Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Peek a boo!

Our second play session went very well!

Deqlan wanted to be outside though, so we had our speech therapy in the garden! Deqlan was fascinated by the gate and all the cars coming in and out, so we spent most of the lesson there. We are going to work on using one or 2 words and cut out the uneccesary stuff for now - like , look at the red car Deqlan, now to Deqlan , car! We are going to keep the fun sounds to, like the sound of the car or saying uh- oh and join these with facial expressions. We had some lovely eye contact and Deqlan thoroughly enjoyed playing peek a boo around his favorite tree in the garden. OUr therapist was very pleased at the progress Deqlan had made. He is also saying no and go now and definitely listening more to us saying no! We need to continue saying each word after Deqlan does to see that he is getting a reaction from us. Deqlan is definitely getting better and clearer on telling us and showing us what he wants - we know - but we want him to tell us!

We then moved into the occupational therapy room as the equipment for this session was inside. Deqlan was fascinated with the rice grains on the floor and wanted to put each one in his mouth. Deqlan senses are really hightened by his sense of taste - thats why he puts everything in his mouth and enjoys trying to lick and taste everything - we got to watch them know and still say no to alot of things due to his immune system and to prevent choking of course!

Deqlan wasnt to fond of the hammock we tried to swing him in, but i was encouraged to hear that negative emotions are also fine and part of communicating , we just read the signs and take Deqlan out of the situation he is not comfortable with.

He LOVED the ball pit! but these balls are specifically designed for deep pressure stimulation and we where sad to here you cant get them here they are specially imported for Occupational therapy - i would have loved to have some for home.

I was also tought how to get Deqlan to enjoying doing an activity, liking rolling around, and then back off a little and get him to come to me to ask for more , which he definitely is doing more and more.

Our soldier then wanted out of the room and to be in the open again - we turned this into another game of peek a boo with Deqlan closing the door and be knocking for him to open, then waving Hello Deqlan! He did this a few times with lots of laughter, and on the 4th time he waived back at me! Well we all burst into laughter and clapped hands! What a fantastic leap this was for Deqlan - i continue to be so proud of you my amazing boy!

Deqlan also gave me a turn taking last night in him rolling a bottle of water to me , then me to him and so we carried on for a while...

I am so excited and so happy we are going for these sessions - they are working!

Deqlan had a fabulous time in the jacuzzi with Grandpa today -he couldnt get enough and spent half an hour with Grandpa splashing around - he is already making doggy paddle movements and loves when the water splashes in his face - definitely a water baby - when Deqlans immunity up again, i am definitely going to take him for swimming lessons - we heard of such a sad story of someone loosing their child to a drowning - i think its so important to teach our little ones the skills of at least being able to float and get to the side of the pool at this stage and hopefully become very strong and skilled swimmers in the future.

Hope you all have a lovely evening, thank you for continuing to check in on us and our beautiful Deqlan

Please, please continue to pray for Deqlans total and permanent healing and special prayers for our friends fighting nb and other cancers - as our friends Brenda, Chad & Charli Ann, in Nebraska so lovingly say - EXPECT MIRACLES! Please continue to heal our children Dear Lord and help us to find cures and better treatments

God bless all our Love
Mark, Samm & Deqlan


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its so great to read such positive news!

love jelenka