Monday, August 31, 2009

red, yellow, blue and green

Deqlan watching Hopla
The family enjoying the delicous braai

The Duplessis family

one of Meggies 3 Birthday cakes!
Meggie and the boys in their party hats!
We got a hat on Deqlan - he normally cant tolerate anything on his head - but he actually was putting on his head and our heads!
Jelenka and Mila
Deqlan playing with the seal
Jumping Gianna!
Peek a boo Keaton
Beautiful boy
Deqlan and our doggies
My stunning white roses from Mark for our anniversary
Updating the blog on the 20th after we got Deqlans 3 monthly check up results - NED!
Deqlan and Keaton playing with Nannas back massager - they love it cause it vibrates!
All the gifts for our anniversary, a stunning new duvet set from Mom and Dee, a huge fruit basket from Grandpa and Nan , a huge basket full of fruit and sweets from Megs and Conrad and keaton - thank you all for the stunning day and for spoiling us rotten!

Hi Everyone
As per normal, things have been very busy on this side of the world!

Dee was man down with a very tough virus, he was treated with swine flu meds just in case, and it definitely helped, he was much better the next day

Wednesday we took Deqlans stitches out and he was as good as gold, only wriggling every now and again, but settled as soon as they were out. That very same evening, as i turned my back dor 10 seconds to answer my phone, i heard a loud bash on the tiles, and turned around to find Deqlan face first - he tried to get out the bath himself and slipped -stupid mamma....he had a massive bump on his forehead, the size of a guava - i kid you not, i got such a fright - by the next morning the bump was down , and now we just waiting for the bruise to go...again, stupid mamma

Lets start with my check up appointment with the ear , nose and throat doctor - i didnt actually think it was necessary to go as i was feeling better. The doctor told me my right sinuses are not looking good and the tonsil tissue that has grown back is not good . But he asked if i was having stomach issues - which i gave a definite yes to - he put a camera into my sinuses and down my throat and had a look at my oesaphagus - which apparently looks like a read strawberry! He says i have bad reflux and this is causing all my problems to recur - tonsils and sinuses. He asked if i had been under any type of stress lately? hmmm, let me think, actually sit down doc, and i proceeded to tell him about the last three years and the tough times but also the blessings that
we had been blessed with

I had to go for a ct scan to check my sinus passages which are thankfully full of air and nothing else! I was really frightened - seeing Deqlan go through so many scans and now i had to lie in this machine - i really was a little baby and Meggie came to hold my hand while Nanna looked after Deqlan , thank you both so much dont know what i would do without you two.

The doc has put me on Nexiam for 6-8 months - i need to go back in 6 weeks to check if my symptoms have improved and then Dr will decide what to do about my tonsils - oh boy, i pray he can leave them right there. I already feel better on the new meds!

Thanks so much to you all for your calls and emails and messages of concern and support and love for me- really appreciate it!

Deqlan wasnt really himself on Friday and we knew going to a massive shopping centre like Menlyn wasnt the greatest idea, but we gave it a bash anyway seeing he didnt want to be doing table work at home. Of course he wasnt happy ...but Nanna and I paused for a few minutes to reflect back on the past few days to think of what was different ....CAROB!

We gave Deqlan carob rice cakes as a treat - its kinda loke chocolate , but safer for Deqlan to eat - except that its also a fruit and has sugars in. We decided to give it a go and watch for possible changes - although Deqlan LOVES LOVES carob, we think its definitely stirred some candida issues up again....we decided a playdate with our friends, could maybe calm Deqlan and feel more like himself..

Friday afternoon we met Jelenka, Gianna and Mila at Munglonastix as they sadly wont be here for Deqlans party ! We had a lovely play date together and cant believe how big and clever Gianna is and how gorgeous Mila is - you are such a great Mommy Jelenka and thank you for the gorgeous gorgeous Naartjie outfit for Deqlan, its to cute ! Look forward to catching up with you guys soon and enjoy your holiday!

Friday night Conrad arranged a surprise dinner for Meggies birthday with the family and Megs was truly surprised ! Even Sophie and Ivan came up from Scottburgh to celebrate with Megs. Megs loves Winnie the Pooh and Conrad had got Helium balloons and party hats and plates and the most gorgeous cake of Keaton, which he loved helping his mama blow the candles out on. Deqlan still seemed to be better than he was in the morning, and had a great time with Keaton in his play room

Saturday, we woke up to a lovely warm day for Meggies birthday and enjoyed the most divine breakfast at Pappcinos - the most awesome restaurant ever with so many things for the kids to do - truly kiddie paradise. Deqlan fell asleep in the car on the way there, very unusual for him to sleep so early - Dadda sat with him for an hour and a bit and Loggie and I enjoyed a wonderful breakfast with Megs. Deqlan did wake up in time to have a bit of a run around and sand throw and a run around the race track!

We went home to show Logan her surprise - we re did her room in a Hannah Montana theme - she was so very very chuffed - Deqlan likes it to - he pulls everything off and out of its place every chance he gets ! Dada says thats what little brothers are supposed to do hey!

Saturday afternoon we went to Megs and Conrad for a lovely spit braai - but Deqlan was not his normal happy self. He started his old tricks again of wanting to throw sand and stones into the fountain - this is called stimming - he does this as a calming technique ..what our precious boy doesnt understand is that sand will clog the filter - so we had to say no...he was so very very upset by this and nothing we did would console him - you name it we tried it, it just got worse - can someone say , we hate candida???? We had no choice but to take Deqlan home into his safe environment

We tried for over an hour to get Deqlan to sleep - but he wasnt having it - he just wanted to throw stuff into our pool and line things up...his new favorite version is something we like to call red, yellow, blue and green

We are delighted that Deqlan is recognising the colours and even saying them - but we have now noticed a pattern that is fascinating to our little guy

Each day could be a different set of things - dvd covers, plastic play fruit and vege, pots of paint and last night, bath toys ...always in the same order red/pink/organge , then yellow, then blue then green. In the last week he has even woken up at 2am or 4am in the morning crying , only to be consoled by putting these precious items in the 'right' order.

