Sunday, November 15, 2009


Yip, you read right, stitches - Deqlan experienced his fourth round of stitches from a fall, all in the space of one year.

We were having a lovely lunch at Mom and Dee, the boys were doing the normal stuff the love doing, water balloons, jacuzzi, sprinkler. We then heard Deqlan crying and ran to investigate. Dada found Deqlan at the bottom of Nannas two little stairs in her bedroom, he had slipped on the wet floor - caused by a burst water balloon. We originally thought the pain was from his back hitting the step ,so i ran to get ice, but Mark started shouting for me, so i ran faster down to the room, to find blood on Dadas hands and Deqlans shoulder.

His head, the back of his head. He slipped down the stair and hit his head as he came down. I immediately started panicking as i know what this means and i couldn't hold back the tears. After Nanna cleaned and checked the wound we had to pack up and say goodbye to Grandpa and Nan and Mom and Dee, Megs and Conrad and Keaton, Uncle Ken, Aunty Jenni and Jeran

We decided to take Deqlan to the 24 hours doctors rooms instead of the hospital which we would have had to wait at, and definitely more traumatic for Deqlan. Deqlan fell asleep on the way to the doctor, and stayed sleeping while she examined & cleaned the wound. I lay down on the bed, letting Deqlan sleep on my chest , while Mark was ready to help hold him still. I bit of local anaesthetic was given and then three stitches followed - what a terrible way to wake up, but it was definitely less traumatic and painful then we have seen Deqlan go through with his chin stitches. Deqlan went back to sleep, and is still sleeping as he hasnt slept the whole day, and only had 6 hours sleep last night , so we expect him to sleep through, poor sausage

Thank you Darling Mom and Dee and the rest of the family for a lovely birthday roast, it was divine!

Dee also had to go to the doctor tonight, we could see he wasnt feeling well today, he now as a urinary tract infection - so please continue the prayers for him

Grandpa is doing exceptionally well and was even able to join us at the lunch table, we are thrilled at his recovery and ask you to continue praying for his total healing and for his strength to return

Please pray for my mom , who is again holding everything and everybody together, for strength and peace and rest

Please pray for Deqlan to be safe and sound and protected from all harm

Night everyone, God bless
love Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

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Anonymous said...

HI Sam,Mark Deqlan,
Sorry to hear Deqlan had to have stitches hope he is recovering well.
HOpe Dee is recovering from his infection.
Praying for strengh for Bev,
LOve and prayers for you all
Ruth xx