Saturday, January 16, 2010


Deqlans NED present from Grandpa and Nanna - Thomas and the Rainbow - how stunning, Deqlan LOVES rainbows at the moment, and of course Thomas and helicopters, combine the 3 together, wow! The number of the dvd in the series is 16...and guess what, today is 16 Jan....just meant for Deqlan!

Our NED celebrations this morning , couldnt make a cake cause Deqlan cant eat it, so we do balloons !

I created 2 scrap booking pages to celebrate the occasion with all Deqlans favorite things!

Now THIS is the surprise we have been keeping...did you know that there is a train call NED as part of the Thomas range - i nearly did cartwheels in Toy zone when we found it, of course we had to get it. By coincidence, the number on it is 19, for some strange reason, Deqlan has been saying 19 for the past few weeks, without knowing the number on little NED!

Hooray, Thank You Lord , 2 years NED the rest of eternity

Deqlans little diary for Little Leaps, so cute, what a lovely idea to communicate between us and the school and to let us know what Deqlan gets up to and how well he is doing!

To Our Darling Deqlan Ross


Today Our Darling Boy we congratulate you on being NED for 2 years!!!! Praise Our Lord for His miracle of healing in you!

We continue to believe and trust and hope and thank Our Lord that you will remain NED forever and always. He has answered our prayers, He has stayed faithful to His promises to look after you and not to harm you, to give you hope and a future

We couldn’t help feeling so overwhelmed packing your little Thomas bag for school on Tuesday night. To have this prayer answered of watching you go to school is indescribable. There are not enough ways and times Dada and I could say thank You God for answering our prayers, for healing you, totally and permanently.

We have so much to teach you honey, but the most important lesson we would like to give you , is that of the love of Our Lord for you. That ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE THROUGH HIM , TO THOSE WHO BELIEVE. He will always shine His light for you to follow, He will always love you, no matter what you do or don’t do. He is such a loving God he will forgive you and will show you the right way to go , if you only ask. He will heal the sick, he will clothe the poor, he will feed the hungry. He will keep His promises to those who believe and trust in him.
We continue to pray that His Holy Spirit continues to run through each and every part of your beautiful body – every vein, artery, muscle, organ, bone, bone marrow, every hair on your head, every single cell in your body and keep you NED forever and always.

We continue to ask God for the absolute honor and gift and privilege and blessing of watching you grow up – going to school, talking, making friends, having grandparents days at school, sports days, school concerts, being a part of our church, going on holidays, growing up with Logan and Keaton and your little girl cousin on the way. To watch you go through primary school and high school, go to your matric dance, get your drivers license, travel the world, follow your dreams in what field of work you want to go into ( which I suspect will be cars for sure!!!) , falling in love, having children and grandchildren of your own. Inspiring others and being a walking testimony for Gods miracles right here on earth.

How blessed are we , that you chose us as your parents and family and friends – you have changed our lives, you have made things make more sense, you have taught us life lessons that are priceless, you are the reason our faith has strengthened , you have even brought people back to church, that stopped believing in Our Mighty God.

It is are honor to watch you grow up into a beautiful boy. There are so many things that are so unique and belong only to you – things that Dada and I treasure and adore.

Your love of cars and trains – you are so bright , and your love is so intense, you are able to distinguish between 20 different cars.

The words that flow out of your mouth like music – READY , STEADY , GO! In a little British accent! COME ON! As Mickey has taught you. BYE BYE SEE YOU NOW! And even a precious moment of you saying I LOVE YOU – the first of many times I trust. RAINBOW, OH DEAR, MNET, WIVES…Oh my oy how precious these words are, how grateful we are that God is also healing you and pulling you off the spectrum and through the window, another miracle

Watching you pull Blues tail in eager anticipation of a meow!

Watching you run into a toy store, knowing you are going straight to the car section, to inspect each box, each part!

Your love of the Jacuzzi is the highlight of the day – the giggles and laughter and radiance from your face is beautiful to watch

Your big hugs and lonnggg kisses for Dada and I are the best thing in the world, they are priceless and we treasure each and every single one and wish they would last forever.

For every moment , of every day, every word, every hug, every kiss , every sea saw, every touch, every laugh, every breath, we thank God for the blessing and gift and miracle you are, we are so blessed and privileged to be your parents and we couldn’t love you more, you are our world, our everything, everything we do is for you Deqlan, we love you beyond words, you are our everything

All our love, God Bless you our beautiful boy,

keep you NED forever and always

Dada and Mama


Anonymous said...

Dear Sam,Mark Deqlan,and Bev and family
Praise you Jesus we serve a faithful and Awesome God who always honours thwe promises He gives us.
Continuing to pray for Deqlan and faily.
God has given this to you;
Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight.
Love Ruth xxx

Nanna and Grandpa said...



