the only way i am going to try and get around everything i need to do!
Saturday was spent in the glorious sun in the garden, where Dada was using the hose pipe to fill the pull and Deqlan just had to have a go to- needless to say he had a fantastic time and again sopping from head to toe! This only lasted a few minutes before our little monkey started getting cold, and we got him inside with a bit of a struggle, but we got to keep him healthy and well!

Our soldier's arm seems much better - he is using it more and more and the bruising is definitely better. He still protects it when he falls and tries not to fall on it and is more cautious on his slide which is a good thing!

Deqlans eating habits are not so great - we are really battling at times - even with his beloved bread which he would not eat on Friday. But yesterday had a great breakfast, lunch and dinner - but attempts to get vege and fruit in are not successful at the moment- not even raisins or mangos which he used to love - but i will continue trying different things and i know eventually something will taste great to him! We are going to make more of an effort to get Deqlan off all the bread and cheese and wheat he eats - and try get healthier things to fill his tummy.

We are going to try again and take Deqlan for his vaccinations tommorow - the plan to give hibarex, infanrix ,mmr and maybe prevenar - but we will see what final outcome is tommorow! I still have loads of question marks on the mmr vaccine - especially after reading Jenny McCarthy's Louder than words.

Well, let me be off and continue playing catch up on investigating our vaccination options! Havre a great week, please let me know how you all are?
Please continue the prayers for Deqlan, please never stop, please also continue to keep all our warriors from around the world in your prayers.
Please go and have a look at this very powerful site on choldhood cancer awareness , as we continue to raise awareness not only this month, but every single month, week and day of every year. pictures do speak a thousand words...
God bless all our love

Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Linz

Dear Linz,
A very very Happy Birthday to you for today and many many more!

May there be a great celebration planned and only the best ahead for you in the year to come !
We miss you and hope you are enjoying yourself and grabbing all the new oppurtunities and experiences in the UK!
Sending you lots of love, God Bless
Mark, Samm, Deqlan, Logan, Derek, Bev , Conrad, Megs and Keaton

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Hannah!!!!

Dear cute and gorgeous Hannah!
We are wishing you a very very Happy 1st Birthday today and many many more!
We hope you have the most wonderful celebration and parties ahead this weekend! Wish we could celebrate with you , but we are there with you in spirit! Enjoy the birds, Deqlan loves blue birds, so say a special hi to them! Stay the gorgeous little princess you are!
With Lots of love and God Bless you always
Mark, Samm, Deqlan and Logan

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom and Nanna

To an incredible, amazing, caring , and our guardian angel on earth,

Darling Mom,

A very very Happy Birthday to you for today and many many more!

It is my honor to be your daughter, my honor to watch you be the most amazing Mom and Nanna i could have ever asked for.

I pray that this is YOUR Year! A year for us to help you, make your dreams come true! May you recieve all the blessings that you continue to shower down upon us.

May love fill your days, peace and happiness your heart and Our Lord guide your footsteps each day.

I dont know how you do what you do - you always put everyone else first, you always ensure that we are taken care of, before worrying about you. Whether you are tired or sick - you always put us first and i hope that one day i can take care of you , the way you take care of us.

I know i always tell this story , but it is something that will remain with me for the rest of my life - you have always walked every step of the way with me, but the day that you where standing next to me, hugging me and holding me up, when Deqlan was diagnosed - you said ' I dont know what lies ahead my Samm Samm, but i can promise you i will be with you every step of the way' and that you have done my Darling Mom and so much more

There is not a single day that goes past that you havent helped us in some way - even in your prayers, i know we are always there.

I dont say thank you enough, i dont show you enough how much i love , honor, treasure and appreciate you - you are my rock and you raise me up each and every day of my life - i love you so very very much!

