Saturday, January 30, 2010

Welcome to the world Harlan

Congratulations Darryl , Loren and Malakai
on the arrivalf of baby Harlan Rex Stow, yesterday , 29 Jan at 1525, weighing in at 3.46kg and 53cm long
We wish you all the love and happiness and joy in the world, we couldnt be happier for you!
Give Kai a big hug from us and a kiss for Harlan, cant wait to meet him!
God Bless, lots of love
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

Thursday, January 28, 2010

We remember you Ruan

We remember you Ruan, a year after baby Jesus called you home

We remember your love of Barney the dinosaur

We remember your beautiful laugh

We remember the kisses you blew to us

We remember you roaring like a lion

We remember your love of balls and bubbles

We remember you hitting the golf ball around, just like the pro's

We remember how much you loved and adored your mommy and ouma and oupa

We will never forget...

Lots of love to you Ruan, beautiful angel with Jesus

Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

Ouma Bubbles and Uncle Derek

Meggie Conrad and Keaton

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Deqlan has started to spell!!!

His fascination with numbers and letters continue to be a part of every day life. Deqlan just loves to 'read' and page through books - if you have a look at our playroom, and the rest of our house, there are are least 5 - 10 books or magazines upon at any given time.

Deqlan will run to come and tell us about the chosen page he has left the book or magazine open on - subjects include dstv, mnet, LG, Samsung, any and all cars, especially volvo and 'cedes' and jeep at the moment.

Deqlan continues to love and adore his beloved Thomas - at the moment, the favorite characters include, of course Thomas , the star of the show, Percy, 'Emy' for Emily and the troublesome trucks.

He also loves Baby Genius Underwater sea adventures - sadly, Mickey has taken a back seat the past few days! Deqlan tells us when the following animals appear, TEMPO - the tiger, one of the cartoon characters in the show, TURTLE, he counts them to, DOLPHIN hooray Deqlan loves them as much as i do, SEAL, GREEN for the green fish, WHITE for the white fish. He really loves the sea theme at the moment.

I have a photo frame that Nix got me for my birthday, with big black letters saying FAMILY.
Deqlan can asks me to lift him up and he spells out the letters F-A-M-I-L-Y then drags his finger across the word saying family!!! it seems Deqlan wants to read the words he can say the letters of. Ash has suggested we use the phonetic alphabet now, saying A and Ga when Deqlan spells - cause saying the word sounds a lot different to saying the letters in a lot of cases. so i think it might be a tad confusing in the beginning, but we going to give it a go and see what happens!

Deqlan continues to thrive at Little Leaps- he loves the logo and each time he see's it he so beautifully says Little Leaps. This morning when i dropped him at school, the girls where wearing their Little Leaps t shirts, and were so touched when Deqlan pointed and so beautifully said LITTLE LEAPS!
Ash says Deqlan is like their little head boy or prefect, telling all the kids what to do - when its sleep time, he goes into the sleep area, putting their heads down to sleep! He runs in there and giggles and the other boys giggle with him!

She says Deqlan is doing things some of the grade 0's are still learning to do! Ash also says Deqlan is a lot more social then you would imagine a classic autism child would be, and she said she wouldnt be surprised if his diagnosis changes to aspergers , which is a milder form of Autism spectrum disorders!!!! But no pressure on him, we leave him just as beautiful and gorgeous and perfect as God created him and take one day at a time, taking in all the amazing progress he is making - thank You Lord

Still no swimming lessons, it continues to rain and rain and rain some more here in Gauteng...hoping they can make up for the lessons next week...

We are going to be adding/taking away/changing quite a few of Deqlans supplements - as per my previous post on amino acids , Deqlans are not where they should be - but we are petrified to give him anything which can alter cells/ regenerate cells/ change dna of cells etc. So we have decided to take the long way round. Rather concentrating on healing the gut, adding DHA which is vital Omega 3's which he is also deficient of. Adding much needed magnesium . We are going to add digestive enzymes to help him turn the protein being broken down into amino acids, instead of just giving the amino acids . It will take longer , but we feel its the safer option, we are in no rush!

