Sunday, September 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom and Nanna

To an incredible, amazing, caring , and our guardian angel on earth,

Darling Mom,

A very very Happy Birthday to you for today and many many more!

It is my honor to be your daughter, my honor to watch you be the most amazing Mom and Nanna i could have ever asked for.

I pray that this is YOUR Year! A year for us to help you, make your dreams come true! May you recieve all the blessings that you continue to shower down upon us.

May love fill your days, peace and happiness your heart and Our Lord guide your footsteps each day.

I dont know how you do what you do - you always put everyone else first, you always ensure that we are taken care of, before worrying about you. Whether you are tired or sick - you always put us first and i hope that one day i can take care of you , the way you take care of us.

I know i always tell this story , but it is something that will remain with me for the rest of my life - you have always walked every step of the way with me, but the day that you where standing next to me, hugging me and holding me up, when Deqlan was diagnosed - you said ' I dont know what lies ahead my Samm Samm, but i can promise you i will be with you every step of the way' and that you have done my Darling Mom and so much more

There is not a single day that goes past that you havent helped us in some way - even in your prayers, i know we are always there.

I dont say thank you enough, i dont show you enough how much i love , honor, treasure and appreciate you - you are my rock and you raise me up each and every day of my life - i love you so very very much!

I dont know of anyone else who deserves all the love and happiness, peace and blessings that you do and i promise to try to do all i can to help you Mom. Not many people know the sacrifices that you have made for Megs and I, and for our precious Deqlan - that you get up each morning and mop the floors with dettol,to ensure he is protected from all germs, wash all of Deqlans toys and get everything perfectly ready for our arrival - that when you go shopping for things you need, you come back with more for Keaton and Deqlan then for you! That you treasure each and every moment with us all - I know the voice recordings of Deqlan on your cell phone are a prized possession and that you take nothing for granted that you grab each moment and make the most of it - i continue to learn so much from you and inspire to be half the mom you are

I love you , honor you , thank you for being the most amazing Mom and Nanna, I love you with all my heart and wish you the best birthday ever

All our Love and so very much more, and God Bless you Darling Mom

Mark, Samm, Deqlan and Logan

My Darling Nanna,

Happy Birthday Nanna! Cant wait to celebrate with you today, ill help you blow your candles out if you like, i had some practise last week, i can show you how to eat it to!

Nanna, i cant thank you enough for taking such good care of me, for giving me all your time and love, i know i am very busy and active and a handful at times, but treasure each second we spend together. From singing iggle piggle and maka paka, to hot dog , to launching our helicopters together, to bubbling in the jacuzzi, each memory with you is a gift to me, and I thank Our Lord that you are my Nanna, i think i chose pretty well if i must say so myself.

Thank you that you and Grandpa do EVERYTHING you can to keep me safe and happy and i know how much you love me, i feel it every day.

I feel so safe, and loved in your arms and I wish you all the love in the world. You are my guardian angel, my fairy god mother - any wish i have , some even before i know i have them, come true. I love you Nanna and wish you a very very Happy Birthday!

These songs today are for you Nanna, Happy Birthday for your big day, I will survive - my mama told me this is a very special song to you and her and Meggie, and Supercallafragalistic (still learning to spell this one) because you are my Mary Poppins and you know how to fix everything and make everything fun - my mom says maybe you should right a book so she can also learn all your tricks!

God Bless you my Darling Nanna, Love you with all my heart,

Big Hot Dog Hugs and kisses to you

Deqlan Ross


Anonymous said...

Dear Bev,
Hope you have a special birthday .
You have always been kimd and caring and always made sacrifices for your family and friends,
i am blessed to have a friend like you.
Lots of love to you sand to all the family.
Love Ruth xxx

Anonymous said...

To my precious family,
Samm, Mark, Deqlan and Logan,

How can a mother and grandmother so honoured on her birthday ever hope to adequately respond to all the praise, accolades and tributes awarded her everyday, but especially in a blog entry such as this, from her loving family ?

As I am privileged to be the mother and nanna concerned, I shall humbly attempt to express and describe how blessed I am and how blessed I felt when I read your beautiful words.

I felt loved beyond measure.
I felt honoured beyond description.
I felt humbled beyond definition.
I felt appreciated beyond words.
I felt privileged beyond belief.
But most of all, I felt blessed beyond expression.

If indeed I AM to you, all the things you so kindly award me, it is so BECAUSE OF MY LOVE FOR THE LORD. It is not I, but HE in me. My daily prayer is that He uses me as His instrument on earth to do only good to bring glory to His name. I request only that He gives me the guidance, strength, faith, hope and trust to continue to help me be the best mother and nanna I can be. Therefore all the honour goes to my Great God whom I serve in great humility.

Having YOU to love and care for as my family is MY privilege and honour.

Thank you from the depths of my being for making my birthday so special and memorable. I shall always treasure EVERY single memory of the day, but especially your early morning birthday wish call, surprise and delicious breakfast, amazing birthday cake, beautiful presents and vouchers, magnificent cards with extraordinary words and wishes, the special lunch we enjoyed, our visit to Great Nan, with Deqlan running through the sprinkler, pure enjoyment and surrender at his delight, and my small and private birthday braai at home the next evening.

Thank you my darling Samm, Mark, Deqlan and Logan for all your love, respect and admiration. I pray that I am forever deserving of these priceless treasures and your tributes. It is my unconditional love for you, as well as your love, respect and admiration that fuels my passion to be the best mother, mother-in-law and nanna. May God bless you abundantly all the days of your lives. You are so very special and treasured, adored and cherish by me and you always will be !

Deqlan, Nanna will always cherish the beautiful card you made especially for me and I will carry the words in that card, in my heart forever. Thank you for your beautiful gift of Angel Naana (a magnificent white unicorn especially created for me and dressed in a fairy godmother costume)with a cherished recording of your very own laughter when you press the unicorn's hand). As you saw, Nanna was in tears when she heard it and this Angel lives with me and on my bed, sleeps on my pillow, so I can listen to your voice and laughter as often as I like. I just hope I don't "wear out" the battery in time !!!!

My precious family, I am humbled by you. I am honoured, I am privileged, I am blessed. THANK YOU.

All my love,

Mom, Bev and Nanna