Monday, November 23, 2009


Dear Friends

Please join us at 2pm South African time today in prayers for Christopher and his family. Please pray for Our Lord to ease his pain and for comfort for his family

From His Care Pages:

Christopher 23Novermber 2009
Posted 1 hour ago
hi all,Today is Lauren's 30th birthday. She should be out having fun with her family! She however isnt leaving Chrissy's side. To my beautiful darling daughter you are very special. do you know that you constantly amaze me; you have such a strength of character that blows me away? You have this inner peace that you draw on in times of trouble. You have so much to teach me. I wish I could take all this pain away from you. yet with Chrissy's illness you have grown into an amazing young woman; you and Lee and Trisha have supported each other so well. Know that I love you so much.Chris has been having seizures since midnight. This little man has suffered so much already. would I be wrong to ask God to take him soon? to release him from pain? to give his parents and sister the strength to carry on once he is with Jesus? Wrong or not, this is what i pray for.I ask all those reading this to continue with their prayers for the entire Beets family.Again I ask you not to phone either Lauren or Lee, but to text/sms/email them.Lorraine (Lauren's mom)

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