A memorial service will be held for Tim on Friday. We are all still battling to understand what happened and deal with the tragedy and shock of it all. It is going to be at the same venue Tim and Chrisma were going to be married at this Saturday, i think its going to be very hard on everybody thinking about what couldve been...not shouldve cause that was not in Gods plan for Tim. Please continue to pray for Chrisma, Tims Mom and brothers and his very big and close circle of friends we miss him terribly.

Have a good evening, God Bless love

Mark Samm Deqlan Logan


A dream for Deqlan

I just came across the most wonderful, magical, delightful discovery - THERE IS A THOMAS LAND IN THE UK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go and check out

Isnt is so awesome ??? It would be one of my biggest dreams for Deqlan to take him to Thomas Land .

Check out the youtube clips as well:

Can you imagine the awe and delight on Deqlans face!

So who is coming with?

Deqlan, you are a really useful engine!

Love you beautiful boy and we ask God to help us make this dream a possibility!
Dada and Mama

Monday, January 25, 2010


Its taken me a while to write this, i just didnt know how i was going to type this or how i was going to say everything i wanted to say, but i just cant seem to....

One of our dear friends, Tim, passed away early hours of Sunday morning at his batchelor party. He was to be married this coming Saturday to the love of his life, Chrisma.

Tim, you know how we are feeling and what we are praying for, i just cant type it all here.

Thank you for the memories, as far back as primary school. Thank you for always having a warm smile and the biggest , welcoming bear hugs i will ever recieve. Thank you for making such an effort in getting to know our 'little dude', we will tell Deqlan and Logan all about you and what a lust for life you had. The genuine love and interest you had in all the kids in your family and circle of friends, was lovely to watch, a big kid yourself. Always showing us photos and bragging about your nephew and neice, always boasting about your gorgeous doggy Mia.

We ask for prayers for you Tim, for your Mom and your brothers, Nicka and Chris and their families, and of course, Chrisma. I also ask for many prayers for your huge circle of friends who are broken.

You are already missed, your beaming smile, big blue eyes, your laughter and hugs will remain with us always, in our hearts and memories. Hearing you calling Mark "stay puffed" will always ring in our ears. I still cant believe you are gone.

We love and miss you, God Bless and look after you Tim and all your loved ones
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Aunty Sheila

Dear Aunty Shea

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday for today ! Hope it was a wonderful day full of love and laughter and that you got spoilt rotten as you deserve to be !

May the year ahead continue to be great and treat you wonderfully and may you continue bringing a ray of sunshine in your smile and wonderful deeds you do for others

Have a beautiful day, God Bless, lots of love

Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Deqlans very first colouring in picture from school!

Mom and I went to see Dr Lehmann today - she did some test on Deqlans blood and urine last year , for a study which shows children on the Autism spectrum , have issued with their amino acids- in other words the way they break proteins down.

Dr Lehmann is also the doctor giving us the lectures once a month and treating Autism on a bio chemical level

We expected to see some sort of deficiency with the results, but were shocked to see that out of the 20 amino acids tests, only 4 of Deqlans were in normal range. The results of these deficiences can be seen in poor absorbtion of foods and supplements, low energy at times, battling to detox , issue with muscle tone, not only muscles used for climbing and walking, but even down to heart and eye muscles. It could cause you to be impulsive, learning problems, even problems carrying enough oxygen around the body. Food intolerance to.

Deqlan isnt breaking down proteins properly, that we know, and therefor the gluten, casein, sugar, soya, yeast free diet was the best solution - to prevent these proteins getting out from his leaky gut and causing the autistic features.

We have to supplement the amino acids he is lacking, to help break the proteins down correctly and this in turn can only benefit Deqlan in all the issues mentioned above.

The results also show food intolerance, which we know is definitely shell fish and hake at this stage

The results also show continued candida issues, but much much better then what they were a year ago.

They also show defficiency in Omega 3 and to much Omega 6 - which makes no sense to us, he gets these every day in the recommened does - but it did to Dr Lehmann, he is not able to absorb them properly. So we are just going to give Omega 3 at this stage.

She also recommends intestinal support to help the repair of Deqlans gut.

The main goal is to continue healing Deqlans gut, balancing his amino acids so that they aid in him breaking down proteins correctly and prevent the list/aid in treating of side effects mentioned above.

