Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Some photos from Little Leaps

Can you believe how grown up Deqlan looks in this photo?

Ash has just sent me these photos of Deqlans first week of school which i wanted to share with you all!

This is Deqlans buddy Thokozani, he was trying to get him to sleep Ash says

Massage time, Deqlan very interested in Imran

sea saw!

Of course Deqlan loves the bikes and wheels!

Water play time, Deqlan didnt enjoy this activity to our surprise!

mmmm...should i shouldnt i?

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heidi said...

Hello Guys,
Wow! It is awesome to read how well Deqlan is doing at school, I am so proud of him, I can just imagine how proud Mommy and Daddy must be of him!
Keep it up Deqlan, you are meant for great things!
Lots of love us