We eventually went to fetch Logan from Meggies party and we all had an earliesh night , hoping that some rest is exactly what we all needed.

Sunday morning came, what another beautiful spring day - Deqlan seemed a lot calmer and happier and to lovable for words! So we decided we were going to go off to the pretoria botanical gardens to join Lisa in celebrating her 30th Birthday. It is so beautiful there, i cant believe we havent been there before! The kids had a fabulous time with all the open spaces to run and mud to jump into - Deqlan was covered from head to toe! It was so lovely to see every one and catch up with them , and even meet new faces who are so interested in Deqlan and his amazing triumphs - i cant thank you all enough for your continued love and support and above all prayers, please dont ever stop them!

Deqlan discovered a pond at the gardens ...oh boy ..we were worried that we might have a repeat episode of Saturday, but i calmly allowed him to throw stones and sand into the pond, actually more like a little dam, and no one seemed to mind, except for Deqlan when it was time to go!

This morning, our little guy is lining things up again ...and just wanting to be in the car...his safety zone ...we got into touch with Dr Louise and we decided we not going to give carob for 3 days to check if that helps Deqlan improve , and if not, its another round of Diflucan! We dont think the diflucan is really making any difference - we should be seeing a die off reaction - shocking nappies as a we will make a decision later in the week! Hope Deqlan feels loads better especially for his party next week!

I was going to make some gluten casein sugar soya yeast free cupcakes for his Birthday but now will be very careful with the ingredients and search for the best possible recipe....

New words for the week:

Deqlan has started to wave hello now - when i say hello and wave he waves back! Its not just a flapping of his hands as before, as an actual wave! so we working hard on that so he can wave hello when he see's you next time!
Hope you all have a great week , please continue the prayers for our gorgeous boy and for all the people around the world fighting cancer. September is childhood cancer awareness month so please please support where ever and however you can - we need to find the cure!!!!
God Bless, lots of love
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan
p.s- i forgot my camera cord at home - so will post all the other photos from the weekend later!

Article on Dr De Jager and his family

Nina from Cape Town found this article on Dr De Jager ( you will remember his wife and daughter and grandaughter and grandson a few weeks ago)- unfortunately in Afrikaans, but basically it says that they have arrested two of the gang of three!!!

Roofverdagte vasgetrek in spogkompleks in Pretoria
Hilda Fourie
Een van die mans wat ’n Pretoriase vrou glo tydens ’n rooftog verskeie kere met ’n pistoolkolf oor die kop en lyf geslaan het, woon in die Mooikloof-veiligheidskompleks in die ooste van Pretoria.Dié kompleks is een van die vooraanstaande adresse in Pretoria.Sers. Lynnette Erasmus, polisiewoordvoerder, het gesê lede van die Sunnyside-trio-taakspan het inligting oor die aanval op mev. Elizabeth de Jager, vrou van dr. L.J. de Jager, opgevolg en dié man eergisteraand by sy huis gearresteer. Nóg ’n man is by sy huis in Alexandra, Johannesburg, vasgetrek. Hulle word daarvan beskuldig dat hulle mev. De Jager en haar dogter, mev. Charlotte van Vuuren (26), verlede week van die Pick n Pay in Faerie Glen, in die ooste van Pretoria, na hul huis in ’n veiligheidskompleks daar naby agtervolg het.Drie mans het die vroue toe by hul motorhuis oorval, mev. De Jager aangerand en hulle beroof voordat hulle gevlug het.Erasmus het gesê die mans kan moontlik met ander voorvalle in Pretoria en Centurion verbind word.

Good luck Keaton!

To gorgeous Keaton

We just wanted to wish you the very very best of luck today as you go to your first day of "school!"

Your Mommy tells me its a lovely little play group with a few friends, and that you already loved it on the two occasions you visited, your mommy couldnt get you to go home!

I cant believe how quickly this day has come and our hearts swell with pride at the thought of you walking into your class room with your little bag and having a full morning of fun and games and learning

We are so proud of you and wish you the most wonderful enjoyable day - we want to hear all about it and we want lots of pictures and drawing please Keaton

We love you so very very much and i promise i will hold your mommys hand today cause i know she is going to miss you!

We love you Keaton Beaton, have a wonderful day!

All our love God Bless

Mark Samm Deqlan Logan


Angel Owen

Hello everyone

Please pray for precious Owen who went home to Our Lord last week, after fighting neuroblastoma for 6 years. Please pray for his heartbroken family and for the cure for all cancers

God Bless, and our deepest sympathies
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Happy 30th Birthday Lisa

Dear Lisa
Wishing you a very very Happy 30th Birthday and many many more!
Hope the year ahead is fantastic in every way and that all your dreams come true!
Stay the very special, caring , thoughtful , kind and giving friend you are
I bet your best present is that you had Cole with you for your Birthday! It was wonderful to spend the day with you, it was a lovely celebration and Mr Cole is to gorgeous for words, you are such a wonderful Mommy!
Have a great Birthday and welcome to the 30's club!
God Bless and lots of love
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Megs!!!

Dear Amazing Megs
Happy Happy 29th Birthday to you my darling sister and best friend ,and may there be many many more!
May this year be full of every single blessing you could imagine - you so deserve all the very best in life - you are the most thoughtful caring, kind, considerate, giving and loving person i know.Thank you for also putting us, your family first, no matter what
I look up to you in so many ways - i think you are the most amazing mom and Keaton is blessed , so blessed to have you as his Mamma.
You are an example of a wife, Conrad knows how blessed and fortunate he is and its a joy to watch how you look after each other.
You are the most loving and caring and giving daughter and grand daughter whom I know Mom and Dee and Grandpa and Nan are so proud of, and so grateful for.
You are the most giving aunt and Godmother to Deqlan and Logan and their happiness is truly your happiness - you would do anything for them and you continue to be a captain in Deqlans prayer army and i cant thank you enough for that.
You are the most loving, thoughtful, amazing and magnificent sister i could ever have dreamed of , my best friend - thank you for all the beautiful memories we have shared and are going to continue sharing, i am truly so blessed because of you. The Holy Spirit continues to speak through you to me on days when i need it most and words that i need to hear. I love you so very much Megs and i am so proud of you and so grateful for taking such good care of me, i cant thank you enough and i love you!!!!!!!!

