Sunday, November 22, 2009


Hello Friends

WOW - i cant think of a more apt word to describe what i am feeling, i am humbled, i am speechless, i am touched, i am astounded at the love and generosity you have shown us for our Christmas project for the CHOC kids . We have recieved so many presents over the past few days and we are going to be meeting with even more folks over the weekend - WOW as Deqlan would say WOW WEE!

It was lovely to see Melissa after many many years ! Thank you Mel for coming all the way to me to drop your gift of love, i know the lucky little boy or girl is going to love this gorgeous cuddly toy , thank you so much for being so keen to help us , we really really appreciate it, thank you! Look so forward to seeing you on the kids real soon!

I have already sent a thank you out to Angelique for all the delicous sweets and coldrinks, but forgot to mention that this was also from her sister Jacqueline - thanks so much Jacqueline, you have both made such a huge difference to the kids party!!!

Thank you so much Gill and Daryl for your beautifully wrapped gift for your specially chosen girl, she is going to be delighted with her gift, i hope we get to see her opening it! Thank you for always helping in our projects Gill, i sure hope we can continue to help ALL Hands On Dec to, i think we make a great team!Happy Birthday to Daryl for today and hope he had a great trip to the USA! Thank you Dear Claire for fetching the gift from Gill and bringing through to Centurion you are always so willing to help!

Thank you to Shelley, little Sade & Josh for the car full of goodies!!! Thank you for the three beautiful presents and for over 400 coldrinks and chips- WOW - i couldnt believe my ears when megs told me what you had dropped off- thank you so much Shelley , its been wonderful re connecting with you again and i do hope we stay in touch!

Thank you to Bronwyn and Bart and Hannah and baby on the way , and to all your friends and colleagues who joined together to send 9 gifts for the little soldiers - your love and dedication and willingness to make a difference is so touching. Thank you to you all . Its been wonderful reconnecting with you to - the beauty of helping others is that new friendships are also formed and people are re connected - isnt that wonderful?

Thank you also to Mandy lee and your family for your lovely gift for a child that is going to have a magical Christmas because of you! Thank you also for making such an effort to get it to Megs in time, we really appreciate the love and willingness to help us,thank you so much dear Mandy!

Another Thank you to a group of amazing girls -Mich, Sam, Angelique, Charlene, Lorraine, Eunice for the amazing collection of gifts , also thank you to Marie and Toffa for your presies and sweets and chips!
Words are not enough to thank you for the 22 presents which have made a MASSIVE difference in us able to help even more children enjoy their Christmas. Also a MASSIVE thank you to Sam and her students at Sutherland high school, for again, the third year running, creating gorgeous, one of a kind t shirts which the kids are going to look adorable in ! Thank you all so very very much! We are going to need to make two trips to get all the gifts and sweets and coldrinks in our cars!

My dear friends Darryl,Nix & Josh and Phil, Nats & Abby, thank you a million times over for all your gifts and for wrapping them so lovely! You to , both always answer our call for help and we couldnt have such succesful projects without your help!I am blessed to call you friends, thank you also for letting Lauren bring her gift to you Nix and for bringing it to me

Thanks a mil Lauren for wanting to help and for being so generous, thank you for your lovely gifts- we promise to take lots of photos of the kids opening and enjoying their pressies

Robynne, Jason and Daniel , thank you to for coming on board and bringing some lovely goodies as gifts for the kids! its lovely to be in touch with you again, look forward to seeing little Daniel soon, thanks for all the help and support and prayers!

Megs and I will be meeting with Veronica from CHOC tommorow at 12 to hand over everything and i cant wait for her to see what we were able to do BECAUSE OF ALL OF YOU - Words are not enough to express thanks to you all - i know we have said thank you a lot of times, but it really isnt enough - we are so proud of what we are able to do for these kids that will surely make this Christmas special for them. Thank you for recognising the true meaning of Christmas, thank you for seeing the face of Jesus in these precious children, many, who dont expect anything for Christmas, so will be delighted and overjoyed at recieving a gift of their very own, AND sweets AND coldrinks AND waters AND chips - wow, i cant wait to see their faces as they experience the love you have all given them. I KNOW if the kids could say thank you face to face, they would!

We will be attending the party next Sunday and will most certainly post photos for you. Once we recieve the photos from the Kalefong/Steve Biko party, will be sure to post those to

Thank you to you all from the bottom of our hearts for joining our team, for making this possible, for giving of yourselves - we are so honored to know you and have you part of the team

God Bless lots of love and thanks Mark Samm Deqlan Logan & Conrad Megs & Keaton

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