Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Busy Boxes!!!!

Hello all. Hope you are well.

Our newest project for All Hands On Dec Friends is BUSY BOXES!! And we need help collecting odds and ends to make the BUSY BOXES to hand out to the little people in the oncology wards at the local government hospitals.
We are going to put together a wonderful collection of stuff to keep the hands
busy to pass the time while in those beds waiting for treatment and for healing. Please shout when you have something for us, and we will arrange collection or delivery at a convenient place.
Please pass to all your work colleagues, cos many hands do make light work, and we will be amazed at what we can dig up at home. Once again, this is inspired by our bestest and most precious angel Declan, who has and continues to ripple it far and wide :-)

We need the following please –
Ice-cream containers, (that everything will go into) - we all have these in our homes and wish we could
put all of them to good use... ;-)
Website cutouts (
Craft foam
Beads and buttons
Colouring in pages or books
Magazine pages for kids to cut-out
Elastic bands
Scrapbooking bits and pieces
Play dough
Scraps of fabric
Pieces of pretty paper and cardboard
Pieces of ribbon
Pretty little jewellery boxes that could be decorated
Small paint sets
Something that can be painted - eg - small wooden picture frames / plaster of paris type
Pritt-type glue sticks, or any glue in fact that will be good for craft type work
Small toys
Crayons / pencil / wax / khoki
Anything else that you can think of that is nice to while away time with something special that you can find for the littler people cos they cannot use scissors etc, and we would love to give them something special.

Thanks all for reading this far, and cannot wait to start getting your emails back letting me know that you have some STUFF for this project...
You are welcome to read more at www.all and you are welcome to give all the items you are able to donate to me and I shall gladly make sure they get to All Hands on Dec Friends!
God Bless, lots of love and excitment for another wonderful project on the way!

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