Monday, April 21, 2008



Deqlans new word! We are so excited at this new development , especially its one of the things Deqlan loves the most! He is definitely saying it with meaning and not just a sound, when we get in the car or when he plays with his cars , ITS CAR , CAR OR CAR CAR CAR! How wonderful!

Kit is also definitely for Kitty , he just LOVES cats! Not really interested in the real thing but books and dvds always cause a smile and a laugh and a 'KIT'

If i havent mentioned if before, Deqlan LOVES Clamber Club! Its a lovely programme for kids designed by on occupational therapist - we unfortunately cant go to the actual club till Deqlan can be around all other kids, but they created a dvd of all their songs and dances and actions, and their mascot, Jog the Frog! I wish you could see the smile on Deqlans face when the yellow dvd comes up,,he immediately laughs and gets so excited cause he knows whats coming ! At the end of the dvd, they have a modified version, of THE HOKEY POKEY song called the CLAMBER CLUBBING SONG and Deqlan immediately asks me to pick him up so we can dance and do the actions together - the give such a big laugh and actually runs around in circles saying HA HA HA , shame, its to precious for words!

Deqlans eye is looking better , not as swollen and looking better on the whole - still waiting for someone to refer me to the right doctors to chat to about this remodeling of the bone

Logs was in town the weekend and Gaynor was so kind as to fetch her and watch her for the weekend, thanks so much Gaynor , we really appreciate it. Mark got to take Logs for some lunch and a bit of fun stuff on Sunday, so the pic with her jumping on a bunjee like trampoline Mark said she loved it! Meggie and Bev also got to see her quickly and they say she is growing so quickly. We also tried to explain to her that its only another 6 months and Deqlan will have started his vaccinations again and then she can come and stay by us again - this must be so difficult for her to understand, she says she does, but my heart aches the times we cant have her over - but i know that this is around the corner and Deqlan and Logan will have an absolute ball together, of that i am sure , we are so very proud of you Logs and you are the best big sister ever!

A very Happy 2nd Birthday Keira! We hope you had a wonderful celebration and it sounds like you loved your ice cream! Big hugs and kisses to you from all of us!

Please pray for Cadens surgery to be a huge success today, and his recovery to be speedy & excellent. Please pray for patience, comfort and guidance for his parents Wes and Elriza, i know how tough the waiting can be guys, but learn onto The Lord, especially during these times!

Have a great week everyone and please continue to pray for Deqlan and all our friends around the world, so bravely fighting nb and other cancers

God Bless and all our love
Mark, Samm & Deqlan


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