Saturday, November 21, 2009


Dear Prayer Army

We need to ask you for your prayers for two amazing boys

Christopher Beets - Chris, a gorgeous 8 year old from Mmumpalanga, has been fighting rhabdomyosarcoma for over a year now, and sadly, the latest scans have shown the cancer has spread to his brain. The doctors have given Chris a matter of days. Please can we ask you to pray for Chris , that he is in no pain, that Our Lords peace and comfort are revealed to him and that his family are carried by Our Lord today and always. Please go and leave a message of support and love for Chris and his family - search for Christopherslighthouse

Kayden - for those of you in South Africa, who saw & heard the Christmas wishlist this week for little Kayden, will know that he to is fighting a monster - we are not sure if its neuro or nephroblastoma, but the tumor grew back from where it was originally removed and there is nothing more the doctors can do for 3 year old Kayden. He has gone with his family to be on the farm. Please pray for Kayden to be in no pain, for his parents and family to be guided and comforted , trusting in Our Lord.

Please pray for miracles for these two gorgeous guys , we know with God nothing is impossible.

God Bless and thank you
Love Samm

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