Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Giant leaps

Deqlans chin, it looks like 4 stitches, but we think probably more in the inside.
Cinderella, i mean Coreen, we went to her Kitchen tea this past weekend, was lots of fun, and the best of all, was to celebrate with such a great friend, who is so genuine so kind and we wish you and Grant all the love and happiness in the world!

Nanna playing with her boys in Keatons gorgeous sand pit!
Deqlan, in the sand pit, where else would he be?
Again , again Mamma!
Summers on the way- two weekend ago Deqlan had the best time watering the flowers and pool and table - one of his sensory activities is to play with shaving foam - we had just finished and he was washing the table off - hurry up summer!!
Our water baby - he must have sat outside for around two hours playing with the hose pipe..
Beautiful boy
Catching giant bubbles
Just chillin...
Riding on the model train with dad - Deqlan didnt want the train to stop, he was very upset when it stopped, but ok when it was going round the track- its just a stunning little place so close to us, cant believe we didnt know about if before - we were actually wanting to have Deqlans birthday party here, but decided he would be more comfortable in his own space at home - but we will still take him for lots of outings - so all friends welcome to come with us!
Mama and Deqlan enjoying the trains
Check these wheels out man!
Meggie, Logs and Me - shame, Loggie wasnt well this last week, she was actually tested for swine flu, but thank Our Lord. it came back negative! Please pray for her to feel better!

Deqlan continues to come leaps and bounds, each week, in fact each day.

He is doing so many new things , trying to say so many new words, and just delights as with how clever he actually is, each and every single day!

I wanted to share a few new things we are so blessed to be seeing through Deqlans amazing development

1) Deqlan has started building blocks into a tower! Nanna and i have been playing with stacking cups for ages now, but he actually took mega blocks and started building them to make a tower!

2) Deqlan's fine motor skills are improving each day - he can now turn things much easier - he can turn the switch to put his piano on and Nanna has shown him how to play with both hands , he is really really loving this activity at the moment

3) We can ask Deqlan what sounds the following animals make and he can tell us!!
CRICKET - Like the insect. to cute for words!

Even when seeing a dog or kitty or monkey or elephant on tv or his dvds he makes the sound!

4) New words for the last few days

1,2,3 GO! - Deqlan loves using this especially when running or blowing bubbles
HUMF - a little fury character on TV
KEATIE - For Keaton, to to precious to hear and see, Keaton calls Deqlan Deqie

5) Table work
Unfortunately with all the disruptions with our family being ill the last few weeks Nanna hasnt been able to do as much table work as she has wanted - but when she does, there is very few and far between times where Deqlan cries to do it - i think he is actually enjoying it now. He is doing a fishing puzzle where you use a fishing rod to take the magnetic pieces out with a rod - stacking cups etc

6) Blowing out candles
Nanna, has been working very very hard at this one - especially because of Deqlans upcoming birthday . Deqlan can now blow out his candles himself!!! He has learnt to make an o shape with his mouth when blowing and he has figured out that this gets the "wind" to blow the candles out. We cant wait to show Deqlan his cake and candles and watch him blow them out himself!! Mark and I have been singing Happy Birthday to him and practising with the candles every night to get Deqlan used to the idea and he is so excited about it! Nanna also discoverd that Deqlans loves sparklers to , i think we went through about 15 in one afternoon, he kept an asking for more and jumping up and down with delight as each sparking shot stars off !

7) Colours
Deqlan knows blue and green very well and has started saying them when seeing them on his dvd's - he is working on yellow and red to!! He can match all the green items on the green plate and blue items on the blue plate during his table work sessions with Nanna!

8) I love you
We working on it - Deqlan says "I" waits for me to say "I", then he says another word , we not quite sure of , then i say "love" and they he says "YOU"....priceless priceless priceless

9) WAA!!!
Deqlan loves it when we hide away and when he comes looking for us, we jump out and give him a fright and say " WAA!" we have done this for about 1 year now and its turned into Deqlans favorite game! In the last few days, he has come up to us saying " WAA" to give us a fright - how amazing is that!! that he is initiating the game, how awesome, we are so proud of you beautiful boy!