The only thing i dont like mention of is that asparagine, one of the amino acids is not good in ex cancer patients, it can cause re activation - we havent heard about this before but we certainly are not interested in even considering this amino acid - thank Our Lord - this is one of the 4 that are normal so we steer way way clear of that

Before we start on this new schedule of vitamins and supplements and amino acids we need to do tons of research. This all still feels like Italian to me - thank You Lord for my amazing Mom who knows exactly what this is about and is really helping me with the hundreds of questions i have on this. Of course we will also clear all of this with Dr De Jager before starting anything new.

Please pray for guidance for us to make the right choice - we want to help Deqlan where help is needed but dont want to fiddle if its not needed!

Anyway, back to Little Leaps update. Deqlan is eating unaided, nearly 100% by himself. He seems to be more left handed. Deqlan loves for us to hold the spoon/fork for him and for us to feed him. Now, Ash just needs to remind him but moving his elbow a little towards the plate and he is eating all by himself. Never mind sitting at the table for his entire meal without moaning! And only in 1 week!!!! He is also drinking out of a straw cup now which we have battled with for months!

Deqlans occupational therapy is off to a good start with him tolerating some things, but not others, but he will get into it again as the weeks go on.

Speech therapy is going very well with Deqlan trying to repeat all Danitas words. He seems very comfortable with this speech therapist. He drew his very first school picture today, well actually him and Danita coloured a rainbow pic in! How beautiful, so proud of it and cant wait to put it up on his playroom wall at home. These are the little things i prayed for . School drawings, birthday parties, friends, school plays and sports days. Thank You Lord. We are so blessed.

Unfortunately no swimming this week, it has rained the entire week, so praying the sun comes back some time soon?

I told you about the little diary Deqlan has which we comment in, or the teachers comment in and yesterday we saw Ash had put Deqlans individual education programme in, with is llike 6 pages long, which she will complete once a term - wow, how awesome to see all the things Ashley is going to be teaching Deqlan. colours, to computers, songs to balance, its really so cool wish i could put in on the blog for you all to see. at the end of this term, she will complete what Deqlan is able to do, then again the next term, and so we will see the great improvement he is going to make! So very very excited.

Deqlan has settled in and is so calm and chilled when we collect him in the afternoons

Mornings are a little different...he is happy when we arrive and cant wait to get inside, even smiled this morning when i said goodbye, but when actually going out the class and walking to the car, our little guy gets very upset and starts crying for me. But the girls manage to calm him quite quickly.

At the moment, Deqlan needs both Mama and Dada to be with him. Even when we at home, and Mark is in the kitchen Deqlan calls for him and goes to fetch him. Same with me. Even at Nanna, when he is in the jacuzzi, he gets upset if i walk into the lounge for eg,

Another great thing that i have noticed is Deqlan doesnt mind his hair being washed at the moment. Only since starting Little Leaps? Before he would cry at the first drop of me wetting his hair and moan and cry with me washing. Kids on the spectrum have very sensitive heads. Now, he doesnt moan at all, lets me rinse, even its all the massage??

Well, let me be off for the day, hope you have a great Thursday and keep the people of Haiti in your prayers to

God Bless, love
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bye Bye Shaz, Lyal and Cam

My Dearest Friend Shaz,
I hate goodbyes. I hate saying goodbye to you, AGAIN.
So lets just say , until we see you again!
I cant tell you how lovely it was to have you "home" for a while. To see your face, which is full of happiness, hear your laugh, share stories, think back to the good ol days, laughing even more. It was wonderful to see you and be with you again.
Your boys are to wonderful for words. I loved every conversation Lyal and I had about all sorts of wonderful things from cooking to dolphins! He is such a gentle, loving, caring young guy, so happy and loving. I loved my high fives from Camie and talking about all his Thomas trains and the island of Sodor and cant wait to get some photos showing me his collection! What gorgeous boys you have, you should be so proud of them
So happy you are all settled down under and wishing you all the love and happiness and blessings in the world, cant wait to see you again my friends, tell Grant we send our love.
No matter how near or far we are from each other, we will always be connected, we will always be sisters, love you lots Shaz, Cam and Lyal, give your Dad a big South African hug from us ok?
Love you lots, miss you, go and have a great school year boys
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


From the wonderful Kim from All Hands on Dec Friends:

Hey everyone. Long time no write, but that is all about to change. The year has brought new challenges and lots of love required, and then of course money to help our families. Please go and revisit and see what we are all about.

