Monday, March 3, 2008


HI Everyone

Hope you are well?

We had a great weekend and Deqlan seems to be on the mend

He still isn't to interested in food - but there is always room and taste for biscuits, pasta pockets and mango's - so that's what Deqlan has been eating, as long as his eating , I'm happy and shall continue trying new things - hopefully some spark a new interest and his appetite! He has also been a bit tired today , but antibiotics can do that !

Deqlan loves his trampoline - he is so clever as he already knows how to get on and Dada has taught him how to get off as its a little high from the ground - we still got to get the action of him jumping up and down right, but its coming - i have been trying to practice with him on the bed to!

We GO for our first play sessions tomorrow ! Will let you know how it goes, very excited actually and praying that this will help our soldier. I am not worried in the least just want to do everything i can to make sure the building blocks are in place for future school years and now is the time to do it

Update on Caden - luckily no meningitis ! Still waiting on other results, please continue to pray. Also ,Elriza got to hold Caden for the first time, so i am sure she was over the moon.

Please continue to pray for a very special young an courageous lady of 19 years old, Sophia who was diagnosed with a cancer of the uterus - the chemo doesn't seem to be working - please pray for a miracle and for guidance for her family and doctors.

Another prayer request for our very dear friends Yolandie and Ruan. Ruan is 2 months older then Deqlan and was diagnosed with leukaemia last year April - his counts seemed to recover beautifully and tests revealed his bone marrow was clear. A routine check last week indicates that the cancer is back in his bone marrow - decisions are being made on the next step - please , please pray very hard for this beautiful boy and his mom.

Have a great week , please continue your prayers for our children
God Bless and all our love
Mark, Samm & Deqlan


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Anonymous said...

Ag Shame Samm, I'm so glad Deqs is feeling better. He must have you in stitches of laughter when he's on the trampoline! Thanks so much for all your prayers for little Caden, it's definitely working! And Deqlan is such an inspiration to us, he gives everyone hope and faith that they too can overcome the obstacles in their path. We'll keep on praying for his total healing as well as all his little NB warrior friends! Hope you guys have a fab week!

Elriza, Wes & Caden