Monday, September 29, 2008

we did it!

Hooray! We finally started Deqlans Vaccinations! I was a lot more nervous then our soldier as i didnt know what to expect - actually i expected a very very upset, hurt little soldier, and my heart just broke at the thought of it

After A LOT of discussions, back on forth , calls to numerous doctors, vaccine lines, reading articles on the net , reading books, speaking to my very knowledgable Mom, we came up with a plan we were happy with. The Vaccine line knows me by name now, 'Hi Sam' when they hear my voice for the 20th time, but i had the most amazing lady help me with everything we needed to know.

So off we went, we decided on Hibarix, Infanrix and the measels as the cocktails for the day! Deqlan was not happy to be contained in the little room , i think he knows, i am sure he knows when something is about to happen to him. The sister told me to put him sitting on the bed and hug him as she injected the first arm, which he didnt even make a sound for, then the second arm, which he made one sound for - then nothing, not a cry, not a moan, nothing - how amazing is our soldier? He is the bravest person i will ever know. I was the scardy cat, and Deqlan proved how strong and resilant he is. I think having Nanna with us, playing Deqlans voice recordings to him was HUGE help, thank you Darling Mom, you continue to walk the walk with us, we love you so mucch, thank you.

The sister wanted us to hang around the hospital for half an hour just in case Deqlan had a reaction. So we waited outside to let our soldier run around, and because the thought of him sitting in a hospital with a million germs dosent intise me!

Deqlans neck started going to red and he started itching - oh oh - but after a few minutes we discovered it was a mosquito bite! Oh boy - what a coincidence! Deqlan thoroughly enjoyed playing on a rock bed, they look like Maka Paka rocks ( those of you familiar with In The NIght Garden!) Then Deqlan decided it was time to paly the lineup game- wiht COMPLETE STRANGERS! A bike messenger walked past and before you could say measle, he was holding this guys hands! You can imagine the expression on the drivers face, and the horror on mine!

So our next mission is to teach our soldier, its not ok to hold anyones hand - germ and safety wise!

Half an hour quickly passed and thank Our Lord, no reaction so we were very glad to get in the car and come home!

Up until now, and i trust it will remain , Deqlan has not had a fever, no rash (yet, i believe they get one a few days after the measles injection) NOTHING, Our God is so great

Our next appointment ia 30 October for Prevenar and Chicken pox. We will then ask for a specific test at Deqlans next 3 month appointment which will test for antibodies - to see what he has what he needs more of and then we will take it from as Nanna says, we are now back on the highway and on a new journey, and we are enjoying and appreciating the ride !

Congrats to Heidi and James on the news they are expecting a boy, congrats guys how wonderful, may Our Lord keep you all safe and healthy and in His loving care!

Have a great day, God Bless, thanks for all your prayers and checking in on us!
Lots of love
Mark, Samm, Deqlan


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