Please read this article. It tells about a wonderful woman who is climbing Kili in the name of Declan. And we hope that she inspires many of you to reach into your pockets and either donate to our cause via her back-a-buddy website -, - or just by going online or to your bank or even cellphone banking and making a deposit into our bank account which is...

All Hands On Dec Friends
Featherbrooke Village
622 157 37042
250 741
Thanks all in advance. We have so much to do this year, and there will be more mail following, but for now, this had to go out. Please help us to help others.

God Bless

Kim xxxxx


Dear Prayer Army

Please stand firm in faith like never before for Erik. He has recieved more devastating news of the neuroblastoma spreading to his brain, and sinuses . Please continue to pray for Eriks miracle, please pray for his pain to be eased and for him to be bathed in the love from his amazing family and friends, especially his mom, Donna.

Thank you and God Bless

Some photos from Little Leaps

Can you believe how grown up Deqlan looks in this photo?

Ash has just sent me these photos of Deqlans first week of school which i wanted to share with you all!

This is Deqlans buddy Thokozani, he was trying to get him to sleep Ash says

Massage time, Deqlan very interested in Imran

sea saw!

Of course Deqlan loves the bikes and wheels!

Water play time, Deqlan didnt enjoy this activity to our surprise!

mmmm...should i shouldnt i?

Monday, January 18, 2010

School days

Deqlan watching his fishes! Its a virtual fish tank in a tv case, his present from Meggie and Conrad and Keaton for 2 years NED! Deqlan LOVES the fish and dolphins and turtles!

Deqlan sitting at the table enjoying his fish...since starting at Little Leaps, he will voluntarily go to sit at the table by himself, a massive leap! Deqlan prefers to be on the move even when eating
Logs and Me - look at those gorgeous blue eyes! Now you can see all the teeth are making their appearance, its changing her face completely!

Deqlan and Mama, Happy 2 years NED gorgeous boy!

Keaton ejoying a Mickey Mouse magic drawing board from Nanna & Gpa

Keaton loved kicking this balloon around - he certainly was in a birthday mood from the moment he woke up till the moment he passed out, he had such a lovely birthday

Deqlan once again going to have a seat by himself!

Our beautiful boys on their special day, 2 years NED for Deqlan, 2 years old for Keaton, thank You Lord!
Gpa, Keaton and Nanna

Keaton gardening! Ivan got Keaton the cutest little gardening kit, he loved it

Present time!

Our Rock Star!
So thrilled i captured this moment, Cam, Lyal & Deqlan

A priceless photo - Shaz with Cam and Lyal, Megs and Keaton, Samm, Deqlan and Logan

Keaton has mastered the drums - his awesome birthday gift from his parents

Nanna and Deqlan

Reece on keyboard

Deqlan on drums

Keaton blowing out his candles
The gorgeous bug cake. The kids had their own bug boxes and butterfly catching nets. Check in on Keatons blog soon for more pics, my camera was playing up so didnt get as many pics as i wanted!
1,2,3 Cheese!

Well, school day 4 down, and we are smiling. Although i think Deqlan is coming down with a cold already...

Deqlan is doing very well at his new school Little Leaps and we couldnt be happier
If you say Little, he says Leaps! He recognises the logo and letters and smiles at them
For those of you who would like to check the school out you can visit them at what a lovely place it is.

As you all read last week Wednesday , Deqlans very first day was great and we were thrilled , we couldnt have asked for a better first day for our boy, and for us

Thursday, Deqlan was quite happy when i handed him the photos i have in the car, with pics of Little Leaps and his teacher Ash, then he knows we are on our way to school. Deqlan has his first speech therapy session , with his new therapist, Danita and she said it went very well, He loves books and loves when you repeat words after him, although she is still trying to make out some of the words that Deqlan is still learning to pronounce. Deqlan was happy to sit at the table and eat his 'little lunch' which is his mid morning snack. Deqlan made a friend, Thokozani, and tried to make him go to sleep during their massage session! He was very happy to see us when we came to fetch him and Ash , said he was the star pupil of the day! Deqlan seemed a little different to me, quieter, like he was shell shocked? But i know its from all the new things, the new school, new toilet training, new speech therapist, new everything...

