Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Deqlan!

p.sTo Our Most Gorgeous Darling Deqlan,

A very very Happy 2nd Birthday to you our gorgeous boy , gift from God!

We wish you the most magical, unforgettable, fun filled birthday you could ever imagine! We wish you many, many, many more Birthdays chicken, healthy healthy happy ones. May Our Lord Bless you today and continue to hold you in His Healing Hands always.

We think back to a year ago , I actually looked at the pictures today , and I am so grateful to Our Lord for letting us share a second Birthday with you, one where you are happy, healthy, with lots of meat on your bones, with rosey red cheeks, with energy of the sun, with laughter that's infectious, with touches that are unforgettable, for moments that I treasure , that you are NED, that your port is out and that you continue to get stronger each day.

You are our miracle, the light of our lives and absolute everything. You complete us. We are more then proud of you, you are are hero, our inspiration , our reason for being. You are loved beyond description and always will be beautiful boy

You have been through so much already , but you are wiser, stronger and healthier then ever.

You are loved by so many - do you know that you have an entire prayer army just for you? They check in with us all the time, read your story and pray for you every day - you must be very special , so many people love you dearly

You are loved beyond description, by Our Lord and Savour, He continues to take such wonderful care of you . Always look to Him for all you need.

We hope you enjoy all the celebrations and excitement of today - its all for you!

We promise to try and be the best parents we can be - all you need to know is that you don't need to worry about anything, just know Dada and Mama are always here no matter what, and that's all you need to know, we will take care of everything you need. You just need to guide us and show us !

We thank Jesus for you every minute of the day - we have experienced a love we never knew possible

You are our everything - we beam with pride and joy each time we look at you, or even think of you!

Always, always know how much we love you and we would do anything for your safety and happiness.

You are a true gift from God and we cant wait to see you reach all your milestones, goals and dreams.

I pray Our Lord lets us experience you learning to talk, making friends, having play dates, riding a bike,going to school, having speech festivals, soccer games, fetes, school plays, homework, sleepovers with Logan and Keaton,rolling in the mud, falling in love, going to high school, travelling and having holidays , long walks on the beach, splashing in the water, you being a part of our church and helping others get through cancer, having children and grand children of your own, many many many more happy and healthy years together.

We cant explain how much we treasure all the little moments that we have gotten to experience us your immune system strengthens - we love riding in the car with you, watching your absolute joy and delight, taking you to the shop is our outing and we are so excited to do it, watching you run outside, up and down the street, splashing in the jacuzzi and anywhere where there's water...all precious memories and we look forward to making so many more with you

Have a spectacular birthday our beautiful boy, our hero, our everything
God Bless, all our love, our hearts, all for you , we love you
Dad , Mama and Logan

p.s- Logan says Happy Birthday little brother! I am so excited to see you soon and will throw you a surprise party of own (oops, there goes the surprise) Miss you and love you and I am going to take such wonderful care of you and teach you so many new things, some naughty , some nice - just to keep Dad and Samm on their toes!

p.s.s Shelly, Stuffy and Blue say WOOF WOOF MEOW, Which Means Happy Birthday, we love being able to play with you again, and love following you around the garden, you are our best friend and we love you!

From the words of Celine Dion

To our beautiful "Miracle", Deqlan Ross, on your second Birthday ,11 Septemeber 2008

You're my life's one Miracle,

Everything I've done that's good

And you break my heart with tenderness,

And I confess it's true

I never knew a love like this till you....

You're the reason I was born

Now I finally know for sure

And I'm overwhelmed with happiness

So blessed to hold you close

The one that I love most

With all the future has so much for you in store

Who could ever love you more?

The nearest thing to heaven,

You're my angel from above

Only God creates such perfect love

When you smile at me,

I cry, And to save your life

I'll die

With a romance that is pure heart,

You are my dearest part

Whatever it requires,
I live for your desires
Forget my own, needs will come before
Who could ever love you more?
Well there is nothing you could ever do,
To make me stop, loving you
And every breath I take,
Is always for your sake
You sleep inside my dreams and know for sure
Who could ever love you more?
My Son Grows Up author: unknown
Life is fleeting, years rush past...
and little boys grow up so fast!
Let me take time out to be
thankful mine is still here with me.
And though I'm busy through the day,
let me take time out to play...
Let me take time out to smile,
to sit with him for just a while...
Let me take time out for walks,
for swings and sports and quiet talks,
for sharing giggles, tickles, and hugs,
for patching knees and catching bugs...
for running races, climbing trees,
for helping with his A - B - C's...
For hatching plots and planning schemes,
for listening to his thoughts and dreams.
Let me tuck him in at night, hear his prayers,
turn off the light.
And when my busy day is done,
let me thank God I have a son.


JennBoBo said...

Happy Birthday Deqlan!!! Wish you had a great day and many more to come....

