Thursday, August 20, 2009

Great news for Dee

Forgot to tell you all, Derek's 3 month check up went fantastically well today - his PSA marker come down! Praise Our Lord!

Doc is concerned about his high blood pressure, so that is going to be the next thing that needs to get lots of attention and sorting out!

Thanks for all the prayers ! God Bless
love all of us


Anonymous said...

Dear Bev,Dee and family,
Praise God for the good results of the blood test,and prayers that the blood pressure will be under controlsoon
God bless
Love Ruth xxx

Anonymous said...

Fantastic news!!!! We pray that Uncle Dee's bp will come down and all will return to 'normal'. Please give him and your mom all our love and best wishes.

Miss you soooo much it hurts xxx

Sam xxxxx

p.s How are you feeling now my friend? Hope you're not pushing yourself too hard so soon after being as ill as you were xxx