Friday, April 18, 2008


Please say an extra prayer for Caden as he goes for a hernea op on Monday:

Hi All,

We went to see dr. van der Vyver today and he noticed that Caden has a hernia on his left lower abdomen (Just like his dad). Unfortunately they'll have to operate on him as soon as possible, but this will only be on Monday. The thought of them operating on this little boy sends chills down my spine, but he's so incredibly strong, so we'll just have to learn from him. Atleast dr. Vermaak wil be back from leave, so that put our minds to rest a little bit. Please pray that his hernia stays "safe" until then and doesn't rupture. We also decided to start bottle feeding baby because he wasn't getting enough milk breastfeeding. He's still only at 2.09kg, which isn't great. He'll still get breast milk, but now we can monitor how much he eats, and if necessary we can add some growth powder or what the sisters call "baby-steroids".

Oh well, we know everything is in God's hands, and I can't imagine that he has anything but great plans for this little miracle of ours, so we're keeping very positive. We can't do this without your support however, so please please continue to pray for this beautiful warrior.

I also just want to thank granny and grampy Paul for their HUGE donation and for Caden's savings account. We'll make sure Caden reaches his full potential with it!

Ouma Rina and Ohpaw Zak came to visit our little warrior today and Ohpaw Zak got to hold baba for the first time today, it brought tears to my eyes (both our eyes actually!). I can't wait for grampy, granny, uncle Brendz and the rest of our families can meet and hold him aswell. I think it still takes people's breath away how small he is. Small, but incredible!

Well, I'm off to go feed our warrior so that he can grow big and strong like his dad. This morning I laughed so much at Wes. I told him "Honey, we really are the feather-weights" and he replied "Yip, built for famine!"

Lots of Love
Elriza & Wes

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