Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Deqlan has started to spell!!!

His fascination with numbers and letters continue to be a part of every day life. Deqlan just loves to 'read' and page through books - if you have a look at our playroom, and the rest of our house, there are are least 5 - 10 books or magazines upon at any given time.

Deqlan will run to come and tell us about the chosen page he has left the book or magazine open on - subjects include dstv, mnet, LG, Samsung, any and all cars, especially volvo and 'cedes' and jeep at the moment.

Deqlan continues to love and adore his beloved Thomas - at the moment, the favorite characters include, of course Thomas , the star of the show, Percy, 'Emy' for Emily and the troublesome trucks.

He also loves Baby Genius Underwater sea adventures - sadly, Mickey has taken a back seat the past few days! Deqlan tells us when the following animals appear, TEMPO - the tiger, one of the cartoon characters in the show, TURTLE, he counts them to, DOLPHIN hooray Deqlan loves them as much as i do, SEAL, GREEN for the green fish, WHITE for the white fish. He really loves the sea theme at the moment.

I have a photo frame that Nix got me for my birthday, with big black letters saying FAMILY.
Deqlan can asks me to lift him up and he spells out the letters F-A-M-I-L-Y then drags his finger across the word saying family!!! it seems Deqlan wants to read the words he can say the letters of. Ash has suggested we use the phonetic alphabet now, saying A and Ga when Deqlan spells - cause saying the word sounds a lot different to saying the letters in a lot of cases. so i think it might be a tad confusing in the beginning, but we going to give it a go and see what happens!

Deqlan continues to thrive at Little Leaps- he loves the logo and each time he see's it he so beautifully says Little Leaps. This morning when i dropped him at school, the girls where wearing their Little Leaps t shirts, and were so touched when Deqlan pointed and so beautifully said LITTLE LEAPS!
Ash says Deqlan is like their little head boy or prefect, telling all the kids what to do - when its sleep time, he goes into the sleep area, putting their heads down to sleep! He runs in there and giggles and the other boys giggle with him!

She says Deqlan is doing things some of the grade 0's are still learning to do! Ash also says Deqlan is a lot more social then you would imagine a classic autism child would be, and she said she wouldnt be surprised if his diagnosis changes to aspergers , which is a milder form of Autism spectrum disorders!!!! But no pressure on him, we leave him just as beautiful and gorgeous and perfect as God created him and take one day at a time, taking in all the amazing progress he is making - thank You Lord

Still no swimming lessons, it continues to rain and rain and rain some more here in Gauteng...hoping they can make up for the lessons next week...

We are going to be adding/taking away/changing quite a few of Deqlans supplements - as per my previous post on amino acids , Deqlans are not where they should be - but we are petrified to give him anything which can alter cells/ regenerate cells/ change dna of cells etc. So we have decided to take the long way round. Rather concentrating on healing the gut, adding DHA which is vital Omega 3's which he is also deficient of. Adding much needed magnesium . We are going to add digestive enzymes to help him turn the protein being broken down into amino acids, instead of just giving the amino acids . It will take longer , but we feel its the safer option, we are in no rush!

A memorial service will be held for Tim on Friday. We are all still battling to understand what happened and deal with the tragedy and shock of it all. It is going to be at the same venue Tim and Chrisma were going to be married at this Saturday, i think its going to be very hard on everybody thinking about what couldve been...not shouldve cause that was not in Gods plan for Tim. Please continue to pray for Chrisma, Tims Mom and brothers and his very big and close circle of friends we miss him terribly.

Have a good evening, God Bless love

Mark Samm Deqlan Logan


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