Monday, November 30, 2009


Deqlan loved playing with the hula hoop

one of the kids holding some puzzles we had bought with a donation
Darius getting his presie from Father Christmas, also part of our gifts to CHOC

All the kids patiently waiting - Deqlan only sat for the three seconds i took this photo,the rest of the time he was running around & dancing and laughing!

smiley boy - we were trying to tickle Deqlan to keep him sitting while we waited for Father Christmas to call his name
One of the gifs also from our group of gifts from you all!
All the kids running to greet Father Christmas
Father Christmas arriving in style
The tree with some of the gifts, Father Christmas brought the others
sjoe, running around is hard work!
The sweet and chips table, also showing some of the chips you donated
Deqlan looking at the presents and decorations on the tree
Ok, so its getting a little loud now for me...time for a walk away from the hustle and bustle...Deqlan sooned calmed down afterwards
The Simba fun area for the kids
Giggles the clown palying with some of the kids and their brothers and sisters
Deqlan hugging Keaton, Keaton soon woke up after this surprise hug..
Nanna and Megs

Deqlan taking Nanna for a walk to check everything out

Dear Friends

I would first like to say thank you so much to Karen and Ant for giving us 2 gifts over the weekend for the Kalefong kids CHOC party, thank you so much guys for putting so much love into specially choosing these gifts, and for helping us as you always do, you are both very special.

We went to the Pretoria CHOC Christmas party yesterday and we can tell you that the kids had a fantastic time! It was beautiful, it was heartsore, it was hard to be there, it was great to be there.

It was so sad to put our blanket on the grass, and get settled to look around us and not see the friends that were there the previous year, because they are now with Our Lord, it was hard. But we focused on why we were there and that all the angels would be proud of us being there helping others.

Simba had arranged for Simba the lion to come and entertain the kids, there was a jumping castle, and face painting and games and lots more to keep the kids happy!

Lots of food, pancakes, chips, sweets, coldrinks! We were so touched to open our gifts bags and be drinking and eating from the items you all donated. We said, "oh these are the sugar straws angelique and jacqueline sent, and these are the chips from shelley and these are the coldrinks from them, and these are the waters from gaynor, and these are the sweets from jason and these and these and these...."

Giggles the clown was also part of the entertainment, she was excellent, singing songs from Hillsong kids, teaching the kids the movements, and speaking to them about Christmas and the true meaning, she even got the kids to pray- it was so heart warming to watch this. She released tons and tons of balloons into the air and the kids ran around trying to keep them in the air - Deqlan loved this to, the louder and busier it got the better!

Deqlan made many girl friends, and gave many hugs and smiles - some were willing, others not to willing, He also made friends with a tough lilttle guy,round his age, and they were hugging to, more like wrestiling, when i think of it, but they had fun...

Father Christmas arrived in an ambulance with the sirens flashing and a very different tune to what you normally would hear! Deqlan was fascinated as were all the kids that ran to welcome Father Christmas! Father Christmas handed out each gift so lovingly, each child patiently waiting there to - Megs and I kept saying, 'oh that gift is from melisa, oh that gift is from bronwyn, that ones from micheles friends, look those are the puzzles we got with stefs donation, and that one and that one and that one..' the one little one was so fascinated with the label from Lisa and Dale and Cole ! we were so glad to see so many of the kids on our list were there to recieve the gifts - many were not, they were either in treatment or unable to make the party, but those will be delivered to them at the hospitals are there homes.

We met some lovely families and heard their stories, their wars, their triumphs - we needed to hear them yesterday.

We cant thank you enough for being a part of this project, we cant thank you enough for understanding the true meaning of Christmas, is giving to others, thank you for being so eager to get involved , for making this an extra special Christmas filled with joy and love. I wish you could have all been there to see the looks on the childrens faces as they opened their gifts, from their beautiful smiles, to giggles of laughter and sighs of surprise, to your eyes as you read this now, from all of the kids to all of you THANK YOU , GOD BLESS AND HAVE A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!