Best wishes across the miles,
Jenn & Adrian

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Deqlan, Happy Birthday to you!
May God continue to shower his blessings on you and your family and that you remain NED forever! Wish we were there to share your very special day with you. Have fun big boy!
Congrats Mark and Samm!
With lots of hugs and kisses
Kobus, Bron, Matt & Chene

Lisa Reid said...

Happy birthday Deqlan feels like just yesterday I got an sms to say you were born : )
Congratulations and I know you going to have a fantastic day and you going to get spoilt rotten : )

Debbie said...

Happy Birthday Big boy!!!! Deqlan i hope you have a wonderful day and a great year. May God bless you with many many more birthdays. When we had doubt you gave us proved to me never give up always look on the bright side of life. You will never know how you and your mamas strength has touched my life and made a huge difference in the mama i am to Jayden and Hannah.

Happy Birthday

Hugs and kisses

Debbie, Jayden and Hannah

Anonymous said...

HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY to you Deqlan Ross Higgins!

What beautiful pictures Mommy has put on your blog - you are looking so grown up an handsomea!

What a blessing to celebrate your birthday port free and NED. We pray for your health to keep improving day by day and that you have many, many, many more healthy, happy birthdays.

Congratulations to your Mommy and Daddy and we know you will all enjoy making so many special, treasured memories together today!!

God bless you and keep you!
Love and hugs,
Karen, Dave, Jordan & Dylan :-)

heidi james & hannah said...

Happy happy birthday big boy, we wish you a very happy and special birthday and know that you are going to be spoilt rotten and showered with plenty of love!
All our love Heidi, James, Hannah & "bump"

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Deqlan

May you have a wonderful day today. We are thinking about you and know you will be thoroughly spoilt on your special day. You deserve all the good things life has to offer.

Lots of love

Debbie, Jeff, Jared, Darryn and aunty Elaine

Anonymous said...

To our darling and precious DEQLAN,

A blessed and very happy 2nd birthday to you. What a magnificent cause for celebration -your birthday, NED forever status and port-free forever status ! Our Great God has truly blessed us all as a family to give us today as one of His many treasured gifts.
Nanna has had so many entries into her very special "Book of Memories" of today. Today the "present", the "gift"...... was YOU.
Only some of the magical moments from our special day include:
- your running around in great excitement outside, from early this morning, in true hero and celebratory mode, with the little "balloon bouquet" Nanna made for you to enjoy
- watching you open your gift of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD and then observing you squeal in pure delight when your favourite song "Hot Dog, Hot Diggity Dog" came on; even Grandpa was chuckling watching you joyously dance around in circles
- opening up all your presents (from us all) and "inspecting" them carefully and very quickly working out, with a great smile, the wheels which you could spin or the propellers of the helicopter which made bell sounds as you spun them
- having fun with your huge Mickey Mouse balloon from Meggie, Conrad and Keaton
- lighting your "singing birthday candles" and you blowing them out
- watching you "eat" the plastic numeral of "2" as if you wanted to "digest" the happy fact that you were now officially 2 years old
- sharing your beautiful Mickey Mouse cake with Mommy, Great-Grandpa, Nanna, Grandpa, Meggie and Keaton
- playing "touch" with Keaton who was having fun with "his" balloons
- recording precious memories on video and taking magical photos - when we could - since you are a bundle of energy and one seldom catches you in stationery pose for a photo !!!!
- your first morning nap as a 2 year old; Nanna's special privilege of singing you to sleep in the morning after we "play our sleep time games" and use the magic of the fishes to relax you; Nanna also uses this dedicated time to always pray to Jesus for special blessings for you ... and then the kisses in the hands
- Mommy and Daddy so very kindly inviting me to join you all for your birthday visit to the Zoo today; what a wonderful and so memorable time we all had, from driving around in the golf cart to seeing all the animals, to you doing dancing circles outside the gorilla enclosure, and you seizing any and every opportunity when we stopped to go for a quick run ... in the direction of the lions, .....and the kangaroos.....and the flamingoes ... and the seals......and the lemurs..... and the zebras .......and the elephants etc, etc, etc !

Thank you for all the joy and love you bring and give to us. We are so very blessed and honoured to be your Nanna and Grandpa. Deqlan, we could not love or cherish you more.

May our gracious God spare you to see many, many, many, many more birthdays and that, one day, as an old man, you read these entries of the blog that Mommy and Daddy kept for you and the comments that so many of us made.... you will have the time of your life reading it all and feel so good inside to know how many people's lives you changed, you touched, you influenced, you saved ..... as the heroic prayerful Deqlan.

May the sacred blessings of great health, happiness, love, peace, wisdom, serenity, strength, faith, hope, trust, prosperity and success, abundantly fill your heart, soul, mind and spirit all the days of your life.


All our love,
Nanna and Grandpa

Caden Paul said...

Happy Happy! Hope you had a wonderful day! You are getting sooo big and beautiful. May all your dreams come true this year and may God continue to protect and bless you.

Lots of Love
Elriza, Wes & Caden