Saturday, January 16, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Keaton!!!

To a gorgeous little joy and light of our family, called, Keaton John

Happy Happy 2nd Birthday big boy!
We wish you the most beautiful , magical, adventurous day full of love, laughter, happiness and many happy memories.

Have a wonderful party and one day when you look back at the photos of this day, you will realise just how many love and adore you.

Being 2 is a big deal. You are already showing us how much you have changed and how you are growing into a little boy, no longer the little baby I used to cuddle, but I still try and cuddle you anyway Keatie!

You are truly the most beautiful gogga we know. From a little caterpillar , you have grown into the most beautiful butterfly! Your personality just radiates the colours of your adventurous wings. Your love of adventure and discovering new things each day is something we so admire.

You have the most amazing place in our hearts. Reserved just for YOU! I knew that we would have an amazing bond with you ,even before you were born , but we have been so blessed that its even stronger then we could have ever imagined. We love YOU so so so much!

The look on your face, your glowing smile, your beautiful voice calling , Ice or Mark or Deqie or Logan, is one of the most precious gifts you give us, each time we see you

You know what ? On your Birthday you are the one that is supposed to get the gifts – you know what Keatie? You are the gift to us in so many ways. Our heart swells with delight watching you grow up, your personality being revealed to us more each day, your laughter and your cuteness , the love you have for you Mama and Dada and Nanna and Grandpa, Oumie and Ivan, Great Grandpa and Nanna, Joyce, and even your precious doggies– there is only 1 Keaton that is for sure, and we are blessed to have you as our Godson, nephew and cousin.

May Baby Jesus continue to look after you, keep you safe from all harm, protect you as you go on your “expeditions”, let you continue to thrive and reach your full potential , keep you happy and healthy and well.

We pray for the year ahead to be a magical one for you – you are going to become a big brother Keatie – wow, that’s the most important job you will ever have, and we have a feeling you are going to be very very good at it.

Stay the gorgeous soul you are – know how much we love you, very very very much. One day Keatie, I promise you, Deqlan is going to hug you and hold your hand and say I LOVE YOU KEATIE, YOU MY BEST FRIEND. This is another big prayer I have asked God for .

Logie loves you so so much and already you are best of friends, even though there is a 6 year age gap

Mark and Ice are thrilled that you love being with us and we will continue to do everything to keep you safe and happy and smiling, yes, even a bit of spoiling, and turning our heads when you naughty!

And your little sister, yes, she already knows you pretty well, she loves to hear your giggles and laughter and new words – can you imagine the 4 of you together, oh boy , what fun and excitement and mischief is going to be had!

Another very important part of today is that you share this day 16 Jan 2010 with Deqlan in a very special day.2 years ago, On my way to coming to see you at the hospital , I got a call to say that Deqlan was clear from a monster he fought! Praise Our Lord for this magical day of blessings. You turn 2 and Deqlan is NED for 2 years, 2 years for the rest of forever. So you see, you have such an amazing connection that no one can ever take away from the two of you.

Have a beautiful birthday buzzy bee, we love you very very much, God Bless and continue to watch you as you continue to spread your wings and fly!

All our love , always and so much more
Mark, Ice , Deqie and Logan

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