Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thank Your Lord

Hi Deqlans Army

we recieved great news, all clear with the scan of Deqlans eye! Thank You Dear Lord for hearing our prayers! I would love to type more but got to run now , so just to let you all know in the mean time. The bone around the eye is thickened and a definite difference to the right, but it must be the bone remoulding.

God Bless and chat later
All our love and thanks and praise to Our Lord and ALL OF YOU
mark, samm & deqlan



adrian au said...

I have been thinking about Deqlan all day today and am truly happy to hear about the great results!!! This has surely made my day!!

Anonymous said...

What wonderful news, I am sure that he will only continue to grow from stregnth to strength with each passing day.
Our Lord is so Great.
Dear Father, all I am and all I have is because of You. Thank You for the stories that encourage me to remember Your strength, love and power. Amen.

Anonymous said...

WOO HOO...WHAT A GREAT DAY!!!! Both our warriors have clean scans!!!

Praise be to God!

Karen, Kate and the Jacobs crew

Anonymous said...

Oh Sammy, I have been off work most of the week, so only managed to catch up on all the news today. What a worry it must have been for you and Mark, waiting for the results to come back. I am so pleased that all is well with Deqlan. He remains in our prayers every day.

Love and miss you guys dearly
Don, Sam, Mia and 'Bump' xxx