I will be posting some photos in the next few minutes so be sure to check back in to see all the photos. Promise to give all the details from the Kalefong party , next week Friday as well as photos when we recieve them!

Thank you all, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you so very much God Bless, love and thanks Samm & Megs and all the CHOC kids

ANGEL RENE- We recieved sad news last night about Rene Degenaar who fought leukimia for many many years, she went home to Jesus after celebrating her birthday last week. Please pray for Rene and for her family who are left without her in body, but never parted in spirit

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Grant!

Dear Grant!
Heres wishing you a wonderful birthday for today, a day full of love and laughter with Coreen and your loved ones i am sure!
Have a great day of celebrating and we trust the year ahead is going to be the best yet, all your dreams turning into a reality!
Stay the awesome friend you are!
God Bless, love Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Angel Christopher Beets

Rest in Peace beautiful Christopher. We know that the pain has stopped, and that Jesus has healed you in His heavenly kingdom. We pray for you Chris, you will always be remembered and honoured and we pray for Our Lord to carry your family. God Bless, love Mark Samm Deqlan Logan


Our House is now officially ready for Christmas!
Our beautiful tree, Deqlan loves looking at the loves and pulling the bells off!

How grown up is Logan? Cant believe she is going to be 8 in less then two weeks!

All four of us together!

Nanna cuddling gorgeous Josh!

What a gorgeous photo i sneaked of Darryl and is...

I know this photo isnt the best quality but Deqlan LOVED ABBY! He kept going up to her and touching her and loving her - he llooveeess Girls!

Nanna blowing bubbles for Abby and Nats - Abby loved them!

How cute is Abby???

Deqlan playing dominoes with the rice milk cartons!

The cutest mickey ever - Deqlan hated things on his head, now is putting them on himself! I have a happy birthday head band at home, he loves putting on now to

We had a lovely weekend, it wa great for the sun to come out , after a whole week of rain and grey skies, the sun was definitely welcome!

Mark through me a little birthday celebration on Saturday and because of all the rain, we landed up getting pizza and staying in doors! It was still lovely though and was awesome to spend time with Nats and Phil and Abby and Nix and Darryl and Josh - man, oh man are these kids beautiful, gorgeous, what precious gifts - was lovely to see you guys and thank you for my stunning presents!

Deqlan continues to have fantastic days with lots of positive changes

He has become a real ladies man, and loves hugging little girl babies and girls his own age- he has a 'girlfriend' in the road we live in called Zarina, she is to precious - also three, but a bit of a tomboy so doesnt mind when Deqlan hugs her tightly and pulls her around by her hand - not like some of the other kids that squirm away - she is a real tough cookie, Deqlans match to a T i would say! So precious to watch, 'THEY SAY' that kids on the spectrum are not interested in other kids, well my friends, Deqlan certainly is

New words :
HUG - so beautiful, when Deqlan hugs us , he says HUG

The countdown to starting school at Little Leaps has begun, 11 Jan 2010 - i cant believe it. In one way i am sad that i wont be with Deqlan every single second of the day, but in another way celebrating that he is going to go to school! That he is going to learn and thrive, that he is going to make friends, and learn new things and discover another world apart from our houses ! We will have a meeting with Ash in the next few days to get our game plan together and then we will watch Deqlan walk into his classroom for the very first time and i will be so proud the tears of joy and appreciation to Our Lord for healing Deqlan will just run down my face.

You know we went through that phase of leaving the shops with 3 different boxes of cereal each trip? Now its changed to Aero, the chocolate bar, but the mint one. Deqlan just wants to hold it and look at it for the bubbles on the wrapping, i was so concerned he would want to eat it and i would have to say no and that would be terrible, but its like he knows what he is not allowed now...shame..he even handed it to the lady at the till to ring up, he said "TA" and handed in to her with the biggest smile!

I saw a friend from church in Woolies yesterday and when i told Deqlan to say goodbye, he gave her his hand to kiss and then gave her a hug and send hug - i could see how touched she was by this - man oh man is Deqlan adorable!