Have the most spectacular day , you deserve only the best, you are so loved and treasured by so many - just for one day , even if its only 1 day, i want you to relax and enjoy and be showered with everything that brings you love and happiness and peace
The day God Blessed us with you
was truly a gift to us all
He gave me someone
who He knew I could talk to
Share my life with
Laugh with at all times
Especially when i needed it most
What God gave me was you!
My sister and my best friend!
God Bless and all our love and so much more
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Meeting Joshua Jett Carr

Yesterday, Meggie, Keaton and I went to go and meet our new little friend Joshua. Deqlan stayed at home with Nanna and did some fantastic table work!

Nix and Darryl, he is to beautiful for words, he is to precious and such a gracious gift from God! We wish you many many many happy and beautiful memories, and believe me when i tell you your love will grow each and very single day, and just when you think your heart is so swollen with love, it will grow so more. It is a love like no other and your lives have changed for the better my dear friends, that i can promise! It was wonderful to see you all and i was so honored to hold beautiful Joshua for most of the visit as Meggie had her hands full with a very busy and inquisitive Keaton! You look great Nix and Darryl and wishing you some time now to relax and catch up on some much needed sleep! If you need anything please give us a shout, even to baby sit ha ha ha! Look so so forward to seeing you again and sending you lots of love and hugs and prayers, what a beautiful family you are Carr Family! Cant wait for Josh and Abby to come and play with Deqlan and Keaton !

God Bless, lots of love
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Busy Boxes reminder

Hello Everybody!

Just a little reminder about the collection All Hands on Dec Friends are doing for the kids fighting cancer in the hospitals - Busy Boxes - please see details below and please contact me if you are able to get any of these goodies together for us to fill the boxes with! Thanks so much!

God Bless, love Samm

Busy Boxes

Our newest project for All Hands On Dec Friends is BUSY BOXES!!

And we need help collecting oddsand ends to make the BUSY BOXES to hand out to the little people in the oncology wards at the localgovernment hospitals. We are going to put together a wonderful collection of stuff to keep the handsbusy to pass the time while in those beds waiting for treatment and for healing. Please shout when youhave something for us, and we will arrange collection or delivery at a convenient place. Please pass toall your work colleagues, cos many hands do make light work, and we will be amazed at what we can digup at home. Once again, this is inspired by our bestest and most precious angel Declan, who has andcontinues to ripple it far and wide :-)
We need the following please –
Ice-cream containers, (that everything will go into) - we all have these in our homes and wish we couldput all of them to good use... ;-)
Website cutouts (
Craft foam
Beads and buttonsS
Colouring in pages or books
Magazine pages for kids to cut-out
Elastic bands
Scrapbooking bits and pieces
Play dough
Scraps of fabric
Pieces of pretty paper and cardboard
Pieces of ribbon
Pretty little jewellery boxes that could be decorated
Small paint sets
Something that can be painted - eg - small wooden picture frames / plaster of paris type
Pritt-type glue sticks, or any glue in fact that will be good for craft type work
Small toys
Crayons / pencil / wax / khoki
Anything else that you can think of that is nice to while away time with something special that you canfind for the littler people cos they cannot use scissors etc, and we would love to give them somethingspecial.
Thanks all for reading this far, and cannot wait to start getting your emails back letting me know that youhave some STUFF for this project...
The busy ladies of AHODF

Monday, August 24, 2009

Congrats Michael and Sandi

What wonderful wonderful news it is to tell you that Marks sister , Sandi and her husband Michael are expecting a bundle of joy!!!! They are 12 weeks pregnant and we couldnt be more happier for you guys! Hope you feeling well Sands and enjoy the "Honeymoon" Phase of the pregnancy and that baby continues to grow and develop so well! We are so happy for you and thrilled to welcome another member to our family! Keep the photos coming, sending you lots of love and hugs and prayers and blessing, Congratulations!!!
Mark , Samm , Deqlan , Logan

Happy 5th Birthday Will !!!

Dear Will

Wishing you the most wonderful and fantastic and unforgetable 5th Birthday for today and many many more!

We hoep the year ahead is nothing but awesome and that you continue being the amazing, courageous, vivacious Will we all know and love

So sorry to hear you were not feeling well enough for your party but we trust you will be feeling 100% soon again and be able to enjoy your party with all your friends!

Sending you our continued prayers and hugs and wishing you a wonderful birthday Will!

God Bless, lots of love

Mark Samm Deqlan Logan, your friends from Africa!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Results just in

Hello Deqlans Prayer army

Just got the call that the remainder of Deqlans results we were waiting for our NORMAL!!!!

Praise Our Lord Deqlan remains to have NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE!

Thank you for all your love and prayers and continued support, which means the absolute world to us, we are honored that you continue to follow Deqlans journey and that you continue to pray so hard for our beautiful Deqlan

Now lets rewind a little Dr Dejager told us he had quite a rough week and when we enquired as to what hat happened he began to tell us the gruesome story of how 2 attackers attacked his wife, his daughter and his grand son on Monday afternoon

They had gone to the shops, and were targeted because of their rings . Apparently this has happened before at this specific shop. The attackers watch for potential "prey" and follow them home.

