Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy 4th Wedding Anniversary My Love

To the love of my life and one and only

Happy 4th wedding anniversary to the most incredible husband and most amazing father we could ever have been blessed with

The vows we said exactly 4 years ago today , continue to stand firm and continue to strengthen each passing moment.

You are the person i want to grow old with, YOU are the person i want to share my life with, YOU are the person that i want to experience all our dreams come true with, YOU are the person who knows the joy and the delight and blessing it is to have Deqlan as our son, YOU are the person who knows what a gift and blessing it is to have Deqlans health as our biggest anniversary gift this year and always.

Thank you for putting us first in everything you do, Thank you for working so hard for us, Thank you for sacrificing so much for us. For all the love, time, care, dedication you put into our family, there are not enough thank yous to show you my appreciation.

Always know how much I love and treasure you and how proud i am to be your wife.

I love you with all my heart, thank you for making me the happiest Mrs Higgins i could ever imagine to be

God Bless, all my love , always and forever
Your Angel


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary guys!!! We hope you have a STUNNING day. Can't believe it's been 4 years already. You both remain very special to us, and not a day goes by that we don't think of you.
Enjoy reliving your memories today, and Samm, I'm sure you've probably watched your wedding DVD today already...???
Really pleased to hear that Deqlan's results have come back fine, and we continue to pray that the last awaited result is normal.

Love you lots

Sam, Don, Mia and Liam xxxxx

Nanna and Grandpa said...

To Our Beloved and Precious Samm and Mark,

Our most loving congratulations on your 4th Wedding Anniversary, 20th August 2009

Listening tonight to your "signature melody" (as you both walked into your wedding reception in the Avianto Ballroom)- "THAT'S AMORE !" by Dean Martin, the moment became alive and was vivid and real in my mind. The realization of a dream for both of you........and the start of a lifetime of love. We can truly say "that's amore" when we recall the events of the last 4 years and that "amore" (love) is, in partnership with our Great God, is what has made you victorious in every challenge you have had to overcome. That same "amore" is the glue which binds you together as a family, it's a vital ingredient of the commitment, faith, trust and hope which will promise you a beautiful future - no doubt with challenges as well as magnificent moments, but these challenges will be remembered as priceless "lessons" learned along the way.

Your sister has written you such an amazing tribute on Keaton's blog and every word she has used resounds with me and is echoed by me. You certainly made a Queen Bride, radiant, regal, graceful, serene and oh so very, very breathtakingly beautiful. Mark made the most handsome and contented groom. The essence of that special day was magic.

May you know the joy, peace and fulfilment that comes from having a marriage where Christ is a constant, loving presence in your home and heart.


Traditonal Symbol: FLOWERS/FRUIT
These symbols denote a blossoming and fruitful relationship; just as a flower’s growth progresses through different stages before it can be expected to blossom fully, it must weather the different seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter and overcome the challenges each season presents. Only then can the true beauty of the flower be revealed.

Fruit also goes through various life cycles and for every fruit, there is a season, a time for planting, nurturing, harvesting and then enjoying. Great care, diligence and patience is required until the fruit ripens.

Linen denotes the privacy and pride in a relationship and provides beauty, class and dignity.
Electrical Appliances signify the necessity for the “energy current” to always be alive and
flowing in your relationship. For it to work at all, it must always be plugged in and if it is to function to its optimal capacity, it must remain switched on and regularly maintained with tender, loving care and with the utmost respect and honour.

Colour: BLUE
Denotes stability and harmony and is pacifying, peaceful, refreshing and calming

Denotes comfort and gentility and reflects the beauty and pride of the marriage gained from shared wisdom and experience over the years.

This precious stone symbolizes strength, wisdom and courage.

May your love for and commitment to each other grow with every passing day. You deserve the very best in life; your harvest will be abundant and vast since you have sown the seeds with such diligence, passion, courage, faith, hope, trust and following God's word every step of the way.

Bathe yourselves in the waters of happiness, love and contentment not only today but every day. How magnificent is it that Our Great Lord has presented His personal gift to you today on your anniversary - precious Deqlan's confirmation results of his eternal NED status - SURELY the most priceless and most treasured gift of all.

Always remember our love for you, Samm, Mark, Deqlan and Logan, is immeasurable. We are honoured and privileged to be your parents and parents-in-law. You are a beautiful family and each of you are an extraordinary and treasured blessing in our lives. Here's to many, many more wonderful years of a happy and blessed marriage !

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !

All Our love

Dee and Mom/Bev

Elriza Paul said...

Happy belated anniversary! Hope you had a wonderful day and may you have many more years of joy to come!

God Bless

Anonymous said...

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