Well friends, we are patiently, trustingly ( if there is such a word) waiting for the blood and urine results from Deqlans check up which we will recieve next Friday, we trust and believe will be normal and ask you to please continue praying with us for those great results

We also waiting for results on Deqlans liver functions, before we give next round of diflucan for the candida and also waiting to see what his imunity is like for measles, as he will be going to school next year and because there have been an increased number of cases in Gauteng, we need to be sure, i woudl hate to give another measles vaccination if we dont need to - measles vaccines have also been need to worsen leaky gut issues!

We also doing some amino acid profiling which will explain why it seems Deqlan doesnt have any protein, when his blood and urine tests are down, but thats actually all he eats! So a Prof At Potch University is doing a study for kids on the autism spectrum, to prove that there are issues with their amino acids - hopefully this will give us lots of answers and what we can supplement with to improve this - which in turn can inly improve things for Deqlans recovery from Autism i believe! We should get those results end of this year/beginning next year

Speaking of great results, Wills scans are stable!

Adrians MIBG scan also shows he continues to remain NED

Please continue to keep everyone in your prayers , special prayers at the moment for Reef, Elizabeth, Imogen, Erik, Christopher, Christo, Rene.

More thank you's for our CHOC Christmas drive:

I recieved yet another package yesterday afternoon, actually nearly a boot full of items from Jason! Thank you so very very much Jason for the 2 cases of water, the packets and packets of fizzers and packets and packets of suckers - i was totally blown away! Thank you also for coming to me to deliver and making sure they will still be in time for the parties! Thank you for being so enthusiastic to help us , you have been such a great help!

Have a great week everybody

God Bless, love
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


We have learnt of three precious cancer warriors becoming angels over the past few days, our hearts ache with their families and we ask Our Lord to guide them home, to look after their families as only He can

Kayden - the little 3 yeard old boy that crept into South Africa's hearts after recieving a Christmas wishlist from 94.7 last week, went home to be with Jesus,early this morning.

Noah Smith - Our Lord called 4 year old Noah home ,on 18 November ,after fighting neuroblastoma for just over 1 year

Noah Biorkman -this is the little fellow that had Christmas early and the families request for Christmas cards around the world, lead to over 1 million cards arriving for precious Noah. from Noahs care pages:

Our Angel
Posted 12 hours ago
After a long battle with Stage IV Neruorblastoma cancer, Monday morning at 8:02 AM, Noah Biorkman passed away at his home in South Lyon, Michigan.
Scott and I, along with our families, would like to thank everyone for the continued support over the past few years during Noah’s illness. As most of you know, Noah has received more than one million Christmas cards over the past few weeks. The outpouring of love and compassion has been remarkable and we are extremely grateful. We are now asking for everyone please respect our privacy during this very difficult time. The funeral services will be for family only. We are asking that instead of sending cards and flowers to Scott and me; please make a donation in Noah’s name to either of the organizations below. With your donation, Noah’s legacy will live on for many years to come, if not forever.
Thank you so much for your support and love.
Sincerely,The Biorkman Family

Please send donations to the following:
Department of Pediatrics and OncologyUniversity of Michigan1500 East Medical Center DriveD4202MPBAnn Arbor, Michigan 48109-5718Checks payable to: The University of Michigan – Noah’s Pediatric Oncology Fund
Make-A-Wish Foundation of Michigan230 Huron View Blvd.Ann Arbor, Michigan 48103Checks payable to: Make-A-Wish Foundation of Michigan – Memo: Noah Biorkman


Happy Birthdays

Dear Jaxson
Happy Happy 4th Birthday for 21 November Jaxson!
Hope you had a lovely day and wonderful celebrations, and all the very very best for the year ahead!
Stay the amazing fighter you are! You have touched and blessed so many people from around the world!
You are blessed to have such an amazing family, especially your Mommy that loves you so much!
God Bless, prayers always Love Mark Samm Deqlan Logan
Dear Gaynor
Happy Birthday to you for today and many many more!
We trust the year ahead is going to continue to open namy more windows and doors for you and that all your dreams come true!
Hope you have a lovely day, spoilt rotten by all those that love you!
God Bless, lots of love
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

Monday, November 23, 2009


Megs with Veronica and Chantel from CHOC
Veronica trying to find space in the already "choc a block' bus

Megs carry some gifts - i wouldnt let her carry the heavy stuff!

