Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Officially a penguin!

a very proud Nanna fetching Deqlan

Ash, me and Deqlan - ready to go home, shame he was tired!

Yay! Mama came back for me!
saying bye bye, see you now to my big boy
Our last peep before leaving, Deqlan jumping on the trampoline

Meggie wishing Deqie good luck
Dada they have cars here to!

Dada saying goodbye

Deqlan walking into school for the very first time

Arriving for the big day
Hooray! Well Done ! As Deqlan says! We made it through his first day at school!
He is in the penguin class, which suits him to a T, as he loves Happy Feet SO MUCH!
Ash said she doesnt know why i was so worried cause he did so well - she said he was the best behaved out of the class and he ate the best!
He did not moan and cry when he had to sit down. He didnt cry for me, he asked and moaned a little , but soon settled.
He played with the 'neuro typical ' kids at Little Christian village, which is next door to Little Leaps - Ash does this so the kids can integrate with each other which is such a great idea! He did try and snatch something from a child, but Ash gave it back and Deqlan wasnt to fussed about it
They are also trying to assist us in toilet training , so lets so how that goes with their help and oodles of experience
Nanna and I arrived at 1225 to get Deqlan and by 1227 i couldnt sit in the car and wait anymore and went in. Deqlan was very happy to see us, but you could see he was tired and it was time to go home!
We came home to Nanna he had a jacuzzi, some lunch, watched a bit of Thomas and now we await him to wake up for his nap!
Tommorow we will get his little diary which Ash will write in every day telling us about the day etc
Looking so forward to seeing what tommorow will bring and praying Deqlan will continue to thrive and as Nanna says take GIANT LEAPS
Thanks again for all your messages on facebook and calls and emails and texts, we feel so loved, Deqlan thanks you all and says 'ANK YOU' FOR THANK YOU!
God Bless, all our love
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan


Nanna and Grandpa said...

My precious Samm, Mark and Deqlan,


What an extraordinary moment it was in my life, when standing waiting with Meggie this morning, we watched you arrive and walk in to Little Leaps with our miracle hero, our precious Deqlan for his first official day of pre-school. Your faces were radiant with joy, wondrous pride, wonderful anticipation and reflected the happiness and unexpected calm that was contained within you. Today was like "feasting from the pot of gold at the end of one of the many rainbows", you have experienced. THIS rainbow was alive with colours and possibility and was a fitting conclusion to all the "storms and rough winds" you have had to weather as a family. Bathe in the glory of this rainbow, don't be in a hurry to rise just yet. Enjoy and savour the precious moment. You truly DESERVE this extraordingary blessing.

Samm and Mark you could NOT have prepared Deqlan any better for his entry today into pre-school. Congratulations, you have done an amazing job and I have witnessed the absolute unconditional love, selfless devotion and endless sacrifice that was required to achieve today's milestone. Your future "rewards" will be as great or even greater than today's experience has been.

Our beautiful and precious Deqlan, we just KNEW you were going to be the "star" pupil,so when Ash told us about how great you did today ("outperforming" even those who werre at school there last year !!!!), I was overwhelmed with great joy, pride and delight. By George you DID it !!!!!! May you go from strength to strength every day and continue heroically as the star of your own new chapter in your miracle story.
Nanna and Grandpa love you, Momma and Dadda immeasurably and eternally.
All praise, honour and glory to the Blessed Trinity, Almighty God, Jesus His Saviour Son and the Holy Spirit. Sacred Heart, THANK YOU for this truly wonderful day of great joy. We are blessed beyond measure by Your miracles in our lives.

All our love,

Dee, Mom/Bev, Nanna and Grandpa

Our special and dearest Logan,

Hope your very first day in Grade 3was both exciting and happy and that you like your new teacher.
We are looking so forward to hearing all your news when we see you at Keaton's birthday party on Saturday. Love you lots. God bless you always.
All our love,
Uncle Derek and Bev

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! It was a long way to get there but you made it.
Marie Hattingh

Anonymous said...

DeaR Sam,Mark ,Deqlan,Bev and family,pleased that his day at school ,praise God.
Continue to think and pray for you all.
Love and prayers
Ruth xxx

Loren Stow said...

I am SOOOOOO glad to hear that Deqlan's first day at school was a raging success!
I just know he's going to love it and soon he'll be upset if he CAN'T go to school and see his friends!
Well done Deqlan!