Monday, March 31, 2008


I was overjoyed to arrive in Durban, to smell the sea air and to see the sea! Our hotel was fantastic to say the least and had beautiful views of the sea and Durban - we could also see Kingsmead stadium next to us, the rugby stadium not to far away as well as the stadium that is being built for 2010.

Just before we where about to leave for Ushaka - i thought Deqlan felt a little warm - we took his temp and it was over 38 degress- i immediately started panicking and thought a thousand things - we gave something for the temp and hoped it would help - we decided to go to Ushaka as we had such limited time in Durban and Deqlan was still running around and not showing any signs of not feeling well - so off we went.

I continued to check his temp through out and it stayed above and 38.4 at times - we decided we would have a quick run through the aquariam and watch the dolphin show and return.

Poor little Keaton was not a happy chap - we think the son , humidity and reflux/colic really got to him while we where ast ushaka - Megs and Conrad got him settled in the cool aquariam , but then decided to go back to the hotel instead of over stimulating him with all the loud noise of the dolphin show.

So Nanna, Dada and Mama went with Deqlan to view our beautiful dolphins - my favorite of all Gambit, was the star of the show. He is the biggest and oldest dolphin at a sea world - i met him for my 21st Birthday and i am still in love with this beautiful boy!

I spent most of the show in front of Deqlan to see his reaction to the dolphins - well, i was blown away - he ABSOLUTELY LOVED them- not the cows, or chickens or goats or any other animal has ever captured his attention and enjoyment as the dolphins did - hooray! I know Deqlan has something of me in him!

His face showed absolute delight , he bounced up and down each time they jumped out the water , he grinned from ear to ear- enjoy the pics! - i was in my element watching him, and i shall never, ever, ever forget this experience with him. Along with watching my beautiful son, my favorite animals who i have always dreamed of working with and being with my mom and mark - Josh Groban music was playig for the shwo - well, that was me - in tears - tears of absolute happiness - but also worry about Deqlans tempreature.

We where so fortunate to get a photo with the dolphins - hoping to scan and post as soon as i can!

We headed back to the hotel in hope of getting Deqlans temp down and getting him cooler in the air con room

We gave a different suppository and that seemed to help Deqlans temp come down - he had no other symptoms except the temp!

After worrying myself sick the entire day - we started thinking what could be causing the temp - and it dawned on us that Deqlan could be teething - the last of his back teeth - if he think back during the week, he has had his fingers and tried to get mine in his mouth, drewling a bit, appetite not great we put it down to teething.

By Saturday morning the temp was much better and i felt a lot better and continued to put it down to teething.

Megs and Conrad decided to leave a day earlier as our little Keaton was not a happy baby - megs and con chatted to some doctors on their return and took Keaton to see one yesterday who have diagnosed reflux - we all thought colic, but keaton seemed to have it most of the day - so they have not put it down to reflux as it starts after every feed- shame, he is on meds now and praying this helps the little fellow!

Because this is such a looonnnngggg post will do another post on Saturday and Sundays events with more pics - will give you all some time to enjoy this one first!

Hope you had a great baby shower Elriza, sorry we missed it , but you where in our thoughts the entire day! So happy to read Caden doing so well!

God Bless and lots of love
Mark, Samm & Deqlan and the dolphins


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