Thursday, November 12, 2009


Praise Our Lord, Grandpa is doing great!

Mom got to speak to the surgeon late yesterday, and he said it was one of the biggest hernia's he had seen in his entire career. It was bigger then what he expected to be, it was in fact the size of a soccerball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He is not sure if the repair is going to be a permanent fix, but if it should happen again, please Lord it doesnt, he will be able to fix it with a camera, not through a big cut as Grandpa has now. He cant drive for a month, he cant lift anything again, especially not Darling Nan- her nurse will have to do this by herself and help Grandpa more in his month of recovery

I went to see Grandpa last night who was not so thrille about the 'huge' dinner he recieved of jelly and two tablespoons of soup ....shame...he loves his sweets so hopefully will be able to eat more today. He does get bouts of pain and is trying to move around in the bed, but we have told him not to over do it! He was in great spirits and full of smiles and cuddles and hope! We heard later on in the evening he had a terrible headache, which could be from not eating, he has diabetes, or the anesthetic.

Grandpa was very impressed to tell the nurses, his last trip to hospital was 72 years ago!!!!!! The nurse laughed and said things have changed a bit!!!

Mom is going to take Nan to visit him this morning, which i am sure will be a real treat for them both and will help Grandpa to recover and get home soon! We think maybe by the weekend?

Thank you so so much for all your prayers and checking in on us, they mean the world to me, as my grandfather does - he has such a special place in our hearts, he is an amazing role model and a saint walking on this earth - we love you Grandpa , so so much and wish you a speedy recovery , know that we are here for you and with God all things are possible!

We love you Grandpa, God Bless
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan and the whole family


Anonymous said...

HI Bev and family,
Praise God yoUR father and grandfather have done well.
Thinking and praying for your gradfather and you all at this time,
Love ruth xxx

Anonymous said...

Hey my friend

So happy that all is well. Your grandpa is truly amazing!!! We will pray that his spirit remains high, and for a speedy recovery. Love you guys lots. Please give all our love to your mom.

Love Don, Sam, Mia and Liam xxxx

Lacey said...

I knew he would do great. Your only as old as you think you are!