Monday, November 30, 2009


Deqlan loved playing with the hula hoop

one of the kids holding some puzzles we had bought with a donation
Darius getting his presie from Father Christmas, also part of our gifts to CHOC

All the kids patiently waiting - Deqlan only sat for the three seconds i took this photo,the rest of the time he was running around & dancing and laughing!

smiley boy - we were trying to tickle Deqlan to keep him sitting while we waited for Father Christmas to call his name
One of the gifs also from our group of gifts from you all!
All the kids running to greet Father Christmas
Father Christmas arriving in style
The tree with some of the gifts, Father Christmas brought the others
sjoe, running around is hard work!
The sweet and chips table, also showing some of the chips you donated
Deqlan looking at the presents and decorations on the tree
Ok, so its getting a little loud now for me...time for a walk away from the hustle and bustle...Deqlan sooned calmed down afterwards
The Simba fun area for the kids
Giggles the clown palying with some of the kids and their brothers and sisters
Deqlan hugging Keaton, Keaton soon woke up after this surprise hug..
Nanna and Megs

Deqlan taking Nanna for a walk to check everything out

Dear Friends

I would first like to say thank you so much to Karen and Ant for giving us 2 gifts over the weekend for the Kalefong kids CHOC party, thank you so much guys for putting so much love into specially choosing these gifts, and for helping us as you always do, you are both very special.

We went to the Pretoria CHOC Christmas party yesterday and we can tell you that the kids had a fantastic time! It was beautiful, it was heartsore, it was hard to be there, it was great to be there.

It was so sad to put our blanket on the grass, and get settled to look around us and not see the friends that were there the previous year, because they are now with Our Lord, it was hard. But we focused on why we were there and that all the angels would be proud of us being there helping others.

Simba had arranged for Simba the lion to come and entertain the kids, there was a jumping castle, and face painting and games and lots more to keep the kids happy!

Lots of food, pancakes, chips, sweets, coldrinks! We were so touched to open our gifts bags and be drinking and eating from the items you all donated. We said, "oh these are the sugar straws angelique and jacqueline sent, and these are the chips from shelley and these are the coldrinks from them, and these are the waters from gaynor, and these are the sweets from jason and these and these and these...."

Giggles the clown was also part of the entertainment, she was excellent, singing songs from Hillsong kids, teaching the kids the movements, and speaking to them about Christmas and the true meaning, she even got the kids to pray- it was so heart warming to watch this. She released tons and tons of balloons into the air and the kids ran around trying to keep them in the air - Deqlan loved this to, the louder and busier it got the better!

Deqlan made many girl friends, and gave many hugs and smiles - some were willing, others not to willing, He also made friends with a tough lilttle guy,round his age, and they were hugging to, more like wrestiling, when i think of it, but they had fun...

Father Christmas arrived in an ambulance with the sirens flashing and a very different tune to what you normally would hear! Deqlan was fascinated as were all the kids that ran to welcome Father Christmas! Father Christmas handed out each gift so lovingly, each child patiently waiting there to - Megs and I kept saying, 'oh that gift is from melisa, oh that gift is from bronwyn, that ones from micheles friends, look those are the puzzles we got with stefs donation, and that one and that one and that one..' the one little one was so fascinated with the label from Lisa and Dale and Cole ! we were so glad to see so many of the kids on our list were there to recieve the gifts - many were not, they were either in treatment or unable to make the party, but those will be delivered to them at the hospitals are there homes.

We met some lovely families and heard their stories, their wars, their triumphs - we needed to hear them yesterday.

We cant thank you enough for being a part of this project, we cant thank you enough for understanding the true meaning of Christmas, is giving to others, thank you for being so eager to get involved , for making this an extra special Christmas filled with joy and love. I wish you could have all been there to see the looks on the childrens faces as they opened their gifts, from their beautiful smiles, to giggles of laughter and sighs of surprise, to your eyes as you read this now, from all of the kids to all of you THANK YOU , GOD BLESS AND HAVE A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!

I will be posting some photos in the next few minutes so be sure to check back in to see all the photos. Promise to give all the details from the Kalefong party , next week Friday as well as photos when we recieve them!

Thank you all, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you so very much God Bless, love and thanks Samm & Megs and all the CHOC kids

ANGEL RENE- We recieved sad news last night about Rene Degenaar who fought leukimia for many many years, she went home to Jesus after celebrating her birthday last week. Please pray for Rene and for her family who are left without her in body, but never parted in spirit


Lacey said...

What a great party. I wish we could wear swimsuits at Christmas time.

Lisa Reid said...

Glad it all turned out so well thanks again for doing it all on behalf of all of us xxx

Anonymous said...

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