I dont know of anyone else who deserves all the love and happiness, peace and blessings that you do and i promise to try to do all i can to help you Mom. Not many people know the sacrifices that you have made for Megs and I, and for our precious Deqlan - that you get up each morning and mop the floors with dettol,to ensure he is protected from all germs, wash all of Deqlans toys and get everything perfectly ready for our arrival - that when you go shopping for things you need, you come back with more for Keaton and Deqlan then for you! That you treasure each and every moment with us all - I know the voice recordings of Deqlan on your cell phone are a prized possession and that you take nothing for granted that you grab each moment and make the most of it - i continue to learn so much from you and inspire to be half the mom you are

I love you , honor you , thank you for being the most amazing Mom and Nanna, I love you with all my heart and wish you the best birthday ever

All our Love and so very much more, and God Bless you Darling Mom

Mark, Samm, Deqlan and Logan

My Darling Nanna,

Happy Birthday Nanna! Cant wait to celebrate with you today, ill help you blow your candles out if you like, i had some practise last week, i can show you how to eat it to!

Nanna, i cant thank you enough for taking such good care of me, for giving me all your time and love, i know i am very busy and active and a handful at times, but treasure each second we spend together. From singing iggle piggle and maka paka, to hot dog , to launching our helicopters together, to bubbling in the jacuzzi, each memory with you is a gift to me, and I thank Our Lord that you are my Nanna, i think i chose pretty well if i must say so myself.

Thank you that you and Grandpa do EVERYTHING you can to keep me safe and happy and i know how much you love me, i feel it every day.

I feel so safe, and loved in your arms and I wish you all the love in the world. You are my guardian angel, my fairy god mother - any wish i have , some even before i know i have them, come true. I love you Nanna and wish you a very very Happy Birthday!

These songs today are for you Nanna, Happy Birthday for your big day, I will survive - my mama told me this is a very special song to you and her and Meggie, and Supercallafragalistic (still learning to spell this one) because you are my Mary Poppins and you know how to fix everything and make everything fun - my mom says maybe you should right a book so she can also learn all your tricks!

God Bless you my Darling Nanna, Love you with all my heart,

Big Hot Dog Hugs and kisses to you

Deqlan Ross

Friday, September 19, 2008

A trip to the xray department

Oh Boy...Grandpa and Nanna are away in Cape Town at the moment celebrating their 10 year wedding anniversary as well as Nanna's Birthday! So, I have been working from home , whilst watching our little monkey , who is as good as gold!

Yesterday afternoon, I was busy making a hotel booking for a client, when a hear a thump and a bump and then a cry - there was our precious soldier lying face down next to his slide with both arms under him. I had to explain to the hotel that i had to go my little one had just fallen off his slide... After trying to console Deqlan for ten minutes and using all the tricks that normally calm him down, i started checking every limb and area i could to see if there was something really worrying him - i wasnt 100% sure, but it seemed to be his left arm which was causing the unhappiness. I was in a state - i dont know why as Deqlas has been through so much more - but this was so upsetting to me, thoughts of plaster of paris and surgeons rushed through my mind as i got on the phone to Dada - he of course asked who i was on the phone with and how Deqlan couldve fallen off the slide right in front of me? That sent me into further waterworks as i was asking myself the same question ... After speaking to Nanna and wishing she was here with me, she convinced me that these things do happen to little boys, especially active ones like our soldier, and Grandpa was amazed it hadnt happened earlier!

So, off Deqlan and I went to Meggie and Keaton ..Deqlan still crying and moaning , Mama stil crying and praying...we put Deqlan down in the play room and as he wanted to sit and lean on his left sore arm, he fell over, his wrist couldnt support him and of course , more tears . I called the paed who suggested who do some xrays to rule out any fractures - more tears, how could i put Deqlan through this - my sister and conrad quickly reminded me that it was the best reason to be going to the hospital for - being a typical, active, full of energy 2 year old boy, that maybe hurt his arm - all normal...that calmed me down a little...we gave Deqlan some stopayne to try and releave some of the pain - i gave half a dose as 10mls seemed to be a bit buch for a toddler to me?

