Friday, January 15, 2010


Hi Deqlans Prayer army

I need to please ask you for your prayers for many of our friends around the world, fighting neuroblastoma - at this time specifically for :

Erik - fighting so very hard against relapsed neuroblastoma for many years. He is in extreme pain at the moment and in need of his miracle of healing. Please also pray for Eriks amazing mom Donna and their family

Santi - also fighting relapsed neuroblastoma, also in pain, needing platelets and also, his miracle of healing from Our Lord . Please pray for Santis amazing , trusting family

Will - - awaiting scan results, please pray all stable and improved and for his healing and his wonderful family

Isla - - about to start new treatment plan for relapsed neuroblastoma - please pray for the perfect plan to get back to NED. Please also pray for her family who have to go through this journey again

Please pray for all the warriors, angels and survivors, fighting cancer around the world, please pray for the cure, please support where you can, please create awareness where you can.

Thank you and God Bless

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