When they family arived home and got out of their car, they were attacked by two gunmen, who proceeded to hit Mrs De Jager over the head with a gun and then punched and kicked her and her daughter. Thank Our Lord, they let the little boy sit in the car. Dr De Jager showed us horrific photos of what Mrs De Jager looked like after the attack and we were shocked. Thank the Lord they did not take their lives. We wish you all a very speedy recovery, you all in our prayers

This is so very sad and senseless and the reason so many amazing people are forced to leave our country. We do have a beautiful country which we love and adore and has so potential - why do this idiots want to mess things up for all of us? Why do they want to chase us out of our homes? Why do they create this lasting image for our over seas friends ?

Please Dear Lord make our country and other countries around the world a safer place.

Back to some brighter news, Dr De Jager is thrilled out how well Deqlan is doing . We will see him beginning Dec again and then our visits will be spaced to every 6 months!

He did confirm our suspicions that Deqlan has a hole in one of his molars - but we are not going to put Deqlan through the trauma of going to a dentist unless it does start to hurt - Deqlan will never ever sit still long enough for the dentist to do what he needs to...but i am not going to stress about that now, we are going to go and get some take aways and celebrate our good news into the weekend!!!!

Thank you for your prayers, please please continue them always and continue to stand firm in faith with us on Deqlans total and permanent healing

Please, please also pray for all the people around the world fighting cancer -those that are in the battle as you read, those that are looking for new trials and options, those that are in pain, may everyone be cured, may those that are NED they remain NED always, and those amazing angels that are with Our Father already, please pray for them and their families we miss them, but continue to fight against cancer every possible way they can

Have a wonderful weekend

God Bless , all our love and thanks
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

P.S - Deqlans new words for the day - Henry , the train from Thomas & Friends, "kisie" for bolomakisie ( somersault in afrikaans)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Great news for Dee

Forgot to tell you all, Derek's 3 month check up went fantastically well today - his PSA marker come down! Praise Our Lord!

Doc is concerned about his high blood pressure, so that is going to be the next thing that needs to get lots of attention and sorting out!

Thanks for all the prayers ! God Bless
love all of us

Still waiting and believing

Hello Everyone

We are still waiting on Deqlans last urine test marker, VMA. Doctor De Jager says we will probably only hear tommorow. Please continue the prayers for a perfectly normal result and for continued patience for us!

Thank you, God Bless, sleep tight and lots of love
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan


Happy 4th Wedding Anniversary My Love

To the love of my life and one and only

Happy 4th wedding anniversary to the most incredible husband and most amazing father we could ever have been blessed with

The vows we said exactly 4 years ago today , continue to stand firm and continue to strengthen each passing moment.

You are the person i want to grow old with, YOU are the person i want to share my life with, YOU are the person that i want to experience all our dreams come true with, YOU are the person who knows the joy and the delight and blessing it is to have Deqlan as our son, YOU are the person who knows what a gift and blessing it is to have Deqlans health as our biggest anniversary gift this year and always.

Thank you for putting us first in everything you do, Thank you for working so hard for us, Thank you for sacrificing so much for us. For all the love, time, care, dedication you put into our family, there are not enough thank yous to show you my appreciation.

Always know how much I love and treasure you and how proud i am to be your wife.

I love you with all my heart, thank you for making me the happiest Mrs Higgins i could ever imagine to be

God Bless, all my love , always and forever
Your Angel

So far so great

Just a quick note to let you know that we are still waiting 1 result out of the three, due to the labs systems being down this week, they are trying to search for Deqlans VMA result. His Feretine and HMA look great and normal. Dr De Jager will give us a call as soon as they can trace the last result, but he is also confident that this to should be perfectly normal. Promise to update with all details asap, please continue the prayers that this result also shows normal normal normal!
All our love and thanks!

Prayers for Deqlan and Dee

Hello Deqlans Prayer army

Please can I ask you for your prayers for Deqlan this morning as we get our results for his 3 monthly check up. Please continue to pray that they remains NED today and forever and always. Please pray Dr De Jager is very happy with our beautiful boy

Please also pray for Dee, that his 3 monthly check up goes very well and that his psa cancer marker is also down and that he to remains cancer free forever and ever

God Bless and thank you so much for praying for our special boys today
Lots of love
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Giant leaps

Deqlans chin, it looks like 4 stitches, but we think probably more in the inside.
Cinderella, i mean Coreen, we went to her Kitchen tea this past weekend, was lots of fun, and the best of all, was to celebrate with such a great friend, who is so genuine so kind and we wish you and Grant all the love and happiness in the world!

Nanna playing with her boys in Keatons gorgeous sand pit!
Deqlan, in the sand pit, where else would he be?
Again , again Mamma!
Summers on the way- two weekend ago Deqlan had the best time watering the flowers and pool and table - one of his sensory activities is to play with shaving foam - we had just finished and he was washing the table off - hurry up summer!!
Our water baby - he must have sat outside for around two hours playing with the hose pipe..
Beautiful boy
Catching giant bubbles
Just chillin...
Riding on the model train with dad - Deqlan didnt want the train to stop, he was very upset when it stopped, but ok when it was going round the track- its just a stunning little place so close to us, cant believe we didnt know about if before - we were actually wanting to have Deqlans birthday party here, but decided he would be more comfortable in his own space at home - but we will still take him for lots of outings - so all friends welcome to come with us!
Mama and Deqlan enjoying the trains
Check these wheels out man!
Meggie, Logs and Me - shame, Loggie wasnt well this last week, she was actually tested for swine flu, but thank Our Lord. it came back negative! Please pray for her to feel better!

Deqlan continues to come leaps and bounds, each week, in fact each day.

He is doing so many new things , trying to say so many new words, and just delights as with how clever he actually is, each and every single day!

I wanted to share a few new things we are so blessed to be seeing through Deqlans amazing development

1) Deqlan has started building blocks into a tower! Nanna and i have been playing with stacking cups for ages now, but he actually took mega blocks and started building them to make a tower!

