Saturday, March 1, 2008

Mr Smooth

Hello Deqlans Army

Hope you enjoying the weekend!

Good news, Deqlan loves/likes smoothies - yesterday he loved it, today not to we will carry on trying different fruits and at least we know he is getting them in!

Deqlan has not been himself the last few days and yesterday morning had a bit of a temperature - coupled with him not wanting to eat and generally moaning and crying about something, we decided to take him to the doctor - Nanna had a feeling it could be his throat as everything he did try to eat at lunch, was put in his mouth and then spat out so it seemed it was to sore to swallow.

Clever Nanna, as always, she was right - Deqlan has tonsilitis, his first ever, and a very mild dose, we definitely took him to the doc before it turned into something worse. His ears are a little dull to, probably from the tonsils - so we are on antibiotics and pain meds if needed, but we have only had to give that twice, Deqlan has done fine without it today.

So, we not quite sure where he picked this up from, but our guess is from therapy - perhaps - so from now we are going to take our own toys with , as Deqlan puts everything in his mouth, and to try and keep him healthy i think this will be the best solution. Just shows us his imune system is not quite ready yet so we need to take it very slowly and easy with our champion.

We got Deqlan a mini trampoline today, with a bar for him to hold onto while he jumps - Dada is still putting it together so we have yet to try it out , but cant wait to see how Deqlan enjoys it. I have been jumping with Deqlan on the bed, as recommended by the physio and he LOVES this so even with the fun he is having hopefully also helping him to learn to jump!

We spent the night by Grandpa and Nanna last night as Mark was away on conference. We had a lovely time and was spoilt rotten and Nanna always does spoil us, missing you terribly today Mom!

Looking forward to discovering new thigs and trying new games with our soldier tommorow!

Please also pray for our friend at CHOC Yolandie, she really needs our prayers, for the chemo to do its job and for her counts to drop.

Please pray for Sophia , that she starts responding to chemo and for peace, guidance and comfort for her parents.

Please pray for all the people of the world fighting cancer - they are the bravest ,most courageous, loving people this world has ever met - they need our support and prayers - spread the word, fund research for paediatric cancer in any way you possibly can!

God Bless and all our love
Mark, Samm & Deqlan



Anonymous said...

Dear Sam mark Deqlan,Bev and family pray for Deqlan at this time hope he is well soon .
"Trust in the lord with all your heart in all your ways acknowledge HIm and he will make your paths straight".
Love from Ruth xx

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