Thursday, August 13, 2009

Where have we been?

Wow - what a past week we have had. A very brief summary, would sound something like this:

The past weekend was spent worrying about Logan who complained about severe tummy ache, loss of apetite and tiredness – she has gone for blood tests this week, please pray that we can find out whats worrying her and quickly get it sorted out

Tuesday revealed a very sick Dee, who’s blood pressure was sky high and threw the roof, that he was man down for a few days- he is still not better – please do pray for his blood pressure to come down soon

Wednesday brought fantastic news of Deqlans clear ultrasound scan, Praise Our Lord and thank you again for your continued support and prayers and love! Please can we ask you all to please continue the prayers for the blood and urine results 20 August – we continue to trust that shall be normal and prefect to!

Wednesday afternoon my Gran was admitted into ICU again for septicaemia and possible heart failure again – please do pray for her to recover and feel better quickly and for strength and peace and guidance for my Grandad.

Thursday got me a trip to the doctor, as i continue to battle for the third week in a row with my strep throat infection that just isn’t getting better. Thursday night i was so very ill i couldn’t sleep my muscles were so sore and i wasn’t able to keep anything down

Friday morning i was so sick Dee had to come and fetch Deqlan and I , while my super hero Mom took care of me and Deqlan. I was still not improving by the afternoon so my super hero sister Megs, took me to the hospital and waited while i had blood tests and a drip put up. Thank Our Lord, they did not need to keep me overnight, i was so upset and stressed just thinking about not spending the night with Deqlan. They did a swab of my throat on Thursday and we should get the results next week to know how to best treat this infection – which just hasn’t cleared up after 3 courses on antibiotics in 3 weeks! So please can i ask you to pray that i can build my immune system up again to fight this thing off for good and not infect my precious family with this bug!

Saturday morning – eventually my Darling Mom has now also come done with flu – her muscles are as sore as mine were and she has a never ending migraine – after carrying all of us this week, i think her body is now telling her to stop and rest, please pray for her to feel better soon and be able to rest this long weekend, let her know how loved and appreciated she is

Now for the updated version - i am better, thank Our Lord, on the mend

My Gran is home and hopefully on her way to a great recovery

Dee is still battling his blood pressure, but new meds are going to be tried from today

Logan is much much better but still no news on her blood tests

My amazing super hero mom is also better and still the glue that holds our whole family together

Meggie is now down with a rip roaring bladder infection and we ask you to pray for her to feel better soon soon!

Our Gorgeous Deqlan is as Gorgeous as ever! He is only a few weeks away from the big 3! We are so excited planning all the little special things that he loves so much, you will have to stay tuned to get all the details, but they of course involve lots of trains!

Hoping to play lots of catch up with you all soon! Have a lovely weekend

God Bless

love Mark Samm Deqlan Logan


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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness my friend, it sounds like you have all had an awful week. We hope and pray that you all feel better soon, and that result's for everyone come back fine. Please keep us updated, and give love to the family. Thinking of you and love you lots

Sam xxxx