We had been at the doctors twice already this week - Monday for tonsils, Wednesday at the dermatologist for some spots , which turned out to probably be from the strep throat, and maybe a bit of excema...now the third time for xrays - my medical aid are not very happy people this week....

So off we went to Unitas Megs and I with both boys in tow, we fortunately didnt have to wait to long - Deqlan became very drowsy and quiet, think it was from the stopayne, thank goodness i only gave half the dose! As soon as we walked into the xray room Deqlan started crying, he definitely knows when something is about to happen...luckily he could sit on my lap and the technician positioned his arm just right to get the pics they needed, of course our soldier was very unhappy and in pain. 5 minutes later, they asked for more pics at different angles - 20 minutes later they wanted even more and an xray of his right arm to! Of course this started the worry pot to brew even more and when i asked why they said they where more concerned about his elbow then wrist....another half an hour wait....all of a sudden a doctor walked past where we were sitting and it happened to be the doctor who did the mri of Deqlan on the 25th of May 2007 - the one who initially diagnosed neuroblastoma - i went into absolute overdrive when i saw his face as all the memories of his voice, how he was standing, where we were standing - everything of that moment all came flooding back to me and i just picked up Deqlan and had to walk out the room - i just wasnt prepared to see him nor was i ready , or will ever be, to relive that day..

Finally the results came - no obvious fracture! Hooray, what relief, thank You Lord for answering our prayers, again as always...the report does mention swelling around the cartilidge in the elbow and an underlying fracture cant be ruled out - torn muscles cant be ruled out...they recommend a follow up, so we got back in the car releaved, saying Thank You Lord!

Conrad had made choc chip cookies, so when we got back to the house they were a welcome treat to wind down with - thank you Megs, Con and Keaton for all your help yesterday , for calming me down and taking such good care of Deqlan and I as you always do

Deqlan fell asleep in the car on the way home round 530 and only woke up at 6am this morning! ! this has never happened before and it must have been from all the trauma and stress and stopayne...he was very restless though and moaned and cried when he lay on his arm...Dada and I kept a close eye on him during the night

This morning, the arm is swollen and definite bruising around the elbow - the poor monkey either holds his arm as if to say - i got a sore arm- or he just doesnt use it at all - even to be picked up , he just holds one arm up - even running is now down with one arm , so he must still be very sore and tender.Please pray that he feels better each day and that the swelling goes down and the pain disapears and no need for follow up xrays!

Shame our poor chicken, but as Nanna and Grandpa have reminded me he is a boy and he is going to be rough and he is going to get bumps and bruises as he continues to grow and explore and discover and learn !

I went through to Baby Therapy centre this morning where they had an open day for their new preschool and a talk on nutrition. Was lovely to see Esedra and Anja whom we havent seen in weeks while we try out all our ideas at home. The preschool is lovely and very individual focused. Max 8 in the school , from ages 3 -5 - the aim is to provide a bridge and get the pre schoolers ready to go into a main stream school. So while still teaching things in normal pre primay or nursery - they also get occupational therapy , music therapy, hydro therapy etc and the teachers who are occupationa therapists concentrate on specific areas the little ones need help him, like socialising, eating etc lovely and i wish you all the success girls!

Then i attended a talk on nutrition and was all ears when discussing fussy eaters! I got a few tips and was pleased to hear that the amount of wheat Deqlan consumes is not way over the suggested serving per day, although i would like it to decrease and the vegies and fruit to increase! I bought a whole lot of delicious fruit and vege afterwards and i am going to try and try again - they say you shouldnt give up on a food unless you have tried it at least 25 times with little one...so its going to take a while but we are going to persevere!

Well, let me be off for now, sending you lots of love, prayers and blessings, have a wonderful weekend, please continue to pray for Deqlan and all our warriors and angels around the world, please let them never ever leave your prayers

God Bless, lots of love
Mark, Samm , Deqlan


Happy Birthday Nadia!

