Friday, November 13, 2009


Happy 8th Birthday Caleigh, hope its an awesome year ahead for you
Riley and Charles
Miss Logan enjoying her sweet box
Deqlan having an absolute ball in the bubbles on the slip and slide
At one stage there were so many bubbles, kids were disapearing in front of our eyes - but they all had the best time!
BFFS - Logan and Caleigh - cant believe how they have grown, real little ladies now!
Dada making Deqlan go faster down the slide , i wish you couldve seen the delight on his face and the laughter from his tummy...pure joy!

1, 2, 3, GO!!
Deqlan enjoying the trampoline - this was a BIG one , so Mark and i were running from side to side making sure he didnt fall off, but again, he had such a great time!
This was the beginning of the party, Kieron and Deqlan cautiously moving up and down the slide, within a few minutes they were pro's!

What a week its been , but what amazing support we have had , thanks so so much for all your prayers.

Grandpa is still in hospital , he is in alot of pain today and waiting for a physiotherapist to come and help him get out of bed and help with the pain in his shoulder - the longer Grandpa is not moving around the more tough its going to be on his hip to - but we not going to rush a good thing - we hoped Grandpa would be home this weekend in time for mine and my nans Birthday on Monday, so will still pray that does happen, please do continue the prayers

Dee is battling with high blood pressure again and had a very rough night last night, but seems to be better today, please do pray for him to
Keaton is fighting an upper respiratory tract infection, but Megs says is much better today since starting his antibiotic
Meggie also fighting an infection at the moment, but all going well with Baby thank Our Lord
Marks tummy not to well today, but i am sure will get better as the day goes on
I have ulcers in my mount and a sore ear - but i think this is all stress related - the dentist had a bit plate made for me so i dont grind my teeth while i sleep - but with a sore mouth i havent been wearing it, resulting in sore ear....enough moaning, just wanted to ask you all to keep us in your prayers and a very special prayer for my Mom, who is looking after all of us
Deqlans 3 monthly check up is scheduled for next week Thursday - the ultra sound will be done at 8am and then we will go down to have blood and urine sample taken, results of those 3 Dec . Please, please continue the prayers for our beautiful Deqlan. Please continue to pray that the scan is completely clear and normal and that the results continue to show everything is normal and clear and that Deqlan remains NED forever and always. What a birthday gift, what a Christmas gift, what a gift from God everyday, we thank You Lord.
As you can see from the photos we went to Caleighs 8th Birthday party last weekend and the kids had so much fun - the slip and slide was a massive hit and the kids played on it for hours! By the time Logan got home, she actually asked me to go to sleep cause she was so tired! Deqlan loved every moment of being in the bubbles, which we had a longer area in the garden to put the slide in,id get one tommorow!!!!
We also went to the UNICA Christmas market last week, which was stunning, but Deqlan didnt want to be there - we ran around the beautiful dam chasing the ducks, which he loved, he weaved in and out of people eating and drinking, which he loved, but some didnt appreciate, and a few looks of dismay were shown our way. I was very close to saying, " I am sorry, but why are you here? Do you know that this market is supporting kids with autism or are you just here to shop?" We chatted to some of the gorgeous kids from Unica, who remarked on how fast Deqlan was running after the ducks . One little guy asked what Deqlan liked, and i told him, trains, cars, helicopters etc and he said, "is that all?" I just smiled to him and told him there was alot more stuff, but the cool thing for Deqlan at the moment was cars. How lovely to see how far this kids have come ,through a school that loves and supports them, it was very inspiring.

Deqlan continues to do so very very well and we continue to be so proud of our little guy. New words this week:
HEY, HO - like the rappers sing in their songs, Deqlan now says, Hey, Ho, and then we have to do sea saw with him- which he wants to do all the time at the moment, so we must keep an eye on that...
BEETLE - Deqlan loves wathcing Christmas beetles and trying to pick them up - hearing the word beetle, is so beautiful. We also ran through hundreds of flying ants the other night which he loved- so maybe insects are the next craze on the cards for him?
PIZZA - but perfectly pronounced now - he is so clever , even when we hide it , he will come and tell us its pizza. He thinks sandwiches are pizza to! Got to try a gluten free pizza for him some time, dont know what ill use for cheese though?
OUTSIDE - so clearly said when he wants to go out into the garden!
DAISY - for Upsy Daisy from the night garden
NISSAN - the new collection to his car vocab
HARHOO - what the 'Harhoos' say from in the night garden - Deqlan loves saying it after Dada says it , can carry on for quite some time
WHY - this one actually breaks my heart. Some of Deqlans DVDS are scratched , they have been played so many times or have been handled so many times by Deqlan who loves them, that they jump when played. Deqlan will burst into tears, the most heartsore cry and say "WHY?" ag shame...
OFF -instead of saying "change" when we must change a song or dvd, he says Off, but he also uses it appropriately to switch the tv off or take something off. I hung a Christmas star in the window this morning and he came to call me saying " Off" when he pulled me to the window he said star! So clearly telling me what he wanted, so so proud of you Deqlan
SOFTLY - he learnt from when he touches babies or pulls on our cat to do it softly!
Deqlan continues to love other kids - when walking in the road, be ware, especially if you have a baby in a pram, he will run up to you with the biggest smile, softly touching the babies face and hugging and laughing. Some of them are 'wimps' as Mark says and run away, but some adore Deqlan and hug him back, and even hold hands with him, aw shame....
Deqlan rediscovered Logans baby doll, which cries and laughs and says Mommy , and they have been best friends the whole week. Carrying her around, putting her down softly, even hugging and kissing her and saying baby . I know he is going to love Meggies new baby and dont worry Keaton , he is warming up to you my love!
Nanna and i will be going to our second lecture tommorow in the series of lectures on Understanding Autism on a cellular level - its quite hectic and very scientific but i have already learnt so much and cant wait for tommorow !
On Sunday My SUPER MOM, and i mean super as in super man , is having a lunch for my and Nans birthdays with everything going on, she still wants to do this for me, so i continued to be spoilt rotten, not only on my birthday but everyday by my loved ones. Will be seing Uncle Ken and Aunty Jen and Jeran hopefully to and hoping we can celebrate with Grandpa at home.
Monday also Marks 22 months of Deqlan being NED, Praise Our Lord
Please continue the prayers for all the survivors, warriors and angels around the world, so many are in need of it right now.Special prayers for Wills upcoming scan results to show great results. Special prayers for Eriks counts to recover and for the stem cell transplant to be a huge success. Special prayers for Elizabeth we has progressed during treatment. Special prayer for Shane who is in ICU fighting for her life, her lungs are not functioning properly and this has put a halt on chemo. Please pray for the cure for all cancers and please support however you can.
Speaking of supporting, the All Hands On Dec team are going to be cycling in the 94.7 Cycle challenge this Sunday - so if you can go along and support them and help raise awareness for childhood cancer. Marlon Roelofse from Egoli, will also be raising in the AHODF colours and we wish you all , Daryl, Stephan, Ian, Marlon and all the other racers the best of luck, have a great race and thank you for what you are doing to help others. It will be broadcast on super sport to keep your eyes open for Gill and Claire and the rest of the team!
God Bless, have a great weekend, lots of love and thanks
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

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