2) Deqlan's fine motor skills are improving each day - he can now turn things much easier - he can turn the switch to put his piano on and Nanna has shown him how to play with both hands , he is really really loving this activity at the moment

3) We can ask Deqlan what sounds the following animals make and he can tell us!!
CRICKET - Like the insect. to cute for words!

Even when seeing a dog or kitty or monkey or elephant on tv or his dvds he makes the sound!

4) New words for the last few days

1,2,3 GO! - Deqlan loves using this especially when running or blowing bubbles
HUMF - a little fury character on TV
KEATIE - For Keaton, to to precious to hear and see, Keaton calls Deqlan Deqie

5) Table work
Unfortunately with all the disruptions with our family being ill the last few weeks Nanna hasnt been able to do as much table work as she has wanted - but when she does, there is very few and far between times where Deqlan cries to do it - i think he is actually enjoying it now. He is doing a fishing puzzle where you use a fishing rod to take the magnetic pieces out with a rod - stacking cups etc

6) Blowing out candles
Nanna, has been working very very hard at this one - especially because of Deqlans upcoming birthday . Deqlan can now blow out his candles himself!!! He has learnt to make an o shape with his mouth when blowing and he has figured out that this gets the "wind" to blow the candles out. We cant wait to show Deqlan his cake and candles and watch him blow them out himself!! Mark and I have been singing Happy Birthday to him and practising with the candles every night to get Deqlan used to the idea and he is so excited about it! Nanna also discoverd that Deqlans loves sparklers to , i think we went through about 15 in one afternoon, he kept an asking for more and jumping up and down with delight as each sparking shot stars off !

7) Colours
Deqlan knows blue and green very well and has started saying them when seeing them on his dvd's - he is working on yellow and red to!! He can match all the green items on the green plate and blue items on the blue plate during his table work sessions with Nanna!

8) I love you
We working on it - Deqlan says "I" waits for me to say "I", then he says another word , we not quite sure of , then i say "love" and they he says "YOU"....priceless priceless priceless

9) WAA!!!
Deqlan loves it when we hide away and when he comes looking for us, we jump out and give him a fright and say " WAA!" we have done this for about 1 year now and its turned into Deqlans favorite game! In the last few days, he has come up to us saying " WAA" to give us a fright - how amazing is that!! that he is initiating the game, how awesome, we are so proud of you beautiful boy!

9) Bubbles
Deqlan LOVES LOVES Bubbles! We actually found him a BIG bubble wand which he absolutely loves - he comes to ask me 10 times a day for bubbles - he actually said his first two word sentence the other day - 'MAMA, BUBBLES'

For some people, these may be things that they are fortunate enough to witness happen naturally and at an earlier age - We have to help Deqlan a little in some areas and when the penny drops, boy does it make a whole lot more sense to Deqlan and then he just soars with the rest of his activities - we are so blessed and so proud of how far he is come in such a short space of time.

We started the gluten free, casein free, wheat free, sugar and soya free diet the end of Feb - so in 6 months from Deqlan only saying 1 or 2 words, and not being able to complete puzzles or sit and learn new skills - to today, is a priceless gift we are so very very blessed to get.

I must thank my AMAZING Mom for the amount of time and love and effort and enthusiam and energy she puts into helping Deqlan each day - if it were not for you Mom, Deqlan would not be doing as well as he is - i cant thank you enough for all the sacrifices you make for us - and i can just see the amount of love you put into helping and teaching Deqlan each day, just grows. The pride and joy in your voice and smile when Deqlan does something new , is something you and I understand the significance to and i am so blessed to share this gift with you my darling Mom and Nanna to the most grateful Deqlan who loves you so very very very much!!

Thank you My love for all the time and effort and positive thoughts you continue to put into our beautiful boy - you have never and will never accept someone telling us that Deqlan wont do this and he wont do that - and you know what , you are SO right, he is going to be able to do it! He is! You are Deqlans hero and we love you so very very much
OureBeautiful boy , Deqlan Ross - we couldnt love you more, we couldnt be prouder. We know how hard it is for you to have to sit for such a long time and try and take everything in every day, but i promise one day its going to be these building blocks that have been put in place that are going to help you soar and reach every dream you set your eyes on. I am so proud of you, we love you so very very much!

Thank You Lord for answering our prayers and for guiding us on what to do to help our precious boy become the best he can be - we are so blessed!

Deqlans stitches are healing nicely - he doesnt like us cleaning the area, but he seems to have stopped trying to pull on them

We have noticed him putting his finger in his mouth in one area of his teeth , so i am hoping and praying that this is not the start of a toothache ...will ask Dr De Jager to check carefully when we see him tommorow!

Tommorow is a big day for us - 8 am, Dee has his 3 monthly check up - please please pray that his results are lower then last time and that Doc remains happy with him

9 am - we see Dr De Jager for Deqlans 3 monthly blood and urine results - please please pray that the markers are perfectly normal and that Deqlan remains NED always and forever

Its Mark and my 4th wedding anniversary - we ask You Lord to bless us with many many more happy healthy years together and thank you for the gifts you shower upon us every day, the most beautiful being Deqlan and his health.

Have a lovely day everyone! God Bless, thanks for all the prayers, all our love
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

Blogging 101

Hello everyone

I have had some requests on how to join Deqlans prayer army , on the blog, the group on the right hand side of this post and on how to leave a comment on our site

To join /follow our blog - look for the icon on the right hand side of our blog , under the world visitors map. Click on follow and a new page will open , just follow the steps!

To leave a message , you can look under the post you want to leave a message on and click on comments - if you have a google account you can fill in your details and it will automatically show who the message is from, or you can just leave your name with the message!

So there you go, look forward to hearing from you!

Have an awesome day
God Bless, lots of love
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan


Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Hello Everybody

I bit of a tough afternoon for our tough guy

The day was going very well and the sound of Deqlans laughter and Nanna's enjoyment , running after her doggies was music to my ears as i tried to get through the afternoon's work.

