Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Megs!!!

Dear Amazing Megs
Happy Happy 29th Birthday to you my darling sister and best friend ,and may there be many many more!
May this year be full of every single blessing you could imagine - you so deserve all the very best in life - you are the most thoughtful caring, kind, considerate, giving and loving person i know.Thank you for also putting us, your family first, no matter what
I look up to you in so many ways - i think you are the most amazing mom and Keaton is blessed , so blessed to have you as his Mamma.
You are an example of a wife, Conrad knows how blessed and fortunate he is and its a joy to watch how you look after each other.
You are the most loving and caring and giving daughter and grand daughter whom I know Mom and Dee and Grandpa and Nan are so proud of, and so grateful for.
You are the most giving aunt and Godmother to Deqlan and Logan and their happiness is truly your happiness - you would do anything for them and you continue to be a captain in Deqlans prayer army and i cant thank you enough for that.
You are the most loving, thoughtful, amazing and magnificent sister i could ever have dreamed of , my best friend - thank you for all the beautiful memories we have shared and are going to continue sharing, i am truly so blessed because of you. The Holy Spirit continues to speak through you to me on days when i need it most and words that i need to hear. I love you so very much Megs and i am so proud of you and so grateful for taking such good care of me, i cant thank you enough and i love you!!!!!!!!

Have the most spectacular day , you deserve only the best, you are so loved and treasured by so many - just for one day , even if its only 1 day, i want you to relax and enjoy and be showered with everything that brings you love and happiness and peace
The day God Blessed us with you
was truly a gift to us all
He gave me someone
who He knew I could talk to
Share my life with
Laugh with at all times
Especially when i needed it most
What God gave me was you!
My sister and my best friend!
God Bless and all our love and so much more
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan


Debbie said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful (inside and out) sister! Love all the pics of the family and the cute cake. Sisters are a wonderful gift, like a ready-made best friend :-)
Debbie & Connor

Anonymous said...

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