More gifts....and more and more....we must have done about 20 trips between our cars and the CHOC Bus

More stuff!

All the presies that lived at Meggies house, before we packed them in the car

You couldnt fit one more thing in if you tried
The presents, sweets, coldrinks and chips that were dropped off at Megs place
Some stunning t shirts for the CHOC Kids, designed and created specially by the kids at Sutherland High School - thank you so much Sam for arranging this for the 3rd year in a row, some of the t shirts were really outstanding, please tell all the kids we say thank you so much!
One of the beautifully wrapped presents!
My car, also loaded to the brim!
My Boot!
All the lovely presents and waters and coldrinks and chips and sweets and and and all the stuff that was dropped off at my house
Well, all the gifts and delicous treats have been dropped off with the CHOC ladies and are well on their way to creating to fabulous, unforgetable parties for these amazing warriors
We promise to post pics of the parties , first one is this week Sunday, next one is 11 Dec - cant wait to see the kids faces
God Bless, thank you a million times over for helping us make Christmas special for the kids, lots of love
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan
Conrad Megan Keaton


Dear Friends

Please join us at 2pm South African time today in prayers for Christopher and his family. Please pray for Our Lord to ease his pain and for comfort for his family

From His Care Pages:

Christopher 23Novermber 2009
Posted 1 hour ago
hi all,Today is Lauren's 30th birthday. She should be out having fun with her family! She however isnt leaving Chrissy's side. To my beautiful darling daughter you are very special. do you know that you constantly amaze me; you have such a strength of character that blows me away? You have this inner peace that you draw on in times of trouble. You have so much to teach me. I wish I could take all this pain away from you. yet with Chrissy's illness you have grown into an amazing young woman; you and Lee and Trisha have supported each other so well. Know that I love you so much.Chris has been having seizures since midnight. This little man has suffered so much already. would I be wrong to ask God to take him soon? to release him from pain? to give his parents and sister the strength to carry on once he is with Jesus? Wrong or not, this is what i pray for.I ask all those reading this to continue with their prayers for the entire Beets family.Again I ask you not to phone either Lauren or Lee, but to text/sms/email them.Lorraine (Lauren's mom)

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Hello Friends

WOW - i cant think of a more apt word to describe what i am feeling, i am humbled, i am speechless, i am touched, i am astounded at the love and generosity you have shown us for our Christmas project for the CHOC kids . We have recieved so many presents over the past few days and we are going to be meeting with even more folks over the weekend - WOW as Deqlan would say WOW WEE!

It was lovely to see Melissa after many many years ! Thank you Mel for coming all the way to me to drop your gift of love, i know the lucky little boy or girl is going to love this gorgeous cuddly toy , thank you so much for being so keen to help us , we really really appreciate it, thank you! Look so forward to seeing you on the kids real soon!

I have already sent a thank you out to Angelique for all the delicous sweets and coldrinks, but forgot to mention that this was also from her sister Jacqueline - thanks so much Jacqueline, you have both made such a huge difference to the kids party!!!

Thank you so much Gill and Daryl for your beautifully wrapped gift for your specially chosen girl, she is going to be delighted with her gift, i hope we get to see her opening it! Thank you for always helping in our projects Gill, i sure hope we can continue to help ALL Hands On Dec to, i think we make a great team!Happy Birthday to Daryl for today and hope he had a great trip to the USA! Thank you Dear Claire for fetching the gift from Gill and bringing through to Centurion you are always so willing to help!

