Thursday, January 21, 2010


Deqlans very first colouring in picture from school!

Mom and I went to see Dr Lehmann today - she did some test on Deqlans blood and urine last year , for a study which shows children on the Autism spectrum , have issued with their amino acids- in other words the way they break proteins down.

Dr Lehmann is also the doctor giving us the lectures once a month and treating Autism on a bio chemical level

We expected to see some sort of deficiency with the results, but were shocked to see that out of the 20 amino acids tests, only 4 of Deqlans were in normal range. The results of these deficiences can be seen in poor absorbtion of foods and supplements, low energy at times, battling to detox , issue with muscle tone, not only muscles used for climbing and walking, but even down to heart and eye muscles. It could cause you to be impulsive, learning problems, even problems carrying enough oxygen around the body. Food intolerance to.

Deqlan isnt breaking down proteins properly, that we know, and therefor the gluten, casein, sugar, soya, yeast free diet was the best solution - to prevent these proteins getting out from his leaky gut and causing the autistic features.

We have to supplement the amino acids he is lacking, to help break the proteins down correctly and this in turn can only benefit Deqlan in all the issues mentioned above.

The results also show food intolerance, which we know is definitely shell fish and hake at this stage

The results also show continued candida issues, but much much better then what they were a year ago.

They also show defficiency in Omega 3 and to much Omega 6 - which makes no sense to us, he gets these every day in the recommened does - but it did to Dr Lehmann, he is not able to absorb them properly. So we are just going to give Omega 3 at this stage.

She also recommends intestinal support to help the repair of Deqlans gut.

The main goal is to continue healing Deqlans gut, balancing his amino acids so that they aid in him breaking down proteins correctly and prevent the list/aid in treating of side effects mentioned above.

The only thing i dont like mention of is that asparagine, one of the amino acids is not good in ex cancer patients, it can cause re activation - we havent heard about this before but we certainly are not interested in even considering this amino acid - thank Our Lord - this is one of the 4 that are normal so we steer way way clear of that

Before we start on this new schedule of vitamins and supplements and amino acids we need to do tons of research. This all still feels like Italian to me - thank You Lord for my amazing Mom who knows exactly what this is about and is really helping me with the hundreds of questions i have on this. Of course we will also clear all of this with Dr De Jager before starting anything new.

Please pray for guidance for us to make the right choice - we want to help Deqlan where help is needed but dont want to fiddle if its not needed!

Anyway, back to Little Leaps update. Deqlan is eating unaided, nearly 100% by himself. He seems to be more left handed. Deqlan loves for us to hold the spoon/fork for him and for us to feed him. Now, Ash just needs to remind him but moving his elbow a little towards the plate and he is eating all by himself. Never mind sitting at the table for his entire meal without moaning! And only in 1 week!!!! He is also drinking out of a straw cup now which we have battled with for months!

Deqlans occupational therapy is off to a good start with him tolerating some things, but not others, but he will get into it again as the weeks go on.

Speech therapy is going very well with Deqlan trying to repeat all Danitas words. He seems very comfortable with this speech therapist. He drew his very first school picture today, well actually him and Danita coloured a rainbow pic in! How beautiful, so proud of it and cant wait to put it up on his playroom wall at home. These are the little things i prayed for . School drawings, birthday parties, friends, school plays and sports days. Thank You Lord. We are so blessed.

Unfortunately no swimming this week, it has rained the entire week, so praying the sun comes back some time soon?

I told you about the little diary Deqlan has which we comment in, or the teachers comment in and yesterday we saw Ash had put Deqlans individual education programme in, with is llike 6 pages long, which she will complete once a term - wow, how awesome to see all the things Ashley is going to be teaching Deqlan. colours, to computers, songs to balance, its really so cool wish i could put in on the blog for you all to see. at the end of this term, she will complete what Deqlan is able to do, then again the next term, and so we will see the great improvement he is going to make! So very very excited.

Deqlan has settled in and is so calm and chilled when we collect him in the afternoons

Mornings are a little different...he is happy when we arrive and cant wait to get inside, even smiled this morning when i said goodbye, but when actually going out the class and walking to the car, our little guy gets very upset and starts crying for me. But the girls manage to calm him quite quickly.

At the moment, Deqlan needs both Mama and Dada to be with him. Even when we at home, and Mark is in the kitchen Deqlan calls for him and goes to fetch him. Same with me. Even at Nanna, when he is in the jacuzzi, he gets upset if i walk into the lounge for eg,

Another great thing that i have noticed is Deqlan doesnt mind his hair being washed at the moment. Only since starting Little Leaps? Before he would cry at the first drop of me wetting his hair and moan and cry with me washing. Kids on the spectrum have very sensitive heads. Now, he doesnt moan at all, lets me rinse, even its all the massage??

Well, let me be off for the day, hope you have a great Thursday and keep the people of Haiti in your prayers to

God Bless, love
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan


Conrad, Megan and Our Precious Keaton said...

Wow Tom, God is great, you could not have dreamed of a more perfect start for Deqlan at Little Leaps, my heart swells with pride seeing his little drawing of the rainbow! He has done so well this week once again! He is a true little warrior!

I will prayer for guidance for you and Mark and Mom with regards to the amino acids, God has never and will never let you down!

Love you all so very much!

Conrad, Megs and Keaton

Elriza Paul said...

How wonderful that you could at least find out about the deficiencies and that the amino acid is normal!!! I'm so glad you guys can find out all these useful things to help pull Deqs through the window. Can't believe how well he is doing at school!! Congrats!!!

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Debbie said...

I am so glad Deqlan is doing so well!!!! I am sure those 6 pages are going to be full of positive feedback very very soon!!!!!

Well done Mommy on surviving the first week!!!! Deqlan is very lucky to have such a GREAT mom and family willing to learn and research so much to help him!!!! God knew what he was doing when he chose you to be Deqlans Mommy!!!

Look for ward to reading many many lines and updates on Deqlan!!! Hope the the sun comes out and you guys have a great weekend.....finally starting to warm up her. If you can call 5 degrees warm!!!! ha ha ha...

Big hug

Debbie, Jayden and Hannah

Anonymous said...

Dear Sam,Mark Deqlan,Bev and family,
thinking and praying for you all at this time.
Trust in the lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding in all your ways acknowledge HIm and He will make your paths straight,
Remember to hang on to the promises God gave you because He is faithful and will not let you down.
Love to you all
Ruth xx

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