Monday, January 18, 2010

School days

Deqlan watching his fishes! Its a virtual fish tank in a tv case, his present from Meggie and Conrad and Keaton for 2 years NED! Deqlan LOVES the fish and dolphins and turtles!

Deqlan sitting at the table enjoying his fish...since starting at Little Leaps, he will voluntarily go to sit at the table by himself, a massive leap! Deqlan prefers to be on the move even when eating
Logs and Me - look at those gorgeous blue eyes! Now you can see all the teeth are making their appearance, its changing her face completely!

Deqlan and Mama, Happy 2 years NED gorgeous boy!

Keaton ejoying a Mickey Mouse magic drawing board from Nanna & Gpa

Keaton loved kicking this balloon around - he certainly was in a birthday mood from the moment he woke up till the moment he passed out, he had such a lovely birthday

Deqlan once again going to have a seat by himself!

Our beautiful boys on their special day, 2 years NED for Deqlan, 2 years old for Keaton, thank You Lord!
Gpa, Keaton and Nanna

Keaton gardening! Ivan got Keaton the cutest little gardening kit, he loved it

Present time!

Our Rock Star!
So thrilled i captured this moment, Cam, Lyal & Deqlan

A priceless photo - Shaz with Cam and Lyal, Megs and Keaton, Samm, Deqlan and Logan

Keaton has mastered the drums - his awesome birthday gift from his parents

Nanna and Deqlan

Reece on keyboard

Deqlan on drums

Keaton blowing out his candles
The gorgeous bug cake. The kids had their own bug boxes and butterfly catching nets. Check in on Keatons blog soon for more pics, my camera was playing up so didnt get as many pics as i wanted!
1,2,3 Cheese!

Well, school day 4 down, and we are smiling. Although i think Deqlan is coming down with a cold already...

Deqlan is doing very well at his new school Little Leaps and we couldnt be happier
If you say Little, he says Leaps! He recognises the logo and letters and smiles at them
For those of you who would like to check the school out you can visit them at what a lovely place it is.

As you all read last week Wednesday , Deqlans very first day was great and we were thrilled , we couldnt have asked for a better first day for our boy, and for us

Thursday, Deqlan was quite happy when i handed him the photos i have in the car, with pics of Little Leaps and his teacher Ash, then he knows we are on our way to school. Deqlan has his first speech therapy session , with his new therapist, Danita and she said it went very well, He loves books and loves when you repeat words after him, although she is still trying to make out some of the words that Deqlan is still learning to pronounce. Deqlan was happy to sit at the table and eat his 'little lunch' which is his mid morning snack. Deqlan made a friend, Thokozani, and tried to make him go to sleep during their massage session! He was very happy to see us when we came to fetch him and Ash , said he was the star pupil of the day! Deqlan seemed a little different to me, quieter, like he was shell shocked? But i know its from all the new things, the new school, new toilet training, new speech therapist, new everything...

Friday , drop off was still smooth sailing. Ash said that Deqlan was very upset by the waterplay which was very puzzling to me, seeing , as you ALL KNOW, Deqlan loves the water, so we will see if it happens again in the next session. We even sent 'big lunch' with, to see if Deqlan would be happy eating it at school! He Was! He sat at the table and ate his lunch!!! With assistance, but no moaning to get up and run around, like he does at home. Deqlan is an eat on the run kind of guy, so this step alone is fantastic! You could see it was also a painting day as Deqlans shorts were covered in blue and green paint and Deqlans hand covered in green. When we arrived to fetch him he was lying on his tummy watching the wheels on a car, so seemed a little tired and ready to come home.

Today was a hard drop off. Deqlan initially smiled when we got to school, but when we went inside, he started crying. When i left , he cried a little more and called my name. That was hard and heartbreaking to do, leave him there, crying, calling for me... i was a bit worried about today, but low and behold, we arrived to a Deqlan who didnt want to come home this afternoon! He was much more himself, much more relaxed, reading a magazine, saying words to me...thats better.
He was supposed to have his very first swimming lesson at school today, but the weather wasnt the best swimming conditions, so hopefully it can be made up for in the week again. The swimming teacher gives lessons to Little Christian Village kids and then the Little Leaps kids at a pool at the school , how great is that ! Dont know how Deqlan is going to react to another new face, but he loves swimming and we want this to be more a fun acitivity then something we are forcing him to do.

Ash also said he loved the massage session today, so much so , he didnt want to leave! Massaging really helps with their sensory processing as well as a calming technique

They also did computers today and Deqlan loved that to, which i thought he would as he loves playing on my laptop - Mark has made a slide show of cars which Deqlan has learnt to operate. He will see the logo, for eg Ford, then pictures of Fords - its really such a cool idea and i told Mark we should do animals and colours etc

Deqlan didnt actually want to come home today, it took my a few minutes and a bit of bribing to get home. The mention of jacuzzi and swim is what did it! So today my heart is singing and so happy Deqlan had a great time and is learning and thriving.
We are sort of getting into a routine, after we fetch Deqlan at 1, he comes home to Nanna, where my office is, then has a lovely long jacuzzi. A bit of Thomas or a look through a magazine, then into his room to have a sleep with Nanna. No arguments or resistance, cause now he knows what to expect whats coming next in his day. Although he is only waking up at 430 or so, and only going to sleep at 1030 at night, he is coping -i think he catches up with his sleep in the afternoon. No use forcing Deqlan to go to sleep earlier, when he is ready he shows us, and its working so far.
I am still finding my feet in our new routine and find some moments harder then others, but overall, i thank God for this amazing milestone and i look forward to updating you all with wonderful stories and adventures, new friends, new words and giant leaps!

Logan is also very happy with her new Grade 3 teacher. The athletics season has started,the highlight of the term for her and she is already coming first and second in her sprints, which she is very proud of and so are we! She has another two races today so we holding thumbs she enjoys each moment

Enjoy the photos from Keatons party!

Have a great day, God Bless, lots of love
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

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