Dearest Nadia
Here's wishing you a fantastic Birthday today and many many more!
May the year ahead turn all your dreams into a reality!
ThiS time next year you will have 2 little boys celebrating with you!
Thank you for all your love and prayers and continued support for Deqlan and all our CHOC projects!
God Bless and sending you lots of love
Mark, Samm, Deqlan and Logan

Happy Birthday Nats

Dearest Nats!
A very very Happy Birthday for you today! and many many more!

I am sure you are celebrating a whole lot differently this year as you have a beautiful miracle growing inside of you, so that is present enough, i am sure!
Stay the very sweet, helpful, caring, giving , since person and friend you are, thank you for all you have done and continue to do for us, especially Deqlan!
God Bless and lots of love
Mark, Samm, Deqlan and Logan

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Loren

Dear Loren,
Heres wishing you a very very Happy and Blessed Birthday today and many many more .
I know that this is going to be the best birthday ever as your gift is in your arms this year in the form of Malakai
Have a stunning day and may all your dreams become a reality
God Bless, lots of love
Mark, Samm, Deqlan and Logan

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Birthday Celebrations

Meet NED !

Gold Balloons released with our prayers into the sky on Childhood cancer awareness day, with all our ned warriors, warriors and angels

Deqlan opening his Birthday presies! Enjoying his favorite things cars and helicopters!

Unle Tyler

Watching the hot dog song on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse


Hot Dog!

What up Conrad and Keaton

Hannah and Reece sharing some popcorn!

Kev, Tyler, Louse and Gaynor sit and watch the kids in action

Meeting Ethan at 13 days old!

Deqlan munching on a balloon Nanna created for him

Hannah sporting the princess crown Nanna designed!

Gianna in loads of giggles on the trampoline

Nannas unique balloon creations were in great demand!

Dada and Tyer taking it easy

Here's one for you Hannah!

Me and my darling Birthday boy!

Reece and Hannah had a ball together!

Megie and Keaton, his first Birthday party!

The girls

Gianna and Reece enjoying some cake

Happy Birthday Darling Deqlan

Hey Gianna, want to have a picture with me?


Peek a boo Hannah!

This party stuff is hard work!

Claire and Hannah

Stephan and Ethan

Grandpa and Nanna

Chilling with my Dada

Keaton - Reece, Reece - Keaton

Barney and the girls

Kids table

'Ka Chow, Ka Pow - I am Lightning McQueen!'

Pure delight

I love my Dada!

