Friday, September 19, 2008

A trip to the xray department

Oh Boy...Grandpa and Nanna are away in Cape Town at the moment celebrating their 10 year wedding anniversary as well as Nanna's Birthday! So, I have been working from home , whilst watching our little monkey , who is as good as gold!

Yesterday afternoon, I was busy making a hotel booking for a client, when a hear a thump and a bump and then a cry - there was our precious soldier lying face down next to his slide with both arms under him. I had to explain to the hotel that i had to go my little one had just fallen off his slide... After trying to console Deqlan for ten minutes and using all the tricks that normally calm him down, i started checking every limb and area i could to see if there was something really worrying him - i wasnt 100% sure, but it seemed to be his left arm which was causing the unhappiness. I was in a state - i dont know why as Deqlas has been through so much more - but this was so upsetting to me, thoughts of plaster of paris and surgeons rushed through my mind as i got on the phone to Dada - he of course asked who i was on the phone with and how Deqlan couldve fallen off the slide right in front of me? That sent me into further waterworks as i was asking myself the same question ... After speaking to Nanna and wishing she was here with me, she convinced me that these things do happen to little boys, especially active ones like our soldier, and Grandpa was amazed it hadnt happened earlier!

So, off Deqlan and I went to Meggie and Keaton ..Deqlan still crying and moaning , Mama stil crying and praying...we put Deqlan down in the play room and as he wanted to sit and lean on his left sore arm, he fell over, his wrist couldnt support him and of course , more tears . I called the paed who suggested who do some xrays to rule out any fractures - more tears, how could i put Deqlan through this - my sister and conrad quickly reminded me that it was the best reason to be going to the hospital for - being a typical, active, full of energy 2 year old boy, that maybe hurt his arm - all normal...that calmed me down a little...we gave Deqlan some stopayne to try and releave some of the pain - i gave half a dose as 10mls seemed to be a bit buch for a toddler to me?

We had been at the doctors twice already this week - Monday for tonsils, Wednesday at the dermatologist for some spots , which turned out to probably be from the strep throat, and maybe a bit of the third time for xrays - my medical aid are not very happy people this week....

So off we went to Unitas Megs and I with both boys in tow, we fortunately didnt have to wait to long - Deqlan became very drowsy and quiet, think it was from the stopayne, thank goodness i only gave half the dose! As soon as we walked into the xray room Deqlan started crying, he definitely knows when something is about to happen...luckily he could sit on my lap and the technician positioned his arm just right to get the pics they needed, of course our soldier was very unhappy and in pain. 5 minutes later, they asked for more pics at different angles - 20 minutes later they wanted even more and an xray of his right arm to! Of course this started the worry pot to brew even more and when i asked why they said they where more concerned about his elbow then wrist....another half an hour wait....all of a sudden a doctor walked past where we were sitting and it happened to be the doctor who did the mri of Deqlan on the 25th of May 2007 - the one who initially diagnosed neuroblastoma - i went into absolute overdrive when i saw his face as all the memories of his voice, how he was standing, where we were standing - everything of that moment all came flooding back to me and i just picked up Deqlan and had to walk out the room - i just wasnt prepared to see him nor was i ready , or will ever be, to relive that day..

Finally the results came - no obvious fracture! Hooray, what relief, thank You Lord for answering our prayers, again as always...the report does mention swelling around the cartilidge in the elbow and an underlying fracture cant be ruled out - torn muscles cant be ruled out...they recommend a follow up, so we got back in the car releaved, saying Thank You Lord!

Conrad had made choc chip cookies, so when we got back to the house they were a welcome treat to wind down with - thank you Megs, Con and Keaton for all your help yesterday , for calming me down and taking such good care of Deqlan and I as you always do

Deqlan fell asleep in the car on the way home round 530 and only woke up at 6am this morning! ! this has never happened before and it must have been from all the trauma and stress and stopayne...he was very restless though and moaned and cried when he lay on his arm...Dada and I kept a close eye on him during the night

This morning, the arm is swollen and definite bruising around the elbow - the poor monkey either holds his arm as if to say - i got a sore arm- or he just doesnt use it at all - even to be picked up , he just holds one arm up - even running is now down with one arm , so he must still be very sore and tender.Please pray that he feels better each day and that the swelling goes down and the pain disapears and no need for follow up xrays!

Shame our poor chicken, but as Nanna and Grandpa have reminded me he is a boy and he is going to be rough and he is going to get bumps and bruises as he continues to grow and explore and discover and learn !

I went through to Baby Therapy centre this morning where they had an open day for their new preschool and a talk on nutrition. Was lovely to see Esedra and Anja whom we havent seen in weeks while we try out all our ideas at home. The preschool is lovely and very individual focused. Max 8 in the school , from ages 3 -5 - the aim is to provide a bridge and get the pre schoolers ready to go into a main stream school. So while still teaching things in normal pre primay or nursery - they also get occupational therapy , music therapy, hydro therapy etc and the teachers who are occupationa therapists concentrate on specific areas the little ones need help him, like socialising, eating etc lovely and i wish you all the success girls!

Then i attended a talk on nutrition and was all ears when discussing fussy eaters! I got a few tips and was pleased to hear that the amount of wheat Deqlan consumes is not way over the suggested serving per day, although i would like it to decrease and the vegies and fruit to increase! I bought a whole lot of delicious fruit and vege afterwards and i am going to try and try again - they say you shouldnt give up on a food unless you have tried it at least 25 times with little its going to take a while but we are going to persevere!

Well, let me be off for now, sending you lots of love, prayers and blessings, have a wonderful weekend, please continue to pray for Deqlan and all our warriors and angels around the world, please let them never ever leave your prayers

God Bless, lots of love
Mark, Samm , Deqlan



JennBoBo said...

OH, that was scary! I hope Deqlan feels better and a speedy recovery! You guys are in our thoughts.

Warmest regards,
Jenn & Adrian

Anonymous said...

Dear sam Mark Deqlan,
Thinking and praying for healing of his arm and restoratiion of his health in Jesusname,
Love Ruth xxx

Anonymous said...

Aaahh Samm, bless you my friend. I can only imagine how worried and upset you felt that Deqlan managed to hurt himself whilst you were close by. Been there, done that my friend, and your Mom and Uncle D are so right to say that it is normal!!! I'm glad Deqlan didn't break anything though! Give him a big kiss and cuddle from us.

Love you lots

Sam xxxx

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness!!!!!!! Im so sorry for everything you (Samm) have had to go thru. thinking of you and praying for Deqlan as always that all will be just fine, I'm sure his arm will be better in no time at all.

love jelenka and gianna