Friday , drop off was still smooth sailing. Ash said that Deqlan was very upset by the waterplay which was very puzzling to me, seeing , as you ALL KNOW, Deqlan loves the water, so we will see if it happens again in the next session. We even sent 'big lunch' with, to see if Deqlan would be happy eating it at school! He Was! He sat at the table and ate his lunch!!! With assistance, but no moaning to get up and run around, like he does at home. Deqlan is an eat on the run kind of guy, so this step alone is fantastic! You could see it was also a painting day as Deqlans shorts were covered in blue and green paint and Deqlans hand covered in green. When we arrived to fetch him he was lying on his tummy watching the wheels on a car, so seemed a little tired and ready to come home.

Today was a hard drop off. Deqlan initially smiled when we got to school, but when we went inside, he started crying. When i left , he cried a little more and called my name. That was hard and heartbreaking to do, leave him there, crying, calling for me... i was a bit worried about today, but low and behold, we arrived to a Deqlan who didnt want to come home this afternoon! He was much more himself, much more relaxed, reading a magazine, saying words to me...thats better.
He was supposed to have his very first swimming lesson at school today, but the weather wasnt the best swimming conditions, so hopefully it can be made up for in the week again. The swimming teacher gives lessons to Little Christian Village kids and then the Little Leaps kids at a pool at the school , how great is that ! Dont know how Deqlan is going to react to another new face, but he loves swimming and we want this to be more a fun acitivity then something we are forcing him to do.

Ash also said he loved the massage session today, so much so , he didnt want to leave! Massaging really helps with their sensory processing as well as a calming technique

They also did computers today and Deqlan loved that to, which i thought he would as he loves playing on my laptop - Mark has made a slide show of cars which Deqlan has learnt to operate. He will see the logo, for eg Ford, then pictures of Fords - its really such a cool idea and i told Mark we should do animals and colours etc

Deqlan didnt actually want to come home today, it took my a few minutes and a bit of bribing to get home. The mention of jacuzzi and swim is what did it! So today my heart is singing and so happy Deqlan had a great time and is learning and thriving.
We are sort of getting into a routine, after we fetch Deqlan at 1, he comes home to Nanna, where my office is, then has a lovely long jacuzzi. A bit of Thomas or a look through a magazine, then into his room to have a sleep with Nanna. No arguments or resistance, cause now he knows what to expect whats coming next in his day. Although he is only waking up at 430 or so, and only going to sleep at 1030 at night, he is coping -i think he catches up with his sleep in the afternoon. No use forcing Deqlan to go to sleep earlier, when he is ready he shows us, and its working so far.
I am still finding my feet in our new routine and find some moments harder then others, but overall, i thank God for this amazing milestone and i look forward to updating you all with wonderful stories and adventures, new friends, new words and giant leaps!

Logan is also very happy with her new Grade 3 teacher. The athletics season has started,the highlight of the term for her and she is already coming first and second in her sprints, which she is very proud of and so are we! She has another two races today so we holding thumbs she enjoys each moment

Enjoy the photos from Keatons party!

Have a great day, God Bless, lots of love
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

When you thought i wasnt looking.....

Had to share this beautiful piece from Charli's blog:

When you thought I wasn't looking I saw you hang my
first painting on the refrigerator,
and I immediately
wanted to paint another one.

When you thought I wasn't looking
I saw you feed astray cat, and I learned that it was good to be kind to animals.

When you thought I wasn't looking I saw you make my
favorite cake for me, and I learned that the little
things can be the special things in life.

When you thought I wasn't looking I heard you say a
prayer, and I knew that there is a God I could always
talk to, and I learned to trust in Him.

When you thought I wasn't looking I saw you make a
meal and take it to a friend who was sick, and I
learned that we all have to help take care of each other.

When you thought I wasn't looking I saw you take care
of our house and everyone in it, and I learned we have
to take care of what we are given.

When you thought I wasn't looking I saw how you
handled your responsibilities, even when you didn't
feel good, and I learned that I would have to be
responsible when I grow up.