What a joyous blessing , honour and privilege it is for us to celebrate with you today, your SECOND NED ANNIVERSARY ! On this glorious celebration, we humbly again acknowledge the power of God's modern-day miracles in action, and we are again on our knees in prayer and thanksgiving to Him for all His great healing, mercy, love, compassion, guidance, love, protection He has given you . You are to God and to us, a courageous little soul, warrior and a true hero, one who continues to walk the road God has paved for you, with dignity, with innocence and trust, with faith , hope and love. On this journey your footprints have left inspiration and created a testament to your miracle story. May your “Happy Feet” always walk in the footsteps of the Lord with eternal courage, strength, trust, determination, faith, hope and love.
You are surrounded and protected by a family who loves you unconditionally and beyond measure. Walking in the light, mercy and wisdom of God’s love, Mamma and Dadda and all of us continue this journey of miracles with you. We understand the extreme dedication, need for sincere and continuous prayers, unconditional love, unshakable faith and trust and hope in God and all His promises are essential for us to understand and always accept God’s will in our lives. We commit to remaining on our knees in praise and thanksgiving to God for answering our prayers and that our prayers continue to be exactly His will manifested.
In recognition of today being the 2nd Anniversary of an eternal NED status, you have been awarded a symbolic rainbow in the form of a DVD of your favourite “Thomas the Tank Engine”.
You currently love rainbows , hence this rainbow symbolizes the magnificence of your permanent and glorious victory over the “rains and storms” that you have weathered to achieve an eternal NED status. The episode No. is 16 and this too is symbolic of the original date you were first declared NED (16th January 2008). You share this number with Mamma’s birthday day and Keaton’s actual 2nd birthday. What a day of celebrations and joy !

Nanna and Grandpa said...


We have been graced by another miracle this week with your triumphant entry into pre-school. Your great love of “Happy Feet” is reflected in the fact that you have been placed in the Penguin Class and after only3 days of schooling, you are reported to be the Star Pupil ! We are so very proud of you. This incredibly important milestone may be hard work, darling Deqlan, but another pot of gold at the end of another beautiful rainbow, awaits you !
The other NED MILESTONE will soon be achieved with continuous, earnest faith-filled prayer to the Blessed Trinity, concerted effort and loving and willing labour, in due time, to pull you back "through the window" and "off the ASD spectrum". Imagine the power of praising God in such a double celebration of NED x 2 (No Evidence of Disease and No Evidence of Disorder) !

You continue to be a beautiful, powerful and most loving inspiration to us every day of our lives together. No matter the challenge presented to you, with God's help, your beautifully innocent trust, faith and hope in Him, you embrace it (with Mommy and Daddy's extraordinary courage, faith, hope and trust of their own of course) with bravery, dignity, strength, and a determination which will ensure glorious victory every time.

Like Mommy and Daddy, we pledge our humility, acknowledgement, praise and thanks to God, Jesus our Healing Saviour and the Holy Spirit and will continue to do so for all eternity. To the Blessed Holy Trinity be ALL the glory.

In our own faith also, we have reason to declare NED, as we will “Never Ever Doubt” how much God loves us, wants the best for us, knows the plans He has for us and that HE will ALWAYS walk beside you and our family, all the days of our lives.

Once again we remind you of the meaning of your name. As a “little man full of prayer”, we are certain God has a VERY SPECIAL PLAN AND PURPOSE FOR YOU, DARLING DEQLAN. You are a great teacher, a faith-builder, a trust-certifier, a courageous warrior and a determined, passionate soldier for the Lord.
You are a blessed, beloved and special child of God. We love you so very, very much, beyond human understanding. Thank you for the blessing you are in our lives, for all the lessons you have taught us and for all the joy, love, happiness, and “kisses in the hand” you have given us and for every smile , and all the laughter you have shared with us. We have been truly blessed to have you in our lives.
Our continued prayer is that God, His Healing Son and Saviour, Jesus and the Holy Spirit continue to bless you in every way and on every level . May God FOREVER protect, light, rule, guide and guard you all the days of your life.
With all our eternal and immeasurable love,
Nanna & Grandpa

Anonymous said...


rhenda Elsayed said...

Dear Higgins family,
Praying Sweet Deqlan remains NED Forever! may your family continue to be strong and blessed always with health,comfort in your heart and joy in your life! you are all an amazing family and you keep inspiring me everyday...God Bless you.
Rhenda,Ali and family

Elriza Paul said...

COngratulations big boy! We're all very proud of you for growing and fighting so beautifully! May God continue to protect you in the palm of his hand.

God Bless
Elriza, Wes, Caden and Noah

Debbie said...

Dear Samm, Mark, Logan, and Deqlan,
What an incredible and special day that we thank God for-2 years NED! Samm, I love the pics (as usual), the scrapbook ones nearly made me cry they are so beautiful. Keep enjoying your sweet Deqlan. :-)
Debbie, Sam, and Kids