Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Happy 18 months Deqlan!

Hooray for Deqlan!

Happy 18 months my precious boy! We are so so very proud of you and you continue to be the light, joy and miracle in our lives! There is no way I could even begin to explain how much we love you, it is more then you could ever imagine - our hearts over flow with absolute love for you , joy and pride!

You continue to teach us so many new things each day - Our Lord continues to work his miracles in you, through you and around you.

You are our sunshine and your laughter would turn a normal day into a magical day !

You are the greatest gift i have ever and will ever recieve and I love you more then life, my beautiful Deqlan.

Stay the amazing soldier you are - full of courage, determination, laughter and love!

I hope Dada and I can teach you the best way we know how and that Our Lord continues to guide us and makes us the best parents we can be for you!

We love you our gorgeous boy, more then life itself, God Bless and heal you always,
Dada and Mama


Anonymous said...

Happy 18 months Deqs! Samm and Mark, you guys are truly such incredible parents and you continue to inspire us! Deqlan is a very lucky boy, and you guys are very lucky parents! Congrats and enjoy loving your beautiful soldier so much!

Elriza, Wes & Caden

Anonymous said...

My precious and beautiful Deqlan,

Congratulations Nanna's special boy on turning a whole one and a half today !!! You continue to be one of the greatest "teachers" I have ever had in my life and you achieve this daily without effort just by my observing you in action and loving you as the "miracle" you are. Your smile melts my heart, your laughter is music to my soul, your character is a delight to my senses, your personality a tonic to my soul and the love you so willingly share, nutrition for my spirit.

You are my brave "hero", Nanna salutes you, and to coin a phrase from one of the songs I sing to you on a daily basis "I continue to be blessed by all the beautiful and new, things I learn about you, day by day." I am privileged to be part of your life on a daily basis and I treasure all the memories we make together. May our gracious Lord and Saviour, our Greatest Healing Physician bless you in a very special way every day of your life. God has great plans for you our "little man full of prayer" and I give testimony and my most humble gratitude to the miracle He has performed, and will continue to perform in you.

Your mommy's message on your blog today, as you reached 18 months, brought tears to my eyes. I am so very proud of her, love her so very much and feel honoured to be her "earth" mother. She has a magnificent way with words and encapsulates her feelings in poetic expression which is simply extraordinary. You have not only a beautiful mommy, Deqlan, you chose the very best, as there is no one else on this earth who could give you or love you more than she does. She has serene strength, powerful wisdom, an almost sacred intuition and she serves as a cherished inspiration to me every day of my life. How blessed I feel as I place your Daddy Mark, Mommy Samm and YOu, my precious grandson, Deqlan, in God's hands and ask Him to especially embrace and bless you all, give you continued strength, courage, hope, faith and trust in Him.

Never forget how much Nanna loves you, and always will.

All my love,

A very proud and blessed, Nanna