Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My first morning at Little Leaps

Me, Meggie and her little girl and Nanna
Dada and Mama

Deqlan checking the playground out

The indoor play area

Cool, cars!

Deqlan already playing with the blocks and puzzles

Deqlans hook for his bag!

Ash showing Deqlan where his space is for his toybag etc

Dada and Deqlan, a happy start to the day!

My gorgeous boy ! I am now able to take a picture of the two of us, but just saying '1,2,3, cheese; and Deqlan smiles!

Mr Happy for sure!

Im H-A-P-P-Y - Dada has taught Deqlan the song, so Deqlan spells H-A-P-P-Y then says Z, cause thats the letter that follows Y! He is so cute!

Hi Deqlan Fans
We did it - we watched Deqlan walk into his new school, ready to start this brand new chapter in his amazing journey.

No tears from Deqlan, no tears from Mama or Dada or Nanna or Meggie . I had my day yesterday and focused on the miracle this morning and that put my heart at ease.

Watching Ash take Deqlan in and showing him where to put his bag and watching Deqlan run around discovering everything was a joy. He was very excited and inquisitive and watched the tv , then played with some cars, then went to the trampoline - it was a very 'at ease' experience, and we said "bye bye, see you now" as Deqlan said, then walked to our cars.

We stood outside a bit chatting and didnt hear a cry or a moan ,so this morning sure got off to a great start.

I go fetch Deqlan at 1230 and to say i cant wait, is an understatement. I cant wait to hear about the day and what he did and see the photos Ash is going to take throughout his first day.

For the very first time, i sit in my little home office and its SO QUIET! I am looking for a radio just to create more noise!

Enjoy the first of the photos , promise to update more later with all the details about Deqlans very first school day.

I cant remember if i ever shared this with you all , but when Deqlan was sick i had visions/pictures in my mind ,and one of them was realised today,as i bent down to say goodbye to Deqlan and i looked up and saw Nanna and Meggie behind a green gate watching us - Meggie had a little girl on her hip with blonde curly hair. You know what - i had that exact moment come true - as i looked up at them, i told them it was the exact vision i had 2 1/2 years ago, even down to the colour of the gate - Meggie not holding her little girl yet, but she sure was with us - thats another reason i had such a strong feeling it was a girl !

Thank you so much for all your calls, text messages, emails, facebook comments and above all your prayers, thank you so much for all you do for Deqlan and our family - WE ARE BLESSED TO HAVE YOU IN DEQLANS PRAYER ARMY!

Logan starts grade 3 today, wow how time flies ! Will call her again later to hear how her first day was and how she likes her new teacher!

Hope it went well with all the kids first days at school today and all those that were back to school, may it be a great year for you all!

Happy Birthday to Chris for today! Hope its a great day and fantastic year ahead full of blessings and joy!

God Bless, all our love
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan


Conrad, Megan and Our Precious Keaton said...

Oh Deqlan I dont for one second I can describe the absolute joy and pride I felt watching you walk into your new school today! Along with the most undescribable JOY, I had to share a quite tear or two in the fact that God has blessed us with this day, 2 and 1/2 years ago I remember the day, your mommy stood outside Little Company of Mary and told me she WILL see you walk into school one day and she was oh so right!!!!! Along with all the things you will learn today and through out your school career, learn the most important lesson of them all from your mommy herself - Always have dreams, Always have faith, Always have hopes, Always look to God, Never doubt - yourself or anyone else, Live for today, tomorrow is not promised to any of us, Laugh, Smile, Jump, Skip, Hop, Clap hands and shout for Joy! Today is the day the Lord has made - Just for you sweet boy! As I watched you through the green gate I was so proud of your mommy and daddy, they did so well, you could see the excitement, love, pride and joy all over their faces, their little hero was off to school, Your mommy and daddy did so well Deqlan - even better than Meggie when keaton went to play group for the first time!!!! I cried so hard!! he he.....
I cant wait to hear all about your playground adventures, your daily new words, your new outlooks, your new friends and most importanly I cant wait to see your smile!
God bless and always protect you, its an honour, not only to be called your meggie, but your Godmother too!
Keaton sends you big hugs and kisses too and says you must come around soon so that the two of you can pick up some chicks in his new jeep!
Love you
Conrad, Meggie and Keaton

Elriza Paul said...

WOW, What a beautiful moment and milestone! Congratulations!!!