Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Buy a brick

Please see details of a fantastic new charity project:

Key West Shopping Centre has adopted the Child Protection and Treatment Centre as their charity. We are currently running a project where we are trying to help the charity with the repayment of their bond. Our aim is to raise R60 000, but if we can get more than this, it will be great, since they still owe R212 000 on the bond. We have a model house displayed in the centre with 600 designed bricks that we need to sell. Members from the public and businesses can “buy” a brick from the model house for R100.00 each or half a brick for R50.00. The names of those who purchase a brick are written onto the brick. When a company buys 2 or more bricks, my printer sponsors them with a branded sticker with their company logo and telephone number.

Up to date we have raised R12527.00 and are awaiting another R5000.00 to be deposited. In total this will be R17527.00 or 175 bricks.

Overview of the Krugersdorp Child Protection and Treatment Centre

The Krugersdorp Child Protection Centre is there too assist SAPS & Social Workers with an immediate place of safety for when they have to remove abused and neglected children from dangerous and difficult circumstances. The centre makes it possible for the SAPS & social workers to start with their investigation as soon as possible, without spending important hours trying to find a safe place for the child first. Children remain there until finalisation of court proceedings. At the centre they are treated as part of a family, where they do Bible study together, eat around a dining table and go to school. This centre can accommodate a maximum of 12 children at a time and they assist approximately 200 children per year.

Main objectives of the centre:

· Their main objective is to prevent secondary abuse to abused/traumatized children.
· To provide a safe place to children once they are removed from their families/situation.
· To ensure that the vital 48 hours after removal is dealt with through trauma debriefing.
· To ensure the child is well informed on what to expect going forward (Child Protection & Treatment Protocol).
· To prepare the children for Court.
· To offer a safe home to these children - helping them back onto their feet again.

The centre has 1 foster child in their care permanently. They have 3 foster homes in Dobsinville to assist with homes for the children and they currently have 18 children in foster home care. They are currently working on developing foster homes in the Munziville area.

Administrative details:

Physical address: 147 Viljoen Street, Krugersdorp North
Postal Address: PO Box 1110, Ruimsig, 1724
Contact person: Alida Wohlberg
Tel: 082 692 9852
Fax: 011 662 2149
E-mail: child@oribi.co.za
Registration No: 020-144-NPO

Any money for donations can be deposited into the following account:

Account Name: Child Protection Treatment Cent.
Branch No: 256955
Account No: 6223-2885-048
First National Bank, Key West

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