What an absolute celebration of blessings we had this weekend - celebrating Deqlan turning 2, that he is NED and doing so well.
We had a fantastic party on Saturday, Deqlan thoroughly enjoyed each moment. It started off with our garage door breaking - poor Mark and Bongani tried to fix it for 3 HOURS!!! I was hitting panic stations as we had so much to do before everyone arrived so Mark and I where at each other like chickens ! I took Deqlan to Grandpa and Nanna for the morning so that he could have his normal sleep otherwise , he would be to excited to sleep at home, and fall asleep during his party! He was as good as gold and while Mark and I ran around to get everything ready, our soldier was in dream land getting ready for his big day! Eventually Mark had to throw the towel in as he couldnt get the garage fixed, but luckily got it closed so our cars would be safe at least. We later arranged through some of Tylers contacts for the guys to come and fix in yesterday , which they did!
Our guests arrived and the celebrations got going! We invited a hand full of guests and only three little friends, that dont go to school , to come and join in. We are hoping next yer to invite everyone to a bigger venue and our soldier would have had all his vaccinations by then! The girls all had a great time together enjoying Barney, the ball pit, the jungle gym - which they had no fear to, but especially the trampoline which produced many smiles and giggles. Another favorite was the amazing, Nanna, which mastered the art of balloon blowing and shaping. The kids were fascinated by her talents and Hannah loved sporting the princess crown or telly tubby hat that Nanna so lovingly created for her!
Next the cake appeared and it didnt make it to the table though ..i showed Deqlan the cake hoping he would get up and follow me to the table, but he decided he wanted his Happy Birthday there and then. So in went the hands and feet and Reece to enjoyed sampling the checkered flags! Lots of laughter was had by all and lots of cake to!
Deqlan then got us all into his play room and this is where the fun really started - Dada put Mickey Mouse clubhouse on and fast forward to the Hot Dog song - we must have watched it about ten times and each time couldnt contain our laughter, our pride, our love at just how smart and cute Deqlan is ! Imagine the most exciting thing to you, and how happy you get that you could burst, this is Deqlan times ten, with a huge grin on his face , the most beautiful laughter you have ever heard and round and round he goes in circles of excitement - the most precious thing i have ever seen - to see him so happy, is priceless
We ended off the day with releasing 4 golden helium balloons into the sky. This was to mark International Childhood Cancer awarenes day. Gold signifies neuroblastoma specifically. We had one for Deqlan, we wrote his name and NED forever on the other side. The next was for our warriors in the fight now, we wrote all our brave friends names on this one. We also had one for the angels who are in heaven and another for those who are NED. We said a prayer and i had a special wish i sent up with the balloons that reached the heavens and delivered our prayers. This amazing idea was inspired by Arden's Mom, Arden became an angel little under a month ago after fighting neuroblastoma. Arden's Mom continues to be passionate about raising awareness that will get us to the cure - i know i always ask, but please , please continue to spread the word and support neuroblastoma anyway you possibly can.
We unfortunately did not make build a bear on Saturday afternoon, but decided to go on Sunday to create our own build a bears in support of CHOC and raising awareness. Army, meet NED, NED meet the most wonderful prayer army you could ever imagine. NED was born on the 14th of Sep, weighing just on 400grams and 48 cm tall. He arrived home in a camo outfit, with no shoes on - as you know our gear throughout our journey has been camo signifying our soldier fighting nb - so it was only fiting that NED arrived home in camo with no shoes - Deqlan doesnt do shoes , so him and NED will be best buddies
On Sunday after church i popped past Yolandi and Ruan at Unitas - he was then day 9 into his stem cell transplant - i didnt go into the room to keep him from harm from any possible germs, but saw his head peek around the corner. I took him a party pack from Deqlans birthday and Yolandi was very happy to see me to have a chat and catch up - Ruan is doing very well, and starting to eat a little - he is on 6 different antibiotics to try and prevent any infections while he waits for his immune system to rebuild from scratch. The should still be at Unita for the next 3 weeks or so till its safe for Ruan to leave the room. Please continue to pray for Ruan to continue getting stronger and for Yolandi , the amazing mom she is. Thank you to you both for the gorgeous pilot jacket - to gorgeous, now the boys have matching ones, cant wait to play for them to show them off!
Thank you also for the bithday cards we recieved in the post for our monkey - what a stunning surprise - thank you Aunty Shirl, Aunty Val and Uncle Bill, Aunty Shea and also to Oom Jan and Aunty Helete - you are so special!
Thank you to you all for Deqlans lovely gifts in all shapes and forms from clothes and balls, to helicopters and cars and most of all for the gift of your prayers, support and love, please let them never end, especially your prayers.
Deqlans seems a little better tonight and tommorow is the last dose of his antibiotic, so please pray it has done its job. Please also pray for a more restful night for Deqlan as the coughing keeps our soldier awake most of the night!

Happy 8 month Birthday Keaton! You are such a precious pasrt of our family, and so loved, you continue to grow so beautiful and loving and caring, you are gorgeous and we love you!
Sleep tight everyone, please continue the prayers for our Deqlan and all our warriors , angels , our families and friends
God Bless all our love
Mark, Samm, Deqlan