9) Bubbles
Deqlan LOVES LOVES Bubbles! We actually found him a BIG bubble wand which he absolutely loves - he comes to ask me 10 times a day for bubbles - he actually said his first two word sentence the other day - 'MAMA, BUBBLES'

For some people, these may be things that they are fortunate enough to witness happen naturally and at an earlier age - We have to help Deqlan a little in some areas and when the penny drops, boy does it make a whole lot more sense to Deqlan and then he just soars with the rest of his activities - we are so blessed and so proud of how far he is come in such a short space of time.

We started the gluten free, casein free, wheat free, sugar and soya free diet the end of Feb - so in 6 months from Deqlan only saying 1 or 2 words, and not being able to complete puzzles or sit and learn new skills - to today, is a priceless gift we are so very very blessed to get.

I must thank my AMAZING Mom for the amount of time and love and effort and enthusiam and energy she puts into helping Deqlan each day - if it were not for you Mom, Deqlan would not be doing as well as he is - i cant thank you enough for all the sacrifices you make for us - and i can just see the amount of love you put into helping and teaching Deqlan each day, just grows. The pride and joy in your voice and smile when Deqlan does something new , is something you and I understand the significance to and i am so blessed to share this gift with you my darling Mom and Nanna to the most grateful Deqlan who loves you so very very very much!!

Thank you My love for all the time and effort and positive thoughts you continue to put into our beautiful boy - you have never and will never accept someone telling us that Deqlan wont do this and he wont do that - and you know what , you are SO right, he is going to be able to do it! He is! You are Deqlans hero and we love you so very very much
OureBeautiful boy , Deqlan Ross - we couldnt love you more, we couldnt be prouder. We know how hard it is for you to have to sit for such a long time and try and take everything in every day, but i promise one day its going to be these building blocks that have been put in place that are going to help you soar and reach every dream you set your eyes on. I am so proud of you, we love you so very very much!

Thank You Lord for answering our prayers and for guiding us on what to do to help our precious boy become the best he can be - we are so blessed!

Deqlans stitches are healing nicely - he doesnt like us cleaning the area, but he seems to have stopped trying to pull on them

We have noticed him putting his finger in his mouth in one area of his teeth , so i am hoping and praying that this is not the start of a toothache ...will ask Dr De Jager to check carefully when we see him tommorow!

Tommorow is a big day for us - 8 am, Dee has his 3 monthly check up - please please pray that his results are lower then last time and that Doc remains happy with him

9 am - we see Dr De Jager for Deqlans 3 monthly blood and urine results - please please pray that the markers are perfectly normal and that Deqlan remains NED always and forever

Its Mark and my 4th wedding anniversary - we ask You Lord to bless us with many many more happy healthy years together and thank you for the gifts you shower upon us every day, the most beautiful being Deqlan and his health.

Have a lovely day everyone! God Bless, thanks for all the prayers, all our love
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan


bron said...

how nice it was to read about Deqlans progress, well done Big Boy, your parents are so very very proud of you and so are we! Happy anniversay Mark and Samm for tomorrow, may you have many many more happy years together! No doubt we will be in our camo gear tomorrow knowing you will receive positive results and Deqlan remains NED. A extra special prayer for uncle D too!
Sending lots of love from a cold, and wet Cape Town.
The Groblers

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog, there is so much love in your family, you are all an inspiration for all your visitors. So sorry to read the Deqlan had to get stitches again. But its wonderful to read how well Deqlan is doing, Samm you always acknowledge everyone for their love and care for Deqlan, but you forget yourself, you are a phenominal mommy. Happy anniversary, may God bless you both and your marriage for many more years to come. Praying for your results tomorrow, that everything will be 100% normal and that Deqlan remians NED for now and forever. Love Belinda