When you thought I wasn't looking I saw tears come
from your eyes, and I learned that sometimes things
hurt, but it's all right to cry.

When you thought I wasn't looking I saw that you
cared, and I wanted to be everything that I could be.

When you thought I wasn't looking I learned most of
life's lessons that I need to know to be a good and
productive person when I grow up.

When you thought I wasn't looking I looked at you and
wanted to say,'Thanks for all the things I saw when
you thought I wasn't looking.

Each of us (parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, teacher, friend)influences the life of a child.How will you touch the life of someone today? Just bysharing this with someone else, you will probably makethem at least think about their influence on others.Live simply. Love generously. Care deeply.Speak kindly.Leave the rest to God

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Deqlans NED present from Grandpa and Nanna - Thomas and the Rainbow - how stunning, Deqlan LOVES rainbows at the moment, and of course Thomas and helicopters, combine the 3 together, wow! The number of the dvd in the series is 16...and guess what, today is 16 Jan....just meant for Deqlan!

Our NED celebrations this morning , couldnt make a cake cause Deqlan cant eat it, so we do balloons !

I created 2 scrap booking pages to celebrate the occasion with all Deqlans favorite things!

Now THIS is the surprise we have been keeping...did you know that there is a train call NED as part of the Thomas range - i nearly did cartwheels in Toy zone when we found it, of course we had to get it. By coincidence, the number on it is 19, for some strange reason, Deqlan has been saying 19 for the past few weeks, without knowing the number on little NED!

Hooray, Thank You Lord , 2 years NED the rest of eternity

Deqlans little diary for Little Leaps, so cute, what a lovely idea to communicate between us and the school and to let us know what Deqlan gets up to and how well he is doing!

To Our Darling Deqlan Ross


Today Our Darling Boy we congratulate you on being NED for 2 years!!!! Praise Our Lord for His miracle of healing in you!

We continue to believe and trust and hope and thank Our Lord that you will remain NED forever and always. He has answered our prayers, He has stayed faithful to His promises to look after you and not to harm you, to give you hope and a future

We couldn’t help feeling so overwhelmed packing your little Thomas bag for school on Tuesday night. To have this prayer answered of watching you go to school is indescribable. There are not enough ways and times Dada and I could say thank You God for answering our prayers, for healing you, totally and permanently.

We have so much to teach you honey, but the most important lesson we would like to give you , is that of the love of Our Lord for you. That ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE THROUGH HIM , TO THOSE WHO BELIEVE. He will always shine His light for you to follow, He will always love you, no matter what you do or don’t do. He is such a loving God he will forgive you and will show you the right way to go , if you only ask. He will heal the sick, he will clothe the poor, he will feed the hungry. He will keep His promises to those who believe and trust in him.
We continue to pray that His Holy Spirit continues to run through each and every part of your beautiful body – every vein, artery, muscle, organ, bone, bone marrow, every hair on your head, every single cell in your body and keep you NED forever and always.

We continue to ask God for the absolute honor and gift and privilege and blessing of watching you grow up – going to school, talking, making friends, having grandparents days at school, sports days, school concerts, being a part of our church, going on holidays, growing up with Logan and Keaton and your little girl cousin on the way. To watch you go through primary school and high school, go to your matric dance, get your drivers license, travel the world, follow your dreams in what field of work you want to go into ( which I suspect will be cars for sure!!!) , falling in love, having children and grandchildren of your own. Inspiring others and being a walking testimony for Gods miracles right here on earth.

How blessed are we , that you chose us as your parents and family and friends – you have changed our lives, you have made things make more sense, you have taught us life lessons that are priceless, you are the reason our faith has strengthened , you have even brought people back to church, that stopped believing in Our Mighty God.

It is are honor to watch you grow up into a beautiful boy. There are so many things that are so unique and belong only to you – things that Dada and I treasure and adore.

Your love of cars and trains – you are so bright , and your love is so intense, you are able to distinguish between 20 different cars.