Out of nowhere, Deqlan let out a whale of distress, and i immediately popped my head out the window to see what was wrong. There came Nanna holding Deqlan, in tears " Samm, Deqlan fell and he needs stitches again!" No, no, no , no - not again, this cant be happening again. The same place on his chin, for the 3rd time in 6 months!!! Our last trip for stitches was only 7 weeks ago!!!

Otto and Deqlan were running after each other and Otto got under Deqlans feet, resulting in a forward tumble onto the concrete paving. Deqlan landed on his poor little chin, again.

I was so selfish, saying I couldnt do it again, i couldnt see Deqlan being held down screaming while some doctor puts the pieces of his chin together. I cant do it again. Never mind how my poor guy must have been feeling

After i cried my eyes out to Mark, Nanna and i pulled ourselves towards ourselves and started packing the bags to go to the hospital.... poor Nanna was back in tears saying it was her fault, because it happened while she was watching Deqlan- of course it wasnt, i tried to calm Nanna down, but it still didnt make her feel any better

Deqlan was an absolute star through the whole ordeal, even letting the nurses get his pulse , but definitely not his temperature. Unfortunately , we waited an hour and a half to be seen as casuality was unbelievably busy and had a code blue, while we were there. I do hope the little boy is much better today Lord.

Dada, joined us at the hospital and became part of the entertainment crew - to occupy a 35 month old for this amount of time in a little hospital room is quite a job! Nannas phone came to the rescue again as Deqlan calmed down watching his favorite bunnies from Hopla bouncing around.

Eventually, the doctor joined us. He leaned underneath Deqlan , who was sitting on the bed, to be greeted by a few taps of Deqlans hands on his bald head - the doctor started laughing as did Deqlan who thought this new trick was awesome! He even tried to play the drums on his head as we lay him down to have his stitches done!

They wanted to give Deqlan something to calm him down or sedate - from our previous experience we gave a definite no and let the doc know we were sitting in the room while they did the stitches. Poor little Deqlan was wrapped up in a blanket, to keep him from moving to much with two nurses holding his body and face down - i hate that part. I tried to sing and say the alphabet and all the things that Deqlan usually loves doing, but of course no one would be interested in them in this position.

The wound is very untidy and still looks a bit open to us - but we think that the doctor re inforced with additional stitching this time - and we are going to leave them in till next week Wednesday to give it the best chance of healing - we see at least 4 stitches - we not to concerned about what the scar looks like, but rather that it doesnt get infected!!

Deqlan already pulled the dressings off the stitches, we tried two different ones and is already trying to pull the stitches out himself - so we are watching him like a hawk today!

We are also going to chat to Liezl about how to teach Deqlan to put his hands out in front of him when he falls to try and prevent this happening so often (please never again!!) Any ideas?

Have a lovely day and please pray for a speedy recovery for our brave boy

God Bless, lots of love
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan


Saturday, August 15, 2009

Welcome to the World Joshua!

To Our Dear Friends Nix and Darryl,
a HUGE Congratulations on the arrival of your beautiful baby boy, Joshua Jett Carr, born last night 20;27 at 3.5kg and 50cm!
We know how long you have waited for this moment and i couldnt be happier for you Nix, you are now a mommy and i wish you all the love and joy and happiness in the world. I can tell you its a love like no other, you are changed forever and the best part of your life has just begun.
Cant wait to meet you Josh, sending you lots of hugs and kisses from us all in the mean time
We know Our Lord is going to protect you, keep you safe and guide you always little guy
Congratulations enjoy every moment together, God Bless and all our love
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Where have we been?

Wow - what a past week we have had. A very brief summary, would sound something like this:

The past weekend was spent worrying about Logan who complained about severe tummy ache, loss of apetite and tiredness – she has gone for blood tests this week, please pray that we can find out whats worrying her and quickly get it sorted out

Tuesday revealed a very sick Dee, who’s blood pressure was sky high and threw the roof, that he was man down for a few days- he is still not better – please do pray for his blood pressure to come down soon

Wednesday brought fantastic news of Deqlans clear ultrasound scan, Praise Our Lord and thank you again for your continued support and prayers and love! Please can we ask you all to please continue the prayers for the blood and urine results 20 August – we continue to trust that shall be normal and prefect to!

Wednesday afternoon my Gran was admitted into ICU again for septicaemia and possible heart failure again – please do pray for her to recover and feel better quickly and for strength and peace and guidance for my Grandad.

Thursday got me a trip to the doctor, as i continue to battle for the third week in a row with my strep throat infection that just isn’t getting better. Thursday night i was so very ill i couldn’t sleep my muscles were so sore and i wasn’t able to keep anything down

Friday morning i was so sick Dee had to come and fetch Deqlan and I , while my super hero Mom took care of me and Deqlan. I was still not improving by the afternoon so my super hero sister Megs, took me to the hospital and waited while i had blood tests and a drip put up. Thank Our Lord, they did not need to keep me overnight, i was so upset and stressed just thinking about not spending the night with Deqlan. They did a swab of my throat on Thursday and we should get the results next week to know how to best treat this infection – which just hasn’t cleared up after 3 courses on antibiotics in 3 weeks! So please can i ask you to pray that i can build my immune system up again to fight this thing off for good and not infect my precious family with this bug!

Saturday morning – eventually my Darling Mom has now also come done with flu – her muscles are as sore as mine were and she has a never ending migraine – after carrying all of us this week, i think her body is now telling her to stop and rest, please pray for her to feel better soon and be able to rest this long weekend, let her know how loved and appreciated she is

Now for the updated version - i am better, thank Our Lord, on the mend

My Gran is home and hopefully on her way to a great recovery

Dee is still battling his blood pressure, but new meds are going to be tried from today

Logan is much much better but still no news on her blood tests

My amazing super hero mom is also better and still the glue that holds our whole family together

Meggie is now down with a rip roaring bladder infection and we ask you to pray for her to feel better soon soon!

