Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Sea!

Deqlan was looking much better by Saturday morning and temp had come down a lot! A huge relief for us all and we where so pleased as we so desperately wanted to take Deqlan to the beach!

Straight after breakfast we all headed down to a nearly compltely isolated area of beach , the weather was not hot and it was over cast so perfect for our soldier! He ran on the sand and looked down to see what this new texture was crunching between his toes! He soon got used to it and walked with Dada down to the sea!
His face lit up with joy as he felt the water rushing over his toes! What a memorable sight - Deqlan loved it !

He giggled and gurgled and smiled and got braver and braver as he tried to venture into the water himself, but the current was very very strong so Dada, Nanna and Mama all had turns holding our soldier as the waves rushed to him.

We didnt plan on getting as wet as we did, but it was wonderful and i hesitantly had to wash the pants i was wearing - i thought i could hold onto the sea smell for just a little longer!

After quite a while in the water Deqlan decided he wanted to check this squishy sand stuff out and had great fun playing in the sand and tasting the sand to !

We headed back to the hotel after lots of coaxing to get Deqlan out of the sand, as it started to rain. We thought our soldier would have his morning nap - but there was way to much for Deqlan to do and enjoy! He discovered riding the lifts and pressing the buttons was a fun activity and we all had a turn riding in the lifts as we discovered each floor! Deqlan loved the movement and the feel of the lift moving and stopping

We then decided to go for some lunch and watch the boats, which Grandpa was very happy about as he just loves to sail!

I must say our food was incredible - the best calamari and fish i have ever tasted i think - was great!

Eventually, our soldier starting getting a little tired and we retired back to the hotel for a very cosy afternoon nap!

When Deqlan woke up we all wondered back to Ushaka shops to get a few things we had spotted the previous day - it was perfect timing as it was cool and hardly any people - this was so impressive for Deqlan as he had the entire shopping centre to run around. There was a group playing drums and this spurred Deqlan to start running in circles, he laughed and giggled and had an absolute ball! It was so wonderful to see Deqlan enjoying the open space!

We headed back to the hotel and had a few snacks before packing and getting ready to leave the next morning - its the worst part of the holiday, knowing you have to leave the next morning! But , it makes you start planning for the next one !

We stopped at the beach on the way home to let Deqlan have a quick run on the beach and toes in the water - the weather was stunning - it was awesome to watch the surfers catching waves, people walking their dogs and most of all Deqlan enjoying each second...makes you want to live by the coast more each passing second!

Eventually had to get back into the car and make the 6 hour journey home....Deqlan was an absolute star - he only slept for 20 minutes the entire trip, but was so well behalved , only started getting a bit claustrophic, i think, half an hour from home.

It was very strange to be back home - after all being together for 10 days - and just knocking on the door next to you to say hi or having tea /guiness for the boys and laughs every day was priceless - what an unforgetable experience - what amazing memories, what an honor and blessing it was to share it with Deqlan and our family - thank You Lord we are so fortunate to go away as a family and that we are able to go on a holiday together!

Heres to many more unfortgetable holidays, memories, dolphins , smiles , love and laughter - we love you all and miss you!

God Bless and all our love
Mark, Samm, Deqlan and the dolphins



Anonymous said...

Dear Sam and family
so pleased that you had a good holiday and that Deqlan is so well.
Praise God.Will continue to pray.
Love to you all.love Ruth xxx

Anonymous said...

To my dearest Deqlan,
Words cannot describe the absolute Joy, Pride, Gratefullness, Love, Faithfullness and Excitement I feel in my heart each time I look at you! These photos are just too beautiful for words and I will always treasure our wonderful memories we made over our easter holiday. It is an honor to spend time with you each and every day and to watch God's awesomeness in you! You are our inspiration, our motivation, our encouragement, our hope, our joy and our World! You are becoming such a big boy now - how time has flown by and you are looking cuter and cuter each and every day! Wow - you have become such a energetic little soul and you have such a strong personality which is just too gorgious to witness! How our Lord has worked his miracles in you and it is our prayer that you remind NED for all the days of your life! Thank you for being the best cousin in the world to Keaton and already showing signs of interest in him by watching him every so closely when he is crying as if you want to reach out and help him!
We love you more and more each day (if that is possible) and look forward to watching you grow into the most amazing young man filled with God's Grace and Care! You are a child of God and I just know that you will walk in his footsteps all the days of your life!
Love you so much sweet baby boy!
Love your Uncle Conrad, your Aunt Megs and your little Cousin, Keaton

elriza said...

Oh wow, it looks like you guys had an amazing time! I can't believe how much hair little Deqs has! You guys are an amazing family and Deqlan has so many people who love him, even ones he doesn't know yet!

Elriza, Wes and a very fat little Caden