The words that flow out of your mouth like music – READY , STEADY , GO! In a little British accent! COME ON! As Mickey has taught you. BYE BYE SEE YOU NOW! And even a precious moment of you saying I LOVE YOU – the first of many times I trust. RAINBOW, OH DEAR, MNET, WIVES…Oh my oy how precious these words are, how grateful we are that God is also healing you and pulling you off the spectrum and through the window, another miracle

Watching you pull Blues tail in eager anticipation of a meow!

Watching you run into a toy store, knowing you are going straight to the car section, to inspect each box, each part!

Your love of the Jacuzzi is the highlight of the day – the giggles and laughter and radiance from your face is beautiful to watch

Your big hugs and lonnggg kisses for Dada and I are the best thing in the world, they are priceless and we treasure each and every single one and wish they would last forever.

For every moment , of every day, every word, every hug, every kiss , every sea saw, every touch, every laugh, every breath, we thank God for the blessing and gift and miracle you are, we are so blessed and privileged to be your parents and we couldn’t love you more, you are our world, our everything, everything we do is for you Deqlan, we love you beyond words, you are our everything

All our love, God Bless you our beautiful boy,

keep you NED forever and always

Dada and Mama

Happy 2nd Birthday Keaton!!!

To a gorgeous little joy and light of our family, called, Keaton John

Happy Happy 2nd Birthday big boy!
We wish you the most beautiful , magical, adventurous day full of love, laughter, happiness and many happy memories.

Have a wonderful party and one day when you look back at the photos of this day, you will realise just how many love and adore you.

Being 2 is a big deal. You are already showing us how much you have changed and how you are growing into a little boy, no longer the little baby I used to cuddle, but I still try and cuddle you anyway Keatie!

You are truly the most beautiful gogga we know. From a little caterpillar , you have grown into the most beautiful butterfly! Your personality just radiates the colours of your adventurous wings. Your love of adventure and discovering new things each day is something we so admire.

You have the most amazing place in our hearts. Reserved just for YOU! I knew that we would have an amazing bond with you ,even before you were born , but we have been so blessed that its even stronger then we could have ever imagined. We love YOU so so so much!

The look on your face, your glowing smile, your beautiful voice calling , Ice or Mark or Deqie or Logan, is one of the most precious gifts you give us, each time we see you

You know what ? On your Birthday you are the one that is supposed to get the gifts – you know what Keatie? You are the gift to us in so many ways. Our heart swells with delight watching you grow up, your personality being revealed to us more each day, your laughter and your cuteness , the love you have for you Mama and Dada and Nanna and Grandpa, Oumie and Ivan, Great Grandpa and Nanna, Joyce, and even your precious doggies– there is only 1 Keaton that is for sure, and we are blessed to have you as our Godson, nephew and cousin.

May Baby Jesus continue to look after you, keep you safe from all harm, protect you as you go on your “expeditions”, let you continue to thrive and reach your full potential , keep you happy and healthy and well.

We pray for the year ahead to be a magical one for you – you are going to become a big brother Keatie – wow, that’s the most important job you will ever have, and we have a feeling you are going to be very very good at it.

Stay the gorgeous soul you are – know how much we love you, very very very much. One day Keatie, I promise you, Deqlan is going to hug you and hold your hand and say I LOVE YOU KEATIE, YOU MY BEST FRIEND. This is another big prayer I have asked God for .

Logie loves you so so much and already you are best of friends, even though there is a 6 year age gap

Mark and Ice are thrilled that you love being with us and we will continue to do everything to keep you safe and happy and smiling, yes, even a bit of spoiling, and turning our heads when you naughty!

And your little sister, yes, she already knows you pretty well, she loves to hear your giggles and laughter and new words – can you imagine the 4 of you together, oh boy , what fun and excitement and mischief is going to be had!

Another very important part of today is that you share this day 16 Jan 2010 with Deqlan in a very special day.2 years ago, On my way to coming to see you at the hospital , I got a call to say that Deqlan was clear from a monster he fought! Praise Our Lord for this magical day of blessings. You turn 2 and Deqlan is NED for 2 years, 2 years for the rest of forever. So you see, you have such an amazing connection that no one can ever take away from the two of you.

Have a beautiful birthday buzzy bee, we love you very very much, God Bless and continue to watch you as you continue to spread your wings and fly!

All our love , always and so much more
Mark, Ice , Deqie and Logan