Our Gorgeous Deqlan is as Gorgeous as ever! He is only a few weeks away from the big 3! We are so excited planning all the little special things that he loves so much, you will have to stay tuned to get all the details, but they of course involve lots of trains!

Hoping to play lots of catch up with you all soon! Have a lovely weekend

God Bless

love Mark Samm Deqlan Logan


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Busy Boxes!!!!

Hello all. Hope you are well.

Our newest project for All Hands On Dec Friends is BUSY BOXES!! And we need help collecting odds and ends to make the BUSY BOXES to hand out to the little people in the oncology wards at the local government hospitals.
We are going to put together a wonderful collection of stuff to keep the hands
busy to pass the time while in those beds waiting for treatment and for healing. Please shout when you have something for us, and we will arrange collection or delivery at a convenient place.
Please pass to all your work colleagues, cos many hands do make light work, and we will be amazed at what we can dig up at home. Once again, this is inspired by our bestest and most precious angel Declan, who has and continues to ripple it far and wide :-)

We need the following please –
Ice-cream containers, (that everything will go into) - we all have these in our homes and wish we could
put all of them to good use... ;-)
Website cutouts (
Craft foam
Beads and buttons
Colouring in pages or books
Magazine pages for kids to cut-out
Elastic bands
Scrapbooking bits and pieces
Play dough
Scraps of fabric
Pieces of pretty paper and cardboard
Pieces of ribbon
Pretty little jewellery boxes that could be decorated
Small paint sets
Something that can be painted - eg - small wooden picture frames / plaster of paris type
Pritt-type glue sticks, or any glue in fact that will be good for craft type work
Small toys
Crayons / pencil / wax / khoki
Anything else that you can think of that is nice to while away time with something special that you can find for the littler people cos they cannot use scissors etc, and we would love to give them something special.

Thanks all for reading this far, and cannot wait to start getting your emails back letting me know that you have some STUFF for this project...
You are welcome to read more at www.all and you are welcome to give all the items you are able to donate to me and I shall gladly make sure they get to All Hands on Dec Friends!
God Bless, lots of love and excitment for another wonderful project on the way!

Another boy on the way!

Congrats Darryl and Loren on the great news that your baba on the way is another little boy! We are sure that you are delighted and we know that Kai is going to make the most awesome big brother to this little guy! Hope you feeling better Loren and Kai!
Love and Congrats
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan


Hello Deqlans Prayer army

I need to ask you for your prayers for two very courageous young guys fighting neuroblastoma

Connor Gerber -

Connor stays here in South Africa and has been fighting neuroblastoma for many years and his latest scans reveal progression. Connor has started a new treatment plan of chemo and radiation this past week. Please pray for this treatment to work and for Connor to tolerate it well . Please also pray for strength for his amazing family

Erik Ludwinski -

Erik has fought neuroblastoma 3 times, since the age of 6. He is now in his twenties and living life to the absolute full. His recent scans reveal progression and he is going to be starting heavy doses of chemo and radiation this week. Please pray for this treatment to work and kick nb out of Eriks body. Please pray for his amazing Mom and the rest of his family

God Bless and thank you !

Angel Marinus

Please pray for little Marinus, who fought relapsed neuroblastoma at the very tender age of 3, and went home to be with Our Lord a few weeks ago.

I first meet him when we did our Snug as a Bug Project last year , a tiny, quiet, frail little guy who faught so bravely.

Marinus, had surgery to remove what they could of the tumor, but his little heart stopped the following morning, unable to cope with all the stress from the surgery

Please pray for Marinus and his heartbroken family.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Malakai

Dear Gorgeous Malakai
Happy Happy 1st Birthday beautiful boy! We hope you have the most wonderful birthday today, and have the best time ever at your very first birthday party!
i cant believe you are already 1 - time has really flown - in this short space of time, we have learnt so so so much from you - you are a true inspiration to us all and the picture of pure joy and love.
Stay the gorgeous guy you are and know you are so loved! Cant wait to see all your birthday pics, sorry Aunty Samm cant come into your party with her nasty cough and throat, but Uncle Mark and Mr Deqlan will be sure to come with you from all of us!
May God continue to bless and keep you safe and continue to shine through you,you are truly so precious Malakai and i cant wait for Deqlan to play with you again!
God Bless, lots of love and congrats Daryll and Loren and your very first birthday for your beautiful boy
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Great news!

Hello Deqlans prayer army


We had a different doctor this time, and she was a lot more thorough then the previous times, she even checked blood flow and Deqlans bladder, in addition to his spleen, liver and kidneys - all perfectly normal thank Our Lord!

As mentioned, a new sister did the blood sample this morning, we were impressed that she got the needle in first time, and without wrapping Deqlan in a blanket, so it went a lot better , then when wrapping him, i think thats worse, then the actual needle going into his vein. WHAT A BRAVE BOY YOU ARE OUR SWEET DEQLAN!

What an adventure it was to get the urine collection! Normally we put the bag on , while we having the ultrasound, or while having his blood drawn, he usually does what he needs to do - but not today - he hated the feeling of the bag - and we get the impression he needed to go, but because he had the bag on he didnt want to. We tried waiting in the room, we tried walking outside, driving around the hospital and Brooklyn, we even let Deqlan fall asleep, thinking when he relaxed we would get the sample! But not after waiting since 0930 this morning, Nanna and i went to the shop at 1300 to try and find some of Deqlans special biscuits. Deqlan suddenly woke up with a fright and , we had lift off, everywhere, enough said, you know what i mean! So we went back to hand the sample in and now patiently wait in total trust and faith and hope, that the results we recieve on 20 August, will continue to be normal and show Deqlan remains NED

God bless and thank you all for your continued prayers and messages and love and support for Deqlan, they mean the world to us, thank you so so so much to you all

Lots of love and please continue the prayers always for Deqlan and for everyone around the world fighting cancer
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

Army, get your cam out!

Hello Deqlans very faithful prayer army

Please get your camo and green out as we go for Deqlans 3 monthly check up this morning. We were only going to do the ultrasound this morning and blood and urine next week ( as our regular nurse isnt there till next week) but it seems Deqlan has got some candida issues again. He was not a happy bunny yesterday and was doing things , and having mood swings and giving us nappies which could all indicate candida is a problem again. So we need to do the blood and urine today as well so we can get the diflucan started asap

Please pray that all check up goes fantastically well and smoothe and that Deqlan is not to stressde and anxious

Please pray that the ultrasound continues to show clear and normal and perfect results

Please pray that the nurse today is able to locacte a good vein and get the blood sample first time

Please pray that the blood sample shows perfectly normal ferretin results

Please pray that the urine collection shows perfectly normal vma hma results

Please pray that our results we recieve on 21 August continue to show that Deqlan remains NED forever and always - what a wonderful 3rd Birthday gift this will be!

God Bless you all and thank you so so so much for all your love and prayers and let you know as soon as we back home
All our love
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan


Happy Birthday Uncle Quintin

Dear Uncle Quintin
Happy Happy Birthday for today and many many more!
Hope you have a great day and lots of celebrations planned and a wonderful year ahead full of everything special you wish yourself!
Thank you for all you continue to do for Logan, it is really appreciated and she enjoys going to visit her Grandpa at the dam
God Bless and love
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Buy a brick

Please see details of a fantastic new charity project:

Key West Shopping Centre has adopted the Child Protection and Treatment Centre as their charity. We are currently running a project where we are trying to help the charity with the repayment of their bond. Our aim is to raise R60 000, but if we can get more than this, it will be great, since they still owe R212 000 on the bond. We have a model house displayed in the centre with 600 designed bricks that we need to sell. Members from the public and businesses can “buy” a brick from the model house for R100.00 each or half a brick for R50.00. The names of those who purchase a brick are written onto the brick. When a company buys 2 or more bricks, my printer sponsors them with a branded sticker with their company logo and telephone number.

Up to date we have raised R12527.00 and are awaiting another R5000.00 to be deposited. In total this will be R17527.00 or 175 bricks.

Overview of the Krugersdorp Child Protection and Treatment Centre

The Krugersdorp Child Protection Centre is there too assist SAPS & Social Workers with an immediate place of safety for when they have to remove abused and neglected children from dangerous and difficult circumstances. The centre makes it possible for the SAPS & social workers to start with their investigation as soon as possible, without spending important hours trying to find a safe place for the child first. Children remain there until finalisation of court proceedings. At the centre they are treated as part of a family, where they do Bible study together, eat around a dining table and go to school. This centre can accommodate a maximum of 12 children at a time and they assist approximately 200 children per year.

Main objectives of the centre:

· Their main objective is to prevent secondary abuse to abused/traumatized children.
· To provide a safe place to children once they are removed from their families/situation.
· To ensure that the vital 48 hours after removal is dealt with through trauma debriefing.
· To ensure the child is well informed on what to expect going forward (Child Protection & Treatment Protocol).
· To prepare the children for Court.
· To offer a safe home to these children - helping them back onto their feet again.

The centre has 1 foster child in their care permanently. They have 3 foster homes in Dobsinville to assist with homes for the children and they currently have 18 children in foster home care. They are currently working on developing foster homes in the Munziville area.

Administrative details:

Physical address: 147 Viljoen Street, Krugersdorp North
Postal Address: PO Box 1110, Ruimsig, 1724
Contact person: Alida Wohlberg
Tel: 082 692 9852
Fax: 011 662 2149
Registration No: 020-144-NPO

Any money for donations can be deposited into the following account:

Account Name: Child Protection Treatment Cent.
Branch No: 256955
Account No: 6223-2885-048
First National Bank, Key West

Angel Jackson

With such a heavy heart, i let you all know of another angel Jackson Schneider, who passed away after fighting neuroblastoma 3 times. Please pray for this precious boy and all his family and friends, please guide them Dear Lord and comfort them, the way only You can. Sending all our love and prayers and deepest sympathies.

Monday, August 3, 2009

The L Team

Our Ex Parish priest Father Kevin, always used to refer to the Apostles as The "A" Team, during his masses to our congregation.

It got me thinking and i realised that God has put an L Team in place for Deqlan's healing:

1) Heading the team, always and forever , Our Lord - Thank You for healing our Deqlan totally and permanently

2) Little Company of Mary - the hospital where Deqlan recieved his chemotherapy and where the amazing

3) Dr Lourens De Jager works, Deqlans fantastic oncologist

4) Dr Louise Lindenberg, Deqlans DEFEAT AUTISM NOW DOCTOR, who has lead us in all the right directions

5) Liezl - our amazing early interventionist who has taught has so much and genuinely wants the best for Deqlan and our family

6) Little Leaps - the school Deqlan is going to go to next year, that specialises in kids on the Autism Spectrum

Amazing , isnt it?

Of course, the other most important parts of the team are you our amazing family and friends and prayer army, so thank you a millions times over

Deqlans prayer army, please start your prayers . Deqlan goes for his 3 monthly ultra sound scan this wednesday, 5 August at 9am. Please please say an extra special prayer that the ultrasound of his abdomen is perfectly normal, perfectly clear and that Deqlan continues to remain NED always and forever. Promise to let you know as soon as we do, we continue to trust and have faith in Our Lord that it will be clear!

God Bless, lots of love, have a great week and thank you

Mark Samm Deqlan Logan


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Happy 30th Wes

Dear Wes,
Hope you have a fantastic 30th today and many many more!
Hope you had great celebrations yesterday at the dam, in spite of the most freezing cold day of the year! Hope lots of memories and adventures lye ahead for you!
God Bless, love
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan