Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thats Amore!

We had a stunning day and wonderful lunch at my favorite place la lampara - the minute we walked in my favorite music was playing sting, and it just kept getting better! Its such a beautiful place , with so much charm, so authentic and the food fantastic! Of course Deqlan did not want to sit still for 1 minute and was on walk about exploring and discovering the cars and areas of grass for him to play on ! You can see by the photos we had a great time and i am thinking of every reason i can to come back here asap - perhaps for my 30th celebrations later this year.....

We then did a little more book shopping for the boys - the most beautiful books here we couldnt resist, and then finally made our way home

We spent another 2 hours or so outside with Deqlan walking up and down the hills and playing with his balls on the golf tee which he loves

Poor little Keaton cried the whole afternoon and we decided to get both boys into the bath

Keaton eventually settled after Aunty Samm tried to sing and rock him - we have contacted docs in the area just in case he doesnt settle later tonight , just to check on his allergies and ears etc, but all is well at the moment

Dada lay on the bed with Deqlan and he was so tired fell asleep within minutes !

Deqlan has improved leaps and bounds again this week speech wise - saying um - for come and uh o for hello and a whole lot of other sounds we havent heard before - this is how Deqlan wakes us up in the morning - mamamamma dada tata oohh nga ngaaanngg and so it carries on - mark and i lie in bed laughing and smiling at our gorgeous boy! We discovered that when we sing our song from his Magiq DVD - the end of the song says, we will return to see you soon bye bye and Deqlan has started saying bye bye after we sing it - to adorable!

Well let me be off and start paking for Durban, we plan to leave round 10 and then drop our luggage off and off to ushaka we go , praying its not busy and then to the sea afterwards!

God Bless, please continue the prayers for our soldier to stay NED and for all our friends still fighting nb and other cancers
Lots of love
Mark,Samm & Deqlan

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elriza said...

Oh wow,

From the pics it looks like you guys are having a ball! The boys are really so cute, they're gonna have so much fun together when they're older! You guys must have a fantastic time a ushaka, hope the weather plays along!

Have a safe journey
God Bless
Wes, Elriza & Caden