Thank you to Shelley, little Sade & Josh for the car full of goodies!!! Thank you for the three beautiful presents and for over 400 coldrinks and chips- WOW - i couldnt believe my ears when megs told me what you had dropped off- thank you so much Shelley , its been wonderful re connecting with you again and i do hope we stay in touch!

Thank you to Bronwyn and Bart and Hannah and baby on the way , and to all your friends and colleagues who joined together to send 9 gifts for the little soldiers - your love and dedication and willingness to make a difference is so touching. Thank you to you all . Its been wonderful reconnecting with you to - the beauty of helping others is that new friendships are also formed and people are re connected - isnt that wonderful?

Thank you also to Mandy lee and your family for your lovely gift for a child that is going to have a magical Christmas because of you! Thank you also for making such an effort to get it to Megs in time, we really appreciate the love and willingness to help us,thank you so much dear Mandy!

Another Thank you to a group of amazing girls -Mich, Sam, Angelique, Charlene, Lorraine, Eunice for the amazing collection of gifts , also thank you to Marie and Toffa for your presies and sweets and chips!
Words are not enough to thank you for the 22 presents which have made a MASSIVE difference in us able to help even more children enjoy their Christmas. Also a MASSIVE thank you to Sam and her students at Sutherland high school, for again, the third year running, creating gorgeous, one of a kind t shirts which the kids are going to look adorable in ! Thank you all so very very much! We are going to need to make two trips to get all the gifts and sweets and coldrinks in our cars!

My dear friends Darryl,Nix & Josh and Phil, Nats & Abby, thank you a million times over for all your gifts and for wrapping them so lovely! You to , both always answer our call for help and we couldnt have such succesful projects without your help!I am blessed to call you friends, thank you also for letting Lauren bring her gift to you Nix and for bringing it to me

Thanks a mil Lauren for wanting to help and for being so generous, thank you for your lovely gifts- we promise to take lots of photos of the kids opening and enjoying their pressies

Robynne, Jason and Daniel , thank you to for coming on board and bringing some lovely goodies as gifts for the kids! its lovely to be in touch with you again, look forward to seeing little Daniel soon, thanks for all the help and support and prayers!

Megs and I will be meeting with Veronica from CHOC tommorow at 12 to hand over everything and i cant wait for her to see what we were able to do BECAUSE OF ALL OF YOU - Words are not enough to express thanks to you all - i know we have said thank you a lot of times, but it really isnt enough - we are so proud of what we are able to do for these kids that will surely make this Christmas special for them. Thank you for recognising the true meaning of Christmas, thank you for seeing the face of Jesus in these precious children, many, who dont expect anything for Christmas, so will be delighted and overjoyed at recieving a gift of their very own, AND sweets AND coldrinks AND waters AND chips - wow, i cant wait to see their faces as they experience the love you have all given them. I KNOW if the kids could say thank you face to face, they would!

We will be attending the party next Sunday and will most certainly post photos for you. Once we recieve the photos from the Kalefong/Steve Biko party, will be sure to post those to

Thank you to you all from the bottom of our hearts for joining our team, for making this possible, for giving of yourselves - we are so honored to know you and have you part of the team

God Bless lots of love and thanks Mark Samm Deqlan Logan & Conrad Megs & Keaton

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Dear Prayer Army

We need to ask you for your prayers for two amazing boys

Christopher Beets - Chris, a gorgeous 8 year old from Mmumpalanga, has been fighting rhabdomyosarcoma for over a year now, and sadly, the latest scans have shown the cancer has spread to his brain. The doctors have given Chris a matter of days. Please can we ask you to pray for Chris , that he is in no pain, that Our Lords peace and comfort are revealed to him and that his family are carried by Our Lord today and always. Please go and leave a message of support and love for Chris and his family - search for Christopherslighthouse

Kayden - for those of you in South Africa, who saw & heard the Christmas wishlist this week for little Kayden, will know that he to is fighting a monster - we are not sure if its neuro or nephroblastoma, but the tumor grew back from where it was originally removed and there is nothing more the doctors can do for 3 year old Kayden. He has gone with his family to be on the farm. Please pray for Kayden to be in no pain, for his parents and family to be guided and comforted , trusting in Our Lord.

Please pray for miracles for these two gorgeous guys , we know with God nothing is impossible.

God Bless and thank you
Love Samm

Happy Birthday Daryl

Dear Daryl,
Wishing you a very very Happy Birthday Daryl, hope you have a great day and wonderful, blessed year ahead!
Hope you had a great trip to the US and you are back safely soon!
Look forward to seeing you guys soon, prayers and thoughts are always with you and Gill,
God Bless, Love
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Shouting for Joy

Praise Our Lord for Deqlans clear ultrasound scan!

It was a new technician doing the exam, not a doctor, as we normally have, so she scared the living daylights out of me , when she said " I see something on the left . I think it could be gas, im going to check with the doctor" Why on earth wouldnt you first say, looks like some gas, ill call in the doctor to check, instead of i see something....thank goodness, a DOCTOR came to double check everything and all in order. I couldnt help dropping to my knees in relief and thanks to Our Lord .

Blood and urine collection went ok, Mr Deqlan wasnt impressed being held down to get the blood, but as always he was a super star and before you knew it we were on our way home, our boy is fast alseep, cosy under the blankets, and Mama is going to join him to to get rid of my migraine!

Thanks for all your never ending love and support and prayers, there are not enough times and ways we could thank you, but THANK YOU, we are honored to have you in Deqlans prayer army

Please continue the prayers for Deqlans other results, due 4 Dec, not 3 as i thought, but 4! Please continue to pray that they are perfectly normal and that Deqlan remains NED FOREVER AND EVER

Please also continue to pray for all the people around the world fighting cancer, there are many needing miracles and lots of prayers today AND EVERY DAY
Please also pray for Wills scans this week that they show great stable results.

God Bless, all our love
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

Army get your camo and green out!

Hello Deqlans prayer army

Please can i ask you to join us in prayer this morning as we go for Deqlans 3 monthly check up at 8am. Please pray that the ultrasound of his abdomen is totally and permanently clear and normal. Please pray that the urine and blood collection is not to traumatic for our brave boy and that the results we receive on 4 Dec , continue to be perfectly normal, and continue to show Deqlan remains NED forever and always

Please pray for us to be filled with the Holy Spirit , calmness and peace and trust and belief that Deqlan continues to remain NED forever

We already thank You Lord for this victory, as we know by Jesus Stripes Deqlan is healed and that you have plans to prosper us not to harm us

God Bless , thank you all, all our love
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

An unforgetable birthday

Just look at this - not even 1 week after his op and Grandpa can stand and walk without his walking stick!
How exquisite is this frame? Mom and Dee gave it to me, i burst into tears when i opened it, if you have been following our journey, you know that these words are the most precious and meaningful in our lives. To have them on such a beautiful frame, with Deqlans smiling face in the middle of them, is priceless and something i will always, always treasure. Thank you Darling Mom & Dee for spoiling me rotten!

Great Grandpa , Mom and Great Nan , hope you had a lovely birthday Nan, and Grandpa you are looking amazing, we are so grateful to Our Lord for your healing!

One of the cupcakes Mark specially designed for my birthday ! This one says Happy Birthday Mama and it has a pic of Me and Deqlan on - they were stunning!

Some more of the cupcakes, these with me and Megs and Mom! How spoilt am i?
Megs wishing Nan Happy Birthday!

Deqlan loved blowing out the candles on the cupcakes - and he was so good , he knew he couldnt it them, his fingers tried to get to them, but he actually didnt pick it up, he wanted to, but it was like a little voice telling him, they were not good for him - so proud of you my love, and one day i am going to invent gluten, sugar, casein, soya free cupcakes that look and taste even better then normal ones!

Our gorgeous gorgeous Deqlan, on my birthday, the sun shining, Deqlans laughter, the love of my family and friends, what more could i ask for?

Keatie and Deqie - as they call each other ! They now actually like each other, Deqlan even hugged Keaton, twice, out of his own will and said 'Keatie' when he did it, what a blessing!

Keaton feeding the ducks and doves at my birthday breakfast

Me and my gorgeous guy

Dada helping Deqlan blow some birthday candles out

My amazing Mom and guardian angel on earth

My amazing sister and best friend, and soon to be neice or nephew!

Deqlan had such fun chasing the birds, he loves birds at the moment- 3rd and bird is the best thing ever and he is even singing with to the songs now!

Deqlan trying the dinosaur ride out

He actually tried to say dinosaur when Nanna told him to!

The stunning birthday cupcakes i woke up to - Mark specially designed each and every one of them - how stunning, how loved am i?

I had the most wonderful birthday yesterday! It was truly unforgetable

It actually started on Sunday when my mom and Dee made a beautiful roast lunch for us all, which was really stunning, got to see Uncle Ken and Aunty Jen and Jeran, Conrad, Megs and Keaton and the best gift was having Nan and Grandpa there - Grandpa just out of hospital but he managed to stay the afternoon, not moaning of any pain, not even once, he looks fantastic. We all know now that the day ended in a trip to get Deqlans 4th set of stitches for the year, but thankfully, those are healing great to. Thank you Mom and Dee for the divine lunch and all the effort you went to to make it so special for me and Nan

On Monday morning, i awoke to a beautifully decorated table in the lounge, with happy birthday signs and flower ribbons, gifts and cards and the most beautiful custom made cupcakes i have ever seen. More beautiful then that was Mark and Deqlans smiling faces as i walked into the lounge, wishing me Happy Birthday! What a lovely start and needless to say i was spoilt rotten with lovely clothes and shoes and a voucher for a massage and indian head massage, looking forward to that - thank you so much My Love and Deqlan for making the start to my day so very very special and for taking such good care of me, i love you both so very very much

Next, we went to Mass - Mom had arranged for the mass to be dedicated to Nan and me! It was so special, so beautiful, a priceless act of love. And what was the gospel about - FAITH!!! How amazing! Mark was also able to join us - and Deqlan had a great time running around the church , he was thrilled to be there , smiling and laughing- i think he just knew where he was and how special it was to be there - thank you Darling Mom for arranging this unforgetable dedication to me and Nan, i will treasure it always. To have Mark, Deqlan, Mom, Meggie and Keaton with me was another gift of blessings!

Then, Mark had to go to work, and Nanna and Meggie took us to the Cornish Kettle so we could have a lovely breakfast and the boys could play - they had a great time feeding the ducks and birds and Deqlan was so excited he was even trying to pick them up! I was again spoilt rotten with a gorgeous top and sunglasses from Megs Conrad and Keaton - you guys know me so well. thank you so much for spoiling me rotten, i LOVE them! My Mom and Dee got me the most stunning frame i have ever seen with our famous verse, FOR I KNOW THE PLANS I HAVE FOR YOU, with Deqlans picture right in the middle - have you ever seen something so beautiful! Also a stunning mouse pad with my favorite photo of me and Deqlan, vouchers and money to spoil myself with! Thank you so so much Darling Mom and Dee for my stunning presents, but you know what , you give me presents everyday in all the love and joy and care and devotion and help you give me each day with my family, especially Deqlan , and that is all i need! You do give me the world in so many ways!

The sun started coming out! Hooray - normally my birthday involves rain every year, but this time, the entire day was sunny and it only rained later in the evening

Deqlan and Keaton then had a lovely sleep and we went to Nan & Grandpa for the afternoon to wish her a Happy Birthday to. We got Nan a portable cd player and she was in her element singing to all the songs on the cds - she knew every single song, every single word - it was a gift in itself to watch Nan having such a lovely time and so at peace with the world!Thank you Nan and Grandpa for spoiling me , i promise to get something that reminds me of you both! I love you both so very very much.

But a gift that you cant put a value to , was Grandpa showing me how he can walk, without his walking stick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The hernia must have caused the incredible hip pain that he has been experiencing and since the operation he is able to walk a few steps without it - how amazing, what a miracle!!! Thank You Lord!

The evening was spent enjoying some lovely prawn curry and sea food take aways my amazing husband arranged for us and just being with my boys, ended my day in the perfect way

Thank you to you all for your stunning messages and calls and emails and text messages - i feel incredibly loved and blessed to have so many people who care for me and love me so much, thank you so very very much!

Deqlans new words for the past few days:

tjoe tjoe- this one is amazing - this morning he was pushing his train, making the sound of tjoe tjoe! this is a MASSIVE deal as children on the autism spectrum battle with imagination - and here you go, Deqlan just started pushing his trains making the correct sound for them!!!

cake - after looking at the divine cupcakes Mark had specially made, Deqlan loved saying cake, and he says it so posh to

net - we think this actually means mnet, a tv channel here in South Africa

tatoe - potatoe, and my oh my does he love his potatoes! we may mini roast potatoes, definite favorite at the moment

milk - as clear as day- clearer then ever before - he will open the cupboard, take the ricemilk box out hand it to me and say ' milk'

subaru - of course, there had to be a car word in this weeks dictionary!

sore - he clips the pen onto his lip, comes to me and says 'sore'

today - singing with 3rd and bird, one of the songs end in 'today' - i wish you could have seen the look on marks face as Deqlan hummed to the song,and then finished it off with a huge big loud 'TODAY!!!!"

chip - must be from Macdonalds - he loovvesss fries/chips!

cold - as in the temperature today! freezing actually!

carrot -wish you would eat them by boy!
play- he just took Nanna by the hand now and said 'play'

When we are somewhere whether its at the shop or at Nanna or at Mungolnasitx, when Deqlan is ready to go, he takes our hand and says bye bye
So as you can imagine, we are overjoyed, thrilled, grateful and in awe at the amazing giant leaps Deqlan has again taken in the last few days - we are on our knees in thanks to God for the progress Deqlan is making, every single day. Cant wait for Liezl to see, cant wait for Ash to see..they are going to be as proud of Deqlan as we are! WOW!!!
Before i forget:


The Christmas Drive we are currently running for the CHOC Christmas parties this year, continues to have such a fantastic response, and we thank you all so so so much for your never ending support, we couldnt help the kids without you!
ANGELIQUE - thanks so very much to you and your sister for the massive box of coldrinks, chips and sweets you sent yesterday - wow, i was blown away and cant wait to see the kids faces when they start digging into to all their sweets!

HEIDI - Thanks so much Heidi, to you and James, Hannah and Michael, for always, always helping in our projects. Thanks for coming all the way through to us to drop the gift off, i know your little guy is going to be thrilled with his gift, thank you!

GAYNOR- Thank you Gaynor and Tyler, Uncle Vernon and Aunty Debbie for the 200 bottles of water for the party! Playing is lots of hard work, and the water sure is going to come in handy! Thank you for being so generous and giving and for helping make the party the great success its going to be!

KATH - i know i am going to be seeing you later this morning, but i just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for always always helping us no matter what - you continue to open your heart and help in anyway you can, and Kath, i can promise you Our Lord is going to rain His blessings down on you as you continue to bless and help others!

LETITIA- also going to see you later today , and wanted to say thanks so so much Letitia, for continuing to be on our team of helpers , thank you so much for your gift of love for a child who is going to have such a special Christmas, all because of you , thank you so much!
Well, everybody, let me end off this post by asking you to get your green and camo kit out for tommorow, as Deqlan goes for his ultrasound at 8am and then blood and urine collection afterwards. We ask you to stand firm in faith with us, agreeing on those results, that the scan shows absolutely nothing, that all remains normal and clear. That the blood and urine collection goes as easy as possible for Deqlan and that the results we get in 2 weeks time or perfectly normal and always will be, keeping our Deqlan NED forever, thank you for all your love and support and prayers, they mean the world to us
Have a great